My Favorite Holiday Memory and $100 from Kodak

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend! I can’t believe Christmas has come and gone so quickly! What’s left from our amazing weekend is lots of clean up, organizing and trying to find places for all the new stuff! And of course the memories which, thankfully, were captured on camera!
My favorite holiday moment? When a strange Santa lady showed up at my parents’ door on Christmas Eve and let herself in. No one (but my dad) knew who she was. 

It turns out that crazy Santa lady was delivering my mom’s Christmas present. A new Havanese puppy she called Stella!

Isn’t she cute?! Luckily, my hubby had the camera in his hand to capture the whole thing! 
I’m sure you can all remember an amazing holiday moment that you could not catch on camera, but someone else did. Where you wished you had the photos that someone else had taken with their camera!  
KODAK Gallery is making photo sharing easier than ever this year with Group Albums. With Group Albums multiple people can now upload, share and comment on photos all in one place, for free.  So even if youโ€™re out of the room when a hilarious or heartwarming event takes place, youโ€™ll never miss a moment again. 

Sharing is easy. You simply upload your photos to the Kodak Gallery Group Albums.

Choose how you would like to share the album.

Then invite friends and family to add their own photos to the album. 

Just like that everyone has a complete collection of photos from your memorable occasion! 
Anyone included in your group album can upload photos to the album and print any photo from the album. You’ll never miss a memorable moment again!

Kodak Gallery is giving away a Hawaiian vacation package worth more than $2,500!! Hurry over to their Facebook page to enter! The Holiday Moments Sweepstakes ends January 3!!
But that’s not all! Kodak Gallery is offering one of Scissors & Spatulas readers a $100 prize.
 How do you enter? 
Why? Because you may miss the winner announcement and therefore miss out on YOUR prize. Trust me, it’s happened before – a lot!

You have a few different entry options below. You can do one or you can do all! But you only have until Saturday, December 31 to enter. Hurry!
*Remember to leave a separate comment for each!*

Required entry
*Leave a comment sharing your favorite holiday memory this year. 

Optional entries:
*Like Kodak Gallery on Facebook. (While you are there, don’t forget to enter the Sweepstakes!)

*Follow Scissors & Spatulas on Facebook.

*Tell all your friends about this giveaway (Facebook or Twitter).

Good luck! The winner will be announced Sunday, January 1.

27 thoughts on “My Favorite Holiday Memory and $100 from Kodak”

  1. OMG I've never been the first commenter! This is great! (Although 1s never win ๐Ÿ™ ) Anyways, my favorite memory this year was opening presents in my hotel lobby! I'm in hotel management and had to work, so my family came and hung out with me and we had our Christmas in the lobby. It was unforgettable!

  2. I just started following Kodak on facebook. I'm super excited because I just won their Easyshare camera at my work party!!! It's super exciting because, at 25, I've NEVER had my own camera. I'm really excited to learn how to take pictures with no auto!

  3. My favorite holiday memory this year was Skypeing with my parents. We couldn't all be together this year so we used modern technology. We ate dinner together and opened presents all on Skype.

  4. my favorite memory this year was little guy looking in his stocking and pulling one thing out and then saying "bu-bye" as he pushed the whole still-filled stocking away. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. One of my favorite memories of this year was actually my daughter's christmas play at church. She was so animated and it was awesome to see her have so much confidence. She really wanted a speaking part, but was happy she was chosen for the part of Mary!

  6. LOTS of great memories…but the best is my little guy acting soooo excited about his gifts and then confessing that he actually got up at 2 am to get a preview! LOVE it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. My daughter had asked for a DS for the last couple of years, and this year I finally broke down and got one…well Santa did. It was buried under all the other presents, and she missed it forever. Then she screamed out "my DS!!!". That reaction was totally worth it!

  8. So many great memories this year. One of the top was seeing my kids excited about wrapping daddy & grandma's presents this year. It was hard for me to let go (I like to take time and wrap them a certain way) but their unselfish joy was wonderful to experience. It changed Christmas morning as well. Instead of waiting to only see what they got, they were excited to see their dad and grandma open the presents wrapped with (messy) love. SO worth it!

  9. My favorite memory this year is spending the evening at church together, then coming home to discover the (dog) reindeer tracks in the driveway and seeing that the reindeer had snitched some of the horses hay :o)

  10. I have been a follower of Scissors and Spatulas on Facebook! (I am also a blog follower!) :o)

  11. My favorite Christmas memory is each year when my mom gives my sister and I our "special" present. Usually it is a keepsake from our past or from our grandmas who are no longer with us. She always includes a special note that makes us cry!

  12. My favorite holiday memory was listening to my husband talk about why he chose the bead he bought me for my Pandora bracelet.

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