Seat Sacks for the Kids

Cleaning, organizing, cleaning and more organizing. That’s what I’ve been doing for the past week. I’ve got a huge pile in the garage to donate, and overflowing trash can and still so much stuff that I have no where to put it!

Last January, I organized my kiddos’ coloring table by creating these IKEA knock-off hanging buckets which was a great way to organize their crayons, markers and pencils. It’s also been a great space-saver since the table is small. However, the buckets didn’t solve the problem of coloring book and paper storage. Since the boys got new coloring books, activity books and stickers for Christmas, I needed a solution. I wanted everything to be right there, at the table where they could see and reach the books on their own.

I came up with these cute little seat sacks! Back when I taught kindergarten, several teachers used these on the backs of the students’ chais since kindergarteners use tables, not desks. They are perfect for holding books, paper and other table activities.

I really didn’t have a method to making these. I kinda just made it up as I went along. I started by measuring the fabric to fit the length and width of the chairs, also making sure it was wide enough to hold books.

I started with a long, rectangular piece of fabric for each chair. I basically hemmed the entire length of both sides as well as the top. I did not hem the bottom.

Instead, I measured the length needed for the pouch and folded the fabric up once, then folded the same length again. This not only created a more durable pocket, but it also “lined” the inside of the pocket so you don’t see the backside of the fabric.

I cut four strips of ribbon, 12-inches each. I folded the length of the ribbon in half and attached it to the top of the sack. I double-stitched the ribbon so that it could withstand the weight of the books.

And that was it!

 I tied the ribbons around the chair backs.

These cute little seat sacks took me about 30 minutes! They solved my coloring book storage problem and they allow all the activities to be visible and accessible to the kids!

**These sacks will be available in Scissors & Spatulas’ Shop which is coming soon! Several colors and fabrics will be available. In the meantime, I can take orders via email! jen at scissorsandspatulas dot com.**

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33 thoughts on “Seat Sacks for the Kids”

  1. These are great! I have to try to make one for my daughter. I also love the chalkboard buckets you have hanging there. Great idea!!

    I’d love for you to link up and share:

  2. Jen, Love the sacks and love that you left us a tutorial. I was planning on making something similar for my boys as well this month and needed to sit down and figure it out, but you saved me time! That means I can spend now devote my valuable nap time to some other crazy idea I come up with like . . organizing their books for a better rotation system. How nerdy is that?!

  3. Love the seat sacks! What a simple creative solution to a problem that drives me crazy at home :o) And Thank You so much for the giveaway, sooo excited to see my name picked!

  4. I think these are adorable – I used them when I used to teach school! Why did I never think of using them with my own kiddos? FANTASTIC!

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  6. I love you’re idea! I’m trying to put together a corner like that for my kids. Where did you get the table?

  7. Love this! I saw this on Pinterest and thought this is just perfect for our homework station. The link wasn’t set to this project so I pinned this specific project for me 😉 Thank you

  8. I love the sacks but do not do alot of hand made things so I am probably the ONLY one who is confused on how to do the pocket part! Is the pocket a seperate piece of fabric? That you then rolled up twice and then hemmed? Sorry if this is a dumb question!

  9. What a great idea! I just made mine and added a few revisions (sewed in pencil pouches on either side of the books–my rising first-grader never puts her pencils in one place) and it’s fantastic! I just wish I’d seen this last year when she had a spiral notebook for a Homework Journal… and we could never find the right ‘home’ for it. LOL

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  14. I made one of these bags today to fit a coloring book and crayons. It hangs perfectly from the armrest in our van! now my little one can FINALLY reach her crayons when she wants them!!!!

  15. Are you really making these to sell, too? I found them on Pinterest and would love two of them for my boys!

  16. I love this idea! I’ve made these for my daughters bedside and for hanging on the wall, but never thought to make them sized for the backs of the kids chairs! I think I will add some extra pockets to mine so they can keep pens, and smaller items in them as well. Thanks for sharing!

  17. Hi!
    I looked and looked for these on a possible ‘shop.’ Couldn’t find them. Are you selling these? I was wondering how much they are and if they could be done in the same black/white fabric as shown but with apple green ribbon? Thanks so much!

  18. These look great, but I’m just curious. Are the chairs easier to tip over with the extra weight on the backs? Of course not when a child is sitting in the chair, but when the chair is empty. I’m just picturing the chairs tipping over a lot. I remember hanging my backpack on my school chair back in the day, and my chair would sometimes tip backwards when I was pulling the chair out or pushing it in.

    1. Mine have never caused that much trouble with tipping over and we have them full! I’m not going to say that they have never tipped, but the few times that they have were when they were pulled out from under table and tipped a little off balance. Otherwise, they have not been a problem att all. I think it’s because the weight hangs lower towards the bottom of the chair??? the top of the sacks are light, unlike heavy backpack straps.

  19. Please tell where you got the table and chairs. They are very cute, and I see that a few others have asked the same question. Thanks for the great ideas!

  20. these are really wonderful. I plan on making some for my older kids’ art supplies. this would make it easier to clear the table quickly at mealtime, then take your own bag and put up the contents later. I know we will all be glad to have these to use. thanks for the great idea. not only useful, but simple to make as well.

  21. I wanted to make one of these for my scrapbook room to hold trimmers that I rarely use. I needed it to be somewhat heavier in weight than just plain material would be, so I made a “slip cover” that fit over a heavy canvass tote bag I already had. I slip stitched around the top edges, and it worked beautifully! I now have a heavy-weight chair sack to hold those heavier items. Thanks so much for sharing your idea.

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