Ugly Bunny

Sneak peek?

Late last April, I went on a weekend shopping spree hitting up all the garages sales, thrift stores and Goodwills I could find? I got some pretty good finds that weekend, including these. . .

Do you remember? One of those finds was the ugly chocolate bunny. Why the heck did I buy this item? Because I saw it and immediately thought, “WHITE! This bunny needs to be white!” Easter had already passed, but I remembered this Pottery Barn bunny knock-off from The DIY Showoff and thought, I can make this bunny look fabulous like hers!”

Then I looked at the price. 99 cents. Really? Get in my buggy little bunny!

But I almost forgot about i! A memory of it popped into my head the other day and I scrambled to the storage closet to get it because I knew if I waited I would forget about it again! As I pulled it out from all the other junk great finds stored in there, I started thinking to myself how crazy it was that when I tossed it in there last year, Easter seemed so far away! But here we are again, already. And here is the ugly bunny!

So I undressed the bunny and got rid of his accessories.

I sprayed him with a light coat of primer.

Then two good coats of white, satin-finish spray paint.

As usual, my plan was to stop here. I wanted a white bunny. However, as usual, I couldn’t leave him alone. I’ll give you one guess as to what I did next. . . grabbed my sandpaper.

I distressed the little guy, which took a little effort since I sprayed him pretty heavily with paint. If I plan on distressing I usually go a little lighter.

Now he was perfect!

I paired him with a mossy Easter basket on my foyer chest.

Happy Easter!

Great Idea for Ribbon Storage

How to make a “Ribbon Rack” from a UTO {unidentified thrift store object}.

Quite awhile ago, sometime over the summer I think, I was at Goodwill and I saw this. . .

I wasn’t really sure what it was. Maybe a plate rack? A towel rack? No idea! What I did know is that I liked it. Plus it was only $4. I also knew exactly what I was going to use it for. You see, I have a lot of ribbon. Every time I go to Hobby Lobby, I end up coming home with more ribbon. They have the cutest! Anyway, all my ribbon was in a drawer which a) made it difficult to find what I was looking for and b) a big mess when the ribbon came unrolled. This unidentified piece was about to solve that problem.

First it needed some “Heavy Cream” paint. This paint is made by Valspar and it’s one of my favorite colors. Not bright white, but not too off-white. Then, of course, I had to distress it.

The piece originally had three rods and a lot of empty space. I had hubby drill three more sets of holes.

I grabbed some dowel rods we had in the garage {I’ve told you before we have TONS of scrap wood in our garage. Every size, shape, etc. This is when it comes in handy!} and hubby measured and cut them long enough to be inserted into the drilled holes.

We ended up adding another hole and rod in between the two upper rods.

The rods fit perfectly through the holes in the center of the ribbon rolls.

Now when I need ribbon, instead of digging through my drawer, I can simply tug on the ribbon and cut it at the desired length! I love this thing!

Whoop whoop! Partying it up here this week!

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Embroidery Hoop Wall Art

My inspiration for this wall art was from Blissfully Smitten. I found this adorable nursery wall  on Pinterest while searching for ideas to decorate my craft room. {Have I ever told you how much I looooove Pinterest?}

Pinned Image

When I saw these I knew they would be the perfect decor for my craft room! Very shortly after pinning this idea I found an entire box of embroidery hoops at a garage sale for $2! {Even if you don’t come across a fantastic deal like this, the hoops are very inexpensive at the craft stores.}

Of course, me being me, I couldn’t leave them they way they were! I used very dark stain (espresso) on the hoops. This was a very messy process, I recommend wearing gloves!

After the stain was dry, I applied one heavy coat of paint {my favorite, Heavy Cream from Lowe’s}. Oh yeah, I have to give a shout out to Purdy for the fabulous brushes they sent me! Love these guys! Can you guess what I did next?

I distressed it with sandpaper, of course! I told you, I can’t leave anything alone! That part was a little time consuming {mainly because you have to wait for the stain and paint to dry}. The rest is easy!

If you don’t know how an embroidery hoop works, there are two rings {inner and outer}. The rings are attached with a screw. Simply remove the screw and separate the rings.

Place your fabric over the inner circle, face up, and place the outer ring over the top. Tug out any wrinkles that might be in the fabric. Replace the screw and fasten tightly.

 I used two different fabrics in the embroidery hoops. I used the toile fabric that I used throughout my craft room for a few hoops and plain fabric that I found at the thrift store for only 50 cents for the yard for the other hoops.

