Happy Friday!

It’s Friday again! But I’m sad to say that I don’t have any features!  
I’ve been so busy this week preparing for our MOPS open house that I just didn’t have time to do any reading OR browsing in Blogland this week. Boo!
I promise FYF will be back next week!
I do want to share with you a new site called In the Looop.

In the Looop is a creative sharing place designed to give and get inspiration from the best. All projects are organized and categorized by the creators’ tags, so you can find ideas for specific projects with just a click of a button.
 You can find more information about ITL here.
In the Looop also has a Featured Tag Spotlight which showcases projects of a specific theme. This makes it easy to look through ideas for an upcoming event or holiday. Right now ITL is featuring “Back to School” ideas. Members have been asked to add a project they have created for back to school. But if you’re not a member yet, don’t worry! ITL still wants your ideas! Go to In the Looop Blog for more information.
 Do you think you would be a great addition to ITL? Do you want to become a member? Let ITL know you are interested by sending an email to [email protected]

I hope every one has a fantastic weekend! Don’t forget, Sunday is the last day to enter the Trendy Trinket giveaway! Don’t miss the opportunity to win $25 towards their amazing jewelry!

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