DIY Stenciled Frame

cut it out stencil painted frame

A couple weekends ago I attended my MOPS leadership retreat. Like last year, we spent the weekend up in Virginia to plan for next year. The retreat is not all business though! We always do a fun craft activity planned by fellow member Angie Guy. This year it was this stenciled message board.

stenciled message board

We started with a square piece of scrap wood and painted and stenciled our own design. Then we had the choice to glue a clip or empty frame to the front to make a message board or picture frame. It was a very cute and very inexpensive project!

I was in the mood to do some more stenciling after this! Especially since DecoArt sent me some new Americana paints to try out! Here are a few of my favorites.

DecoArt Americana paint

Zinc, Dragon Fruit, Margarita, Pebble & Whispering Turquoise. Aren’t they fun?!
So grabbed one of my Cut it Out unfinished frames that I got from SNAP (You have to go check these out. They are such a great deal!) and this fun stencil that I also got from SNAP.

cut it out frame

I chose the colors Zinc (one of the new ones) and Grey Sky (which I had tucked away in my drawer). Some burlap ribbon, two different yellow and white ribbons and some pearl embellishments from Stampin Up!

Americana grey paint burlap ribbon peral embellishments

It only took one coat of the zinc paint to cover the frame. I was kind of shocked because I thought the unfinished wood would soak it up.

paint unfinished frame

One great thing about the Americana paint is that it dries pretty fast! It only took about 10 minutes!

painted unfinished frame

Then I was ready to stencil! If you haven’t stenciled before, or haven’t had any luck with stenciling, here is a tip. The best way to prevent bleeding is to use a stencil brush (the round flat-edge ones with stiff bristles) and make sure to dab your brush (a lot) after dipping it in the paint. You want your brush to be pretty dry.

how to stencil

If you are doing a large piece of wood or a wall, you can tape your stencil to the area. In this case, the frame as smaller than the stencil so I had to hold it in place.

Hold the stencil firmly into place and gently blot and brush the paint in the open spaces.

stencil Americana paint

I don’t wait for the paint to dry before pealing the stencil back. I’m too impatient!

how to stencil

I went back and touched up the spots around the edges that got some of the lighter paint on them. Then I added the pearl embellishments to the center of where the four petals meet.

I tied the burlap ribbon and yellow ribbons together with a knot and hot glued it to the top of the frame.

burlap ribbon

And that was it! A cute new frame!

And just because I love to brag about how much money I DIDN’T spend. . . this project cost just a little over $10! The 5×7 frame was only $8.99 (I told you it was a great deal). My paint was free (thank you DecoArt) but you can purchase these small bottles of paint at your craft store for about a buck! And they last forever! The ribbons I had in my stash, but if you had to buy them they are only a couple dollars for each roll.

stenciled cut it out frame

DecoArt has several different pages full of ideas! You’ll find inspiration on their for DIY projects on their new Blog and Share and be sure to check out their board on Pinterest.

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  1. I am glad you loved the Mops craft. It was fairly inexpensive. You can buy a $40 sheet of wood from Lowe’s and you can get about 30 frames out of it. The most expensive part was the stencils. Yours turned out great!

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