I decided to try something new for the plain fabric. I didn’t really know what I was doing but what I did worked! And it was pretty simple! I printed images on fabric using my computer printer. Don’t worry, I’ll share that tutorial with you soon! I promise!

 I just knew these would be the perfect accompaniment for my Mother’s Day piece. Do you remember that wood/chalkboard piece my fabulous, creative hubby made for Mother’s Day?

Together they make a perfect gallery over my sewing table! I’ll add a few more of the hoops, I think. Maybe using a different, very simple print fabric. I might even throw a monogram {M} in the mix.
So now you’ve seen another little corner of my craft room! I know I still haven’t shown you the full reveal, just bits and pieces. I’m pretty sure it’s because the room is always a disaster from all the projects I have going on! I promise, one of the se days, I’ll give you the reveal. Complete with before and after photos!
Stay tuned. . .

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What I’ve Been Up To (Christmas Crafts)

Hello friends! I just cannot believe that Christmas is just days away! It completely blows my mind! Where has December gone? 
We had a handmade auction last week at Stamp Club. All proceeds went to the Ronald McDonald House. With just a handful of us we raised over one-hundred dollars! There were no limits or restrictions to the items we brought for the auction except that they had to be handmade. I just wanted to quickly share with you the items I made. I do not have the full tutorials, but I will do my best to explain how I created them.
This project started with the angel image. I found about 5 or 6 of them in a small baggie at the thrift store for fifty cents. I think someone just printed them off on cardstock to be honest, but I thought they were pretty. I tore the corners just a little bit and used sandpaper around the edges of the image to make it look more worn. Then I used my distress ink pad around the edges. This is the first time I’ve tried distressing paper with sandpaper and I was really pleased with the way it looked after I brushed it with the ink. The ink really soaked into the paper since it had been thinned from sanding.
Next I used my sewing machine to stitch the lace and burlap to the image. I also used two-way glue to adhere the image, but because burlap is so rough I thought sewing it would help keep it in tact. Plus, I like the look of stitching. I attached the burlap to the designer scrapbook paper with hot glue. After this, I was stumped. I didn’t really know what else to add. Then the song Hark! The Herald Angels Sing” popped into my head!

Luckily I had some old hymnals that I found at Goodwill a while back. I flipped through one and knew this would be perfect! I tore just below the first phrase, distressed it with the ink and attached it with double-sided adhesive.

I found a piece of scrap wood in the garage, hubby cut it to size, drilled holes in it, I inked it {of course} and I added some jute rope to make it hang. I love this piece! 
 Who is Angie? Angie is the Stampin’ Up! demonstrator that hosts the Stamp Club events. 
I call this piece “Angie-inspired”because she made a Christmas card that I used as inspiration and I used the technique she used to make that Christmas pillow that I love.

For this piece, I adhered iron on pellon interfacing {basically iron-on adhesive for fabric} to the back of my fabric and used my Silhouette to cut the ornaments. Be sure to apply the interfacing before cutting! It makes the fabric nice and stiff for smooth cuts. Then I peeled the liner away and ironed the ornaments on to the black and white damask fabric. I then used fabric glue to attache the ribbons. Each ribbon is two separate pieces. One short piece for the vertical “hanging” ribbon and a longer piece for the bow. I find it is easier to tie the bow and then cut the ribbon so you know it is long enough. 
 The frame I found at the thrift store for a couple bucks. It had a really ugly tropical fish print in it but the frame was fabulously fat! I trashed the print and the glass and wrapped the fabric around the cardboard insert. I sprayed a very light coat of black satin paint on the wooden frame and then scuffed it up a little with sand paper. I replaced the insert wrapped with fabric and viola! 
Don’t forget to stop by and enter the My Memories giveaway! The winner will receive the digital scrapbooking software for FREE!

Ruffled Christmas Trees

Can you believe that it’s December 1st?  Christmas is right around the corner! I’ve finally finished decorating my house, and I promise I will post pics soon! I love decorating my house for Christmas! I transform just about every room into a winter wonderland! I even have an entire attic for Christmas decor only! But I can never have enough Christmas decorations, so soon I may have to clean out a closet or two to hold more stuff! 
Example: A few months ago I found these cones at the thrift store. At first I walked on by, but I quickly took a few steps back and picked them up. Twenty-five cents each! What was I going to use them for? I dunno. I knew I could figure something out! And I did! 

