Remember The Thrift Store Fan?

Late Friday night I heard a little knock on my front door. Immediately I started asking, “Is the garage door open? Did I leave the tailgate open on my SUV?” When I opened the door I was pleasantly surprised to see Diana, an old neighbor now living in VA. Of course I invited her in and she went on to tell me that she reads my blog, “copies” my projects and has been inspired to decorate her new home. Of course I’m blushing, but at the same time I am secretly thinking, “Yay! That is why I do this! To inspire others.”
Anyway. . . as Diana was looking around my house, pointing out this and that ,she asked about a couple of the garage sale/thrift store purchases that I had posted. Diana, this one’s for you!
One item in particular that she was concerned about was the fan. You may remember several weeks ago I purchased this shiny silver fan from the thrift store for only $6.50.

I’ve been dying to get my hands on an antique fan. Yes, I know this one is not an antique, but I had plans to make it look like one.

I just discovered my new favorite spray paint. Rust-Oleum makes these satin metallic paints that are awesome! I bought two different colors because I wasn’t sure which I liked better based on the cap. After some experimenting, the Oil Rubbed Bronze was a little too black for me and the Aged Copper was just not the right color either. I decided that I like to first spray a coat of the ORB and finish with a coat of the AC. It was the perfect antiqued finish!

A very inexpensive and easy fix to create the fan I had been longing for. Here it is! My “antique fan.”
Great seeing you Diana! Thank you for all your encouragement!

25 thoughts on “Remember The Thrift Store Fan?”

  1. Love!!! I've been wanting one if "those" fans too! Now if I could only find a silver one at our thrift store…

  2. The fan looks awesome, & I think you chose the right combo of colors! I just adore your lunchbox chalkboard idea. I used to put little notes to my kiddoes in their lunchboxes, but that was way before you could purchase the chalkboard paint — and yes, I am that old!
    🙂 CAS

  3. How fun to have an old friend stop by unexpected!
    And to know your ideas inspire her in her home!
    I love the fan. The color combination is perfect!

  4. Love this! We have a fan almost identical sitting in the garage that we bought at an antique store! Now I know what paint to use on it! Thanks so much for sharing!

  5. Genius! I was disappointed too when I got some ORB spray paint…it was not enough bronze-y for me. I love your fix for that. I saw your post at "Girl Creative" .

  6. I just purchased a antique looking fan, when I should have done this to an old one! so awesome. great ideas.


  7. I love this photo because I have that exact same picture in my dining room. It came from my great grandma's house when she passed away.

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