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Hello fellow crafters!  My name is Bonnie, I am a SAHM and a DIY crafter.  I blog over at The Family Connection where you’ll often find me blogging about my family, crafts and photography.  I’m very excited to be here at Scissors and Spatulas!  I’m going to share my latest creation today and I’ll start by giving you a before and after shot of this “re-purposed entertainment center.”

I brought home an entertainment center that someone “junked” and got to work!  I first sanded down the entire unit (with my daughter’s help of course) and removed the cardboard backing.

I went to the lumbar yard and bought a sheet of particle board for the shelves, backing, and doors.  I measured everything out, twice!

My pop was kind enough to help me with some of my cuts, and YES I did do some of the cuts myself!

Next, using my jig saw I cut a hole out for the sink, attached the back, and primed the entire unit.
I applied many coats to the kitchen with some left-over paint we had from repainting our house two years ago, and began the assembly!  I attched the doors and shelves first and installed the faucet and sink (which is just a stainless steel mixing bowl), handles (Lowe’s), utensil rack (Ikea), stovetop dials (which I failed to take a close up of, but also from Ikea), and an apron hanger on the left side (not visible, also from Ikea).

Then came the revealing of the kitchen to my girls, can you tell they were excited??

I had my mother teach me how to sew some curtains and hung a mirror above the sink (per my oldest’s request).
*Please excuse the clutter of toys around the kitchen, I interrupted playtime for this shot* 

This was an extremely inexpensive gift to make, but very time consuming for me (especially the painting!).  The only things I spent money on were the handles, utensil rack, apron hanger, and a sheet of particle board.  I had the paint, faucet, and “sink” already.  Total coast?  Around $30!  Hopefully this will last the girls a long time.
Thanks for reading, happy crafting! Be sure to stop by my blog, The Family Connection!

13 thoughts on “Guest Post: DIY Play Kitchen from The Family Connection”

  1. This is so adorable! I seriously have a similar entertainment center in my basement that I was going to throw away! Not anymore… saving for the future kiddos!

  2. For some reason the link to my blog didn't work up there :/ Here it is again just in case!

  3. It is so creative and awesome. But please have someone attach it to the wall, if they didn't already. Particle board is very heavy and those old units are very "tippy" is they don't have a tv adding weight to the bottom. Your little ones will probably try to climb it. Mine always found a way to climb on the large toys 🙂

  4. This is so creative!! I love it! I think my husband is going to have to make this for our triplet girls some day!

  5. and to think I thre away one of these units!! In fact, I've seen so many on the side of the road. Was this an original idea or did you see one made? It is absolutely ingenious!!
    Gmama Jane

  6. What a great way to make a toy kitchen! I always cringe when I see the price tag on those at a toy store! Your girls look really excited 🙂

  7. I saw someone else had done this on another blog a few months back and it was absolutely adorable. It had red accents and if I remember correctly the sink was on the other side. Such a great idea!

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