I ruffled some fabric scraps and grabbed a couple of mismatched wooden candlesticks. {Also from the thrift store. I have a stockpile of these because they are usually fifty cents to a dollar a piece.}
And this is what I made! ruffled Christmas trees! 
How? Keep reading! 
I primed both candlesticks and painted one green and one red. Both were paint colors I had on hand. {Yes, the green one is hanging from a tree branch. I spray paint a lot of things this way to get even coverage all the way around.}
Then I scratched it up. If you’ve ever been on my blog, you know that I love to paint and I love to remove paint! I’m a bit of a distressing addict! It gives pieces character!
Starting at the bottom, I took my ruffled fabric and wrapped it around and up the cones, securing it with hot glue. 
I added an additional piece of fabric to the bottom of the cone and
 I attached the candlestick with hot glue.
To finish off the top, I added a big fat striped ribbon. 
And here they are! Two ruffled Christmas trees for under $2! Remember, the cones were twenty-five cents each and the candlesticks were fifty cents each. The fabric was leftover scraps and the paint I had in my garage. Even if you didn’t have all the materials it would probably cost less than $10!  

So what are you waiting for? Go make some Christmas trees! You can never have too much holiday decor!

A Little Piece of (Junk) Heaven and Silhouette Secrets!


A couple of weeks ago, my sister-in-law, Ilke, and I discovered the most amazing place on Earth – Cline’s Antiques in Mt. Pleasant, NC. I’m not really sure “antiques” is the best word to use to describe this place. Yes, most of the stuff is old, but most of it is just a bunch of junk. Ilke and I were aware of this as we made the hour drive to Cline’s. What we didn’t know was how much junk there actually was waiting for us.
We walked through the gates and I was off. There were rows and rows of shelves filled with random rusted metal pieces. In the grass there were piles of glass bottles and jars.
Piles of old headboards and random metal pieces were lying in just about every direction I could see. I’ve never seen so much rust in my life! Nor did I realize how much I loved it!
There were rows of trailers filled with stuff and piles and piles of random junk!
old antique wooden furniture desk chair
There were a lot of buildings on the property as well. Large buildings that were full. Full of furniture, full of old signs, full of stuff.
old woven baskets
I was in junk Heaven! I hadn’t seen Ilke in a while and when she finally called to see where I was, I was WAY out back in knee-high grass, digging through boxes and piles!
polka dot rain boot
Luckily I wore my rain boots! Ilke eventually found me. Thank goodness because I had quite a pile to drag back up front.
picker sisters vintage metal carts
Have you ever seen Picker Sisters on Lifetime? It’s one of my favorite shows! Anyway, on one of the episodes the girls pick up a couple of carts like the ones above and transform them into some amazing benches. I was SO tempted to grab two of these, but had no idea where I would put them. Maybe next time.
vintage antique buggy wheelchair
These are a few of my favorite pieces that I saw, but didn’t buy. Coincidentally they are all forms of “transportation.” I’m kicking myself for not getting that sleigh. Grrrr.
vintage cash register
This vintage register was really cool too. But the piece that captured my heart, the one I was willing to empty my wallet for was this one. . .
vintage medicine cabinate
 I found this metal display case in one of the first buildings I walked into at the junk farm. I fell in love with it. I thought about it for the rest of the morning. As I stumbled upon other pieces of furniture that would serve the same purpose, I dismissed them because I knew I wanted this one. By the end of our shopping trip, I even knew exactly what I was going to do with it. I was giddy. Now I just had to figure out how much it was. I really was prepared to spend a couple hundred on this piece – seriously. But when I inquired about it, I found out that it {along with the rest of the “display cases” in that building} were not for sale. NOT FOR SALE? My love affair was over. I was devastated. He said they use them to display items. Do you see anything displayed in this case? Ugh!
Anyway, I plan on going back soon and when I do, I’m going to ask again about this case. Maybe making them an offer would be a better approach. We shall see. Are you ready to see what I bought? Luckily I removed the seats from my car because Ilke and I filled the entire back!
A few old windows {with and without glass}, a vintage wooden ironing board, a fan, a watering can, metal file drawers, and an old wooden sled.
antique thrift vintage finds
A milk can, some baskets, bottles a rusty tray and some other random pieces {door hardware and knobs, etc}. I also bought one of those rusty old headboard/footboard sets. I’ll show you those later.
I cannot wait to go back! I’ll try to keep you posted on what I do with these items, but you know me. Many will probably sit in the garage for a while {with my other “junk”} before I know what I’ll do. Stay tuned. . .
Oh, and I have a secret to share with you! This Friday, otherwise known as Black Friday, Silhouette is having a sale!
That’s right, anyone can get 30% off from the 25th throught the 28th but if you use a special code at checkout, you get 40% off your purchase!
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But that’s not the only secret. I have access to a secret page, the only page, where you can find the new Silhouette Cameo in stock!!
Have you seen this thing? Of course you have! Do you want on as badly as I do? I love my Silhouette SD but this new Cameo can do so much more! I plan on buying one first thing Friday morning! You can’t use the code above for the discount, but I’ve been told that Silhouette is offering a very nice discount on the Cameo that day. But you have to go to the secret site to get it and it won’t be available to you until Black Friday. I just wanted to give you a heads up! Here is the the link, but the special will not be posted until Friday.
Happy shopping!

