A Little More of Creative Estates

Yesterday I gave y’all a little taste of my first day in Arizona for Creative Estates. 
I promised you more, so here it is. . .

Creative Estates
{photo courtesy of A Place for Us}

Day 2: Friday

Classes, Crafts and Connections

First up was a little game. All the ladies from Arizona and Utah {and there was A LOT of them} had to get up and move to another table. We got Becca from Blue Cricket Designs {she is the first on the left}. LOVE her and her blog! 
Then it was off to hear a few of my favorite bloggers speak about how to plan, perfect and post on a creative blog. Right up my alley! 
Amy {The Idea Room}, Jen {Tatertots and Jello}, Cindy {Skip to My Lou} and Kim {Today’s Creative Blog}
After, I got a photo with Jen from Tatertots and Jello. She was so sweet and even took my picture too! WOW!
Craft time!
I chose Letterpress demo and make & take craft session. 
We used the Letterpress tool to make an embossed thank you card.  
I want this machine! They gave several away, but not to me. 🙁  Boohoo!  ):
Shopping. . .
One of the highlights of the day was the opening of the Handmade Market!

These were some seriously talented ladies selling their handmade items. Above is my new buddy {the only other Carolina girl at Creative Estates}, Ilene from Much Love, Illy. Please go visit her shop, she has some darling jewelry and hair accessories! 
Becki’s shop {Whippy Cake} also had some stunning rosette accessories. 
Friday night was spent with some amazing ladies at Girls Night Out. But that’s a whole ‘nother story. I’ll share it with you later. For now. . .
Day 3: Saturday
More classes, crafts and connections 
Becki, from Whippy Cake woke everyone up with “the wave” before she, Becky {Becky Higgins, LLC}, Rachel {Brassy Apple} and  Melanie {Above All Fabrics} shared with us how they have learned to balance motherhood with a business. 
“Happy Chaos” they call it! 
“Family council” and PAPER calendars and lists are two tips I’m taking away from this session!
Then it was time to laugh my a$& off as I listened to Char {Crap I’ve Made}, Shelley {House of Smiths}and Stephanie {The Daily Blarg} share how to let your personality shine through while blogging. And trust me, these ladies GOT PERSONALITY! They were a riot!
 I laughed from start to finish and this is where Shelley broke out into song with her version of “Forget You.”
Shelley also taught Destiny {A Place for Us} and me her signature “photo yourself” technique. 
{Shelley has the photo of us. Maybe she will share it on her blog? Or just send it to me?}
Okay, I am starting to realize that this post is going on and on and on. I told you, I have SO much to share. We did a craft this day, which I planned on including in this post, but maybe I’ll just save that for another post. I hope you don’t mind. But, I’ll give you a hint. It’s knock-off jewelry! You don’t want to miss it! Until then. . .

9 thoughts on “A Little More of Creative Estates”

  1. That photo is up on her blog…and it's FANTASTIC! Great wrap-up posts. I just can't get enough of these. 🙂

  2. Your photos are incredible! As a result of seeing all these wonderful Creative Estates posts with pretty pictures, I am now in the market for a new camera!!

  3. This is a great wrap up too Jen!!! Though you can totally see me texting Joon in that business mom's session hahaha.

  4. So fun! I'm lovin' all the wrap-up posts! Your photos are great–love the ones of the wave! 🙂

  5. Wow. Your photos are the best I've seen so far! Thanks so much for documenting your experience and sharing it all on your blog!

    It was really great meeting you. I hope we will see you again in Salt Lake City next year!


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