A New (Seriously Homemade) Bulletin