Sit, Relax, & GOSSIP – A Gossip Chair Makeover

I had never heard of a “gossip chair” before this past year. They seem to be all over the Internet now! I’ve seen some really fantastic upcycled ones with fabulous bright paint and vintage fabrics. I really wanted to do mine a cherry red, but it really wouldn’t have matched anything in my home. Bummer. I do like the way it turned out and it is a cute little piece for this corner of my house.

For those of you that are not familiar with the “gossip chair,” let me explain. Basically they are old chairs or benches with a small table where one would sit to chat on the phone. Hence the term “gossip chair.” Of couse these really have no purpose since the invention of the cordless phone and now, of course, cell phones. No one sits down to talk anymore. Who has time for that when you can do it on the go? Anyway, I found mine at a garage sale over the summer. I almost didn’t get it because I really didn’t know if I would use it. But when the seller accepted my offer of $10, I couldn’t refuse! Ten dollars!
I decided to use it in this little corner that sits behind the couch between the family room and breakfast room. I have been wanting to do something different in that little space anyway, and I thought the gossip chair would be the perfect size. 
It wasn’t in great shape. Some of the finish was coming off and it was pretty wobbly.

I brought out my favorite power tool, the mouse sander and went to work. The cracks and peels smoothed out pretty easily. 
I applied a good coat of primer. 

While that was drying I recovered the seat cushion. {Actually it really isn’t very cushiony. It’s pretty much a piece of wood with a little bit of cush. I don’t think it would be very comfy to sit in for a long conversation!} I used leftover fabric that I have in my family room. If you’ve never recovered chair cushions before, it’s really pretty easy. You can find my tutorial here.

I used paint leftover from the powder room which, coincidentally, was also the exact blue in the fabric. It took two good coats to cover it evenly. I had planned on stopping here. Of course my first instinct was to start scraping the paint with my sandpaper, but I distress so much of my furniture that I thought I should just leave it be. But. . .

I didn’t think it was right. Something was missing. Instead of using sandpaper, I used my Distress Ink pad to age it. It was just the right touch.
A few accessories and a pillow to finish it off. You might recognize the phone. It’s a working Pottery Barn phone, with a $59 sticker on the bottom. I got it from Goodwill for just $5.99 a while back. I was going to paint it, but decided just to leave it alone for now. It’s the perfect touch for this bench! Not that I’ll ever sit her and use it, but it’s cute!
I needed some height in the corner since this bench is small. I found a beautiful floor lamp at Kirkland’s on sale for $49! Parker Reese and daddy put it together. 
You don’t have to completely re-do a room for a new look. Sometimes just changing a small area of a room can make a huge difference! Especially on your wallet! I did this for less than $75 bucks!

Reinventing Fabulous with a Purdy Paintbrush

A couple months back I was contacted by a representative of Purdy asking if I would use and review their paintbrushes. I guess they had seen all my different painting projects and figured their brushes would come in handy. My response was, “Of course!” 
The funny thing is, back when hubby and I bought our very first house and started to paint it, my dad gave me a piece of advice. {My dad has done his fair share of painting because my mom re-decorates a lot.} “Always spend a little extra money and use good brushes and good rollers like Purdy.” Swear he did! Of course I told the Purdy rep this and she said to tell my dad thank you for giving me such good advice. Anyway, I was more than happy to write a review for Purdy because I almost always use their brushes anyways.

You might remember this table I bought from the thrift store early in the summer. Well, I finally pulled it out of the garage to make it into something beautiful.

I tried something new this time. Instead of the usual coat of latex primer, I used primer spray paint. It worked great and it was much faster! Plus, I didn’t have to sand it first!
So here is my fabulous Purdy XL angled brush and my favorite Heavy Cream paint.  
Purdy brushes are great. They are nice and stiff and the natural bristles hold a lot more paint than those value brushes. Even better, they wash clean as a whistle and the bristles remain perfectly intact! 

