Better Than Anything Cake

I love to cook, but I’m not nearly as adventurous in my cooking as I like.  I have two little guys, so anything I make has an “easy button.”  On this particular day it was raining {for like the third day in a row} and we were in need of something to occupy our time to make all of us happy.
This is what we made. . .
For little one’s ears, we called it “Better Than Anything Cake.” But come on, we all know what it’s really called. Yes, this is Better Than Sex Cake. {GASP, did she just say. . .? Yes, I did} Okay, now that you know how good the cake is, you want to make it, right?
box Devil’s Food Cake Mix {plus ingredients required on the box}
14-oz can sweetened condensed milk
12-oz jar caramel ice cream topping
8-oz container frozen whipped topping
chocolate-toffee candy bar (such as Heath or Symphony) or toffee chips
Mix and bake the cake according to package directions.

Watching the mixer do it’s work. No, they aren’t fascinated by the machine. They are waiting patiently because they know they will get this:

Cool for 15 minutes. Using the handle of a wooden spoon, poke holes in the cake about 1-inch apart.

Pour the sweetened condensed milk over the cake, allowing the holes to fill.

 Do the same with the caramel sauce. Place in the refrigerator for several hours. The longer this cake soaks, the better it gets so be sure to prepare it several hours in advance!
 If you decide to use a candy bar for the topping, chop it up into small pieces.

Just before serving, spread the whipped topping evenly over the cake.

Sprinkle candy bar pieces or toffee chips over the whipped topping.

Now cut yourself a nice big piece and enjoy!
I promise, if you’re having a bad day, this will make you feel better. If your day is great, well, this will make it greater!
Be sure to keep this cake refrigerated! In my opinion, the cake is better the second day!

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