Christmas Dinner With My Besties & Giveaway Not to Miss!

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One thing I look forward to around Christmastime is that I know I’ll get to see my best buddy. My old college roommate. The girl who used to cut my hair on the porch of our old Charleston porch. The gal that I used to see all the time who moved to Chicago a few years ago. Her name is Melissa. Everyone calls her Melly. I call her Mizzy. The best college roommate you could ever have! Her laugh was infectious. I remember when she graduated and moved out how quiet the house seemed because I was so used to hearing her obnoxiously loud, but so pleasant to hear, laugh. Those were the days. . .
I did get to go visit Mizzy in Chicago during the summer of 2010. Just me. A girls’ weekend, just like old times! Anyway, before I go off on an unnecessary tangent, let me get to the point of the post.

I just found out about this cool new way to send and receive money securely. Serve is a new way to settle up with friends/buddies instantly. Let’s say you go out to dinner with a group of gal pals and the waiter/waitress doesn’t split the check. Or you go to dinner with a group and order some appetizers and a bottle of wine. It can be a little awkward at check time because you don’t want to pay for all of it, yet you don’t want to seem cheap. No big deal if everyone has a Serve account! Pay the bill and then split the check. The others can then quickly and easily transfer money to your account, right there at the table using the mobile ap! Or, do it later on your computer. Either way, it’s simple, fast and safe!

That’s what we did when Melly came to town to visit. Amex Serve treated my friends and I to an awesome dinner at The Fish Market in Baxter so we could try out the new program. 

We had such a nice dinner of appetizers, salads, dinner and dessert. It was delish! Melly had one of their signature dishes, Chilean Sea Bass. I had the swordfish special and Sabrina and Mary Beth both had crab-stuffed lobster. 

And of course we enjoyed a few fabulous bottles of wine as well. 

Shortly after signing up you’ll receive a Serve debit card for your account. It can be used wherever American Express is accepted just like a debit card. As long as you have money in your account, you use it to make purchases in stores or online. 

And here is how easy it was to exchange money after. . .

Just a few clicks and we were Even-Steven!

Let me remind you of why you and your friends should sign up for a Serve account. . .
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    1. Avoid the awkwardness of owing friends/buddies money
    2. Stop trying to chase down your friends to pay up
  • Setting up a Serve account is quick and easy
  • No more checks
  • Safe and Secure from American Express
  • Go to from your computer
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23 thoughts on “Christmas Dinner With My Besties & Giveaway Not to Miss!”

  1. I signed up! cindyorley @ I would love to win to buy birthday party stuff for my 2 kids birthday parties in January! Thanks for the chance!

  2. I signed up and like getting $10 right away. my email is matt @ I would use the $ for paying off Christmas!

  3. I also "liked" them on FB but didn't see a place to comment on their wall. I also follow @serve (@oweeezo). Thanks for the chance to win!

  4. When Jen asked us to sign up for Serve, I didn't know what it was, but since she asked, I thought it wasn't a bad thing since i've known her since 5th grade! We had a blast at dinner the other night! The next day, she deposited the portion of money we spent into my Serve account and I was like, "Heck Yeah!" It is so easy and a lot easier than devving up money the next few days. It's like your own personal pay-pal account. You can use the card anywhere AMEX is accepted! I will use some of that money for gas tomorrow! LOL! Thanks, Jen for finding this awesome new account and telling us about it! Great Idea!!

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