I almost didn’t have to put a second coat on because the Purdy brush went on so thick and so even. But I put a second coat on just in case there were any missed spots. Another great thing about Purdy is that the brushes apply paint perfectly flawless without brush strokes. The paint goes on smoothly and evenly. 
My original plan was to stencil lettering across the top of the table, but I got impatient because I couldn’t find what I wanted. So I modified my plan.

I had this scrapbook paper that was close enough to what I wanted so I decided to Mod Podge it to the tabletop. {See how clean and perfect this brush still looks? When I took this photo I’d used that brush at least a handful of times.}

I tore around the edges to make it an circular shape.

Then I decided to add some Distress Ink to the edges. I used the Walnut Stain color. 


I used my Purdy XL paintbrush and applied a coat to the back of the paper and then used a flat edge to smooth it across the table. Once that layer dried I applied on thick coat over the top of the paper and used my scraper to remove bubbles and any excess Mod Podge.
My thrift store table made beautiful!
You know me, I love doing things as cheaply as I can. When painting furniture {or anything for that matter}, it really is worth it to spend a little extra money on quality brushes. Purdy has a variety of brushes and rollers to accommodate any painting task, and really they aren’t that much more expensive. Just a couple of dollars. But that couple extra is money well spent. I promise! 
If you are getting ready to do some painting stop by Save the Walls to get information on the right Purdy products for your task.

Easy and Inexpensive Storage Idea

Hi friends! Did you think I disappeared? So sorry for being MIA this past week. I’ve been so busy with so many other things. I had my own garage sale, made a couple of meals for those in need, had two sick little boys, MOPS and lots of moms’ night out activities! Whew! 
What crafty things have I been up to? I haven’t had too much time for creative activities lately. I’m mainly just trying to finish up the finishing touches my creative space.
Several months ago when I started on my craft room, I found this spice rack at Goodwill. My intention was to use it for my thread and hang it over my sewing table. But then I had another idea.
This is what it looked like before. Just a little wooden shelf in okay condition. I planned on painting and distressing it. Nothing new.  

I scuffed it up with sand paper and then used a dark stain on some of the corners and edges for a darker finish.

I primed it. 

Then painted it with the same heavy cream used around the rest of the room. And used sandpaper to remove some of the paint for a distressed finish.

I had asked a friend to save some baby food jars for me. I rinsed them and removed the labels by soaking them over night in water. I painted the lids to match the metal finishes in the room and filled the jars with different scrapbooking supplies. I hung it in my craft room within reach of my desk for easy access to these items while working on paper projects.

There ya have it. One more little piece of my creative space. 
These spice racks are pretty easy to find at garage sales and thrift stores. I actually picked up another one this past weekend that I plan on using for beads and jewelry-making accessories.

The Rescued Rocker

A few months ago I rescued an old green rocking chair from a garage sale. It reminded me of the Cracker Barrel chairs {which it very well could be}.  The seller was asking only $10. The chair was in pretty bad shape. It {apparently} used to be a hunter green chair. The sun had faded the paint to almost turquoise and the paint and woven areas had been weathered quite a bit. But the bones of the chair were in such great condition! Especially for ten bucks! {I somehow failed to take a before shot for you.}
I used my favorite Skil sander to remove the chipping paint and prep it for painting. I love that tool! It’s a great stress reliever! 

Two {good} coats of primer spray paint. I didn’t bother masking off the rattan back or seat because it was pretty easy to spray the target areas without getting paint everywhere else.

Two heavy coats of white semi-gloss spray paint. Again, a little paint got on the rattan, but not much.

I planned on using regular stain but then thought, “Why not use that new gel stain I got from DecoArt?” {In case you missed my post last week, a box of goodies from DecoArt arrived on my doorstep a few weeks ago.} One of the items included was Americana Maple Gel Stain. I’d never used gel stain before, so I thought I’d give it a shot.

I applied a generous amount of gel stain with my sponge brush, spread it evenly and then gently wiped it with the cloth. I love this stuff! It’s nice and thick, not drippy like the other stains. And it covers the area really well. 
Gawjus! {And just like new!} It even covered the little bit of primer and paint that got on this area! I sprayed the entire chair with a good coat of clear gloss lacquer to seal it. 
Here she is! My beautiful “new” rocker for just ten bucks and a little elbow grease. Never turn your back on a piece of junk! 

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