She’s Ready to Pop!

ready to pop baby shower popcorn favor box
While I was away at Creative Estates, my friends and I {even though I wasn’t actually present} hosted a baby shower for my dear friend, Cindi. Since I was going to be gone, I was in charge of items that could be bought and prepared ahead of time. One of my duties: the party favors.
Dun dun dun. . .
{horror sound effect}
Now, I am a creative person. But favors can be hard! I didn’t want to do the same old same old. So I had no idea what I was going to do, until one day I went to Hobby Lobby {What? Me? At HL, you say? I know, crazy!}. So anyway, I was at HL and saw these little favor boxes.
So cute! And they are shaped like movie popcorn boxes! But of course I wasn’t going to fill them with regular old buttered popcorn. . .
Instead, I made this:
Ready to Pop, White Chocolate Popcorn Mix!

Here’s how. . .

3 easy ingredients: popcorn, premier white chocolate morsels, M&Ms.
Melt one bag of white chocolate in microwave at 75% power for 3 minutes, stirring every 30 seconds, just until melted.
Add half of popcorn and one bag of candy to a large bowl.
 {Unless you have a REALLY large bowl, you’ll need to make the mix in two separate batches}
Pour a small amount of melted white chocolate over the popcorn and candy and stir.
Repeat several times until popcorn is generously coated in chocolate {about 2/3 of melted chocolate}. Be sure to save some to drizzle on top.
Pour popcorn mix on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper. Using a spoon drizzle remaining melted chocolate over popcorn.
Let the popcorn mix harden for about an hour and store in an air-tight container until ready to use.
Is you mouth watering yet?  This stuff is good! I was kind of sad to give it all away!

The favors:

Aren’t they darling?!
And delish!
Ready to Pop, White Chocolate Popcorn Mix!
3 bags microwave popcorn, popped
2 – 12 oz. packages premier white chocolate morsels
2 – 12.6 oz. bags chocolate coated candies (such as M&Ms)
Mix half of popcorn {1- 1/2 bags} and 1 bag of candy in a large bowl. Melt 1 bag white chocolate morsels in microwave at 75% power for 3 minutes, stirring every 30 seconds, until melted. CAREFUL NOT TO BURN!!! Pour a small amount of chocolate over popcorn and stir to coat. Continue adding chocolate, a little at a time, until popcorn mix is fully coated. You will use about 2/3 of the white chocolate.
Spread popcorn mixture on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper. Using a spoon, drizzle remaining white chocolate over popcorn. Allow to cool for 1 hour before breaking popcorn mix into large chunks.
Repeat with remaining popcorn, candy and white chocolate.
Yield: about 20 cups popcorn mix.
YES, you can order these for your shower now! Stop by either of my shops to place your “Ready to Pop” order now! don’t see what you want? I can create custom orders to match any theme or decor!

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  1. I love that stuff! Thanks for sharing the recipe…and I love the pastal candies for a baby shower…very cute!!!! I'm also sure very yummy!!!

  2. Yummy! What a great idea and a cute baby shower favor. I'm tucking this one away for future use. Thanks, Jen! xo

  3. Jennifer! What a super cute idea. Quick question, did you use plain, au naturel popcorn or the buttered/salted kind? I kind of like the idea of a sweet/salty mix..

    sparklepantsgirl at gmail dot com

  4. I make chocolate popcorn like this all the time, it is always a crowd pleaser. I hated having the popcorn come out of the bowl and make a mess(i hate clean up). So to limit clean up I get a big paper bag from the grocery store and fill it with the popcorn poor the chocolate and the extra(whether it be m&m's or cupcake sprinkles work nice too) then fold down the lid and shake the bag, works really well plus there is one less bowl to clean up and less popcorn outside of the bowl.

  5. What a fabulous idea and those boxes are SO cute!!! Do you use regular (buttered) popcorn or like a kettle corn?

  6. Love this idea!! Now I just have to wait for one of my friends to get pregnant so I can throw a shower!! [Gorgeous photos, too!]

  7. What a cute favor! I'm sure it was very well received. And definitely different! I love it!

  8. I've never made this but you make it look easy with your fabulous photos (I'm soooo visual). Thanks for sharing the recipe! Looks fun and delicious πŸ™‚ ~Molly

  9. This popcorn looks absolutely delicious!! I'm going to make it, even though no one around here is ready to pop πŸ˜‰

  10. Oh wow, that looks delicious! And would be perfect for me because I'm like, "ready to pop" myself! lol

  11. I'm going to be helping with a shower soon!! I think I am going to have to do this!! Thanks so much for the idea! As always, love your blog!!


  12. Such a great idea! Who wouldn't want that yummy concoction? And the boxes are way too cute.

  13. this is really cute and looks delicious. it's making me hungry. cute blog.

    new follower,

  14. What a cuuuute idea! BTW, soooo jealous you got to go to Creative Estates! I planned to go but our unexpected move to AK through those plans out the window for this year πŸ™

  15. Awesome post. The white chocolate popcorn is a great idea.

    You're invited to my "Party in Paris" today. I hope you will stop over!

    Blessings, Renee

  16. That is hands down the best thing I've seen in awhile for a shower of any kind really! It's a snack, a frugal craft, it's customizable…awesome! I had to blog about your post to share that with my baby shower people!

  17. yum yum yummmm
    stopping by from Trendy Treehouse!
    Please stop by and say hi


  18. Yummy! Thanks for linking to We're Organized Wednesday. I still can't believe I didn't see you at CE. I'm so sad!

  19. Found you on TT&J…you are my neighbor! This is a CUTE cute cute idea. You went above and beyond =)

  20. do they sell that on hobby lobbys website? or any other cute ones? if so whats a direct link u can email me at thanks for the info!

  21. These are so cute!! Great idea!
    I would love for you to link up at my first linky party! πŸ™‚
    {nifty thrifty sunday}

  22. This is so adorable! I love this idea, so funny!
    New follower now πŸ˜‰
    Hope you can stop by too

  23. This is such a SUPER cute idea!!! I am going to have to remember this the next time I host a baby shower!! Until then….I am definately going to be making the popcorn! I love your blog!

    I am your newest follower!

    Sweet Peas and Bumblebees

  24. I am totally read to pop myself.. 9 days left. So I just love this! How adorable, super cute for a baby shower. Going to share it on my C.O.M. FB page. winks- jen

  25. This is absolutely adorable and it looks delish! I love the "ready to pop" theme on it. So cute!

  26. YUM! That looks so good. The popcorn looks perfect in those favor boxes. I can't believe they came from HL.

  27. This is adorable! I love the recipe too! When I was in grade school my friends mom used to make sugar popcorn. I loved it but have never been able to figure out how to make it! I would love for you to come link up to my Sew Crafty Party !

  28. Oh my! This is SO cute! Such a fun idea. And the popcorn looks so so yummy!

  29. Oh I have to try this! I love salty and sweet together!! Thanks for sharing!!

    amber @ barbwired

  30. You know what is crazy? I pinned this idea last night on my Pinterest account ;). LOVE it!

  31. This is dang cute! Would you mind if I shared a photo of it along with a link to your post as part of a weekly series i do called fab five?

  32. Found this on Frugal Girls' fb page. I have some friends who just annouced they'll be popping this fall & I LOVE this idea! I think it would be cute to put a flower over the pregnant person & use it for spring, too!

  33. I needed a gift bag for my sister-in-laws shower this is an easy inexpensive goodie! Thanks! I better get poppin' If you like I started Workshop Wednesday and I would love it if you linked up! goobyecityhellosuburbs

  34. we made this popcorn for Christmas… red & green M&M's and added in crushed candy canes~ PEPERMINT BARK POPCORN, YUM! Great teacher gift…

  35. LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea. Perfect timing for a shower I am throwing next weekend and matches my invitations exactly. I have tried looking at one HL for the boxes, but no luck. Did you find them recently?

  36. Thank you so much again for linking up to {nifty thrifty sunday} and making my first party such a great success! I would love if you stopped by tomorrow and share more of your cute projects! πŸ™‚
    Vanessa @ {nifty thrifty things}

  37. So dang cute. My sisters baby shower is next week. I am so making these. Where where these boxes located at Hobby Lobby, what section?

  38. Ashley, I couldn't reply to your email directly and I couldn't get to your Blogger profile to find a site or address. I hope you get this!! II found the boxes about a month ago. They were on the isle with the baby shower paper products and decor. Good luck with your shower!

  39. I enjoyed my visit to your lovely blog. I'm following you now! I invite you to visit my blog Katherine's Corner. The latest giveaway prize is a gorgeous dress. Hugs!

  40. How many favors does this make? I'm planning two baby showers in the near future and I don't want to over or under buy. I definitely want to use this for at least one of them!

  41. What is HL?, I would love to puschase these for my babyshower I am planning to have in July!!!

  42. Hobby Lobby stores are in several states, but not all. Here is the website to see if there is one near you. They do sell products online, but last time I looked, they didn't have these favor containers. Thanks for stopping by!

  43. Do you think this could be made the day before? And how many does your recipe yield?

  44. Oh my GAWD! LOVEEEEEEEE THIS! Totally doing this for a shower I'm hosting. Thanks sooo much for posting.!!

  45. I make mine with popcorn and chocolate, but haven't tried the m&m's yet! I found you on pinterest for baby shower Ideas…I was hoping you would have a tutorial on making the boxes…hmmmm

  46. I made these last weekend for a baby shower at my house but unfortunately couldn't find the same boxes you had (no Hobby Lobby near me either).

    I posted about it on my blog and gave you credit, along with a link back to your original post.

  47. i love it! such a pretty and yummy way to have a fun favor at a shower! Where did you get the popcorn bags from?

  48. Do you know how I can get my hands on those Ready to Pop popcorn bags? They match perfectly with the paper goods I bought for my daughter's upcoming baby shower. I just love your idea. I checked Hobby Lobby on line and didn't see them. My email address is . Thank you

  49. Hi There! I love the boxes. I tried looking on HL website but I cannot seem to find them. Do you happen to know where I might be able to find them? I am using your idea for my sister's shower and she loves it as well.

    Thank you.

  50. Hi there,
    I am throwing my cousin a baby shower and would love to get these boxes!! I can't seem to find them anywhere! Do you have any other ideas where I could find them?
    Thanks so much. I love your blog!

  51. Yum! And so easy! I just made a double batch today to use as favors for a friend's surprise baby shower tomorrow. By doubling the batch I got about enough for 60 – 1 cup servings. I couldn't find those favor boxes at Hobby Lobby, so I put 1 cup of popcorn mix in a small treat bag and used ribbon to tie on some cute "Ready to Pop" tags I made with my image software. Thank you for the inspiration and SUCH a cute blog!

    1. I make them in several different colors not only for baby showers but birthday parties, weddings and corporate events as well. They can be personalized.

    2. They do not sell the boxes at Hobby Lobby anymore but I am currently taking orders to make custom boxes to match your baby shower theme. I’ve attached a few photos of ones I have made recently. I can do any colors or theme you need. If you can provide me with a photo of your invitation or party decor, it will help. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks so much for commenting on my site!

  52. They do not carry these boxes at Hobby Lobby anymore. BUT, I have good news! I will be selling these boxes, custom to your theme, very soon. I just made my first set last week and hope to get everything uploaded and the shop open by the end of the week! If you are interested, please contact me at jen at scissorsandspatulas dot com and be sure I have your email address.

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  56. I left a message a couple of days ago regarding ordering some bags for a February baby shower. Haven’t heard back. Are you available?

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  59. Jen, I have sent my paypal for the popcorn boxes, I also sent you the info a few days ago, the colors wer pink, yellow and some orange for a baby shower March 31, I hope I sent the right amount for 25 for me too assm. myself her, love your webpage…let me know and thank you again…
    Cheri πŸ™‚

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  61. Hi! I left a request a few days ago to be contacted to order the Ready-to-Pop boxes. I wanted the kit to make them myself…but haven’t heard back from you…??? Could you let me know if they are still available…they are sooo cute!!!

  62. Can you please tell me how many of these boxes does this recipe fill so that I can figure out how much of this recipe I have to make. Thanks!


  63. Interested in cute popcorn boxes “Ready To Pop”. How much are they? How much popcorn do they hold? Do they come in variety of colors? I want to make for a baby shower. Need to know ASAP.

  64. I’m using this great idea for Valentine’s Day. I used the Valentine M&M’s that are red, pink, and white. This is a keeper! I’m already thinking about other special days!

  65. I placed an order with you last week and have not recieved a confirmation. It was for twin boys with colors have blue & brown on March 11th…thanks! I think the order was for 20 pre-assemled.

  66. I’m in the process of making these now for a shower gift. Just curious did you use the kettle korn or just a regular popcorn. I have a huge box of butter popcorn. I think that would give it a really nice sweet and salty taste but i don’t want to over do it. Your idea is Genius!

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  70. Hi Jen I love your idea! I checked everywhere and Hobby Lobby discontinued selling the boxes. How much do you charge for the boxes and how far in advance should I order them from you. Do you have a website?

  71. This recipe makes about 12 cups of mix. Because of time constraints, I couldn’t order the super cute boxes but served it in small 5 oz clear plastic tumbler glasses with designed stickers on them. It probably filled up 25 of the little cups (it is very good, but a little goes a long way, especially if there is cake or additional sweets around!).

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  73. Are you ladies using buttered popcorn or plain when making this?
    I’m soooo going to the store tomorrow for the ingredients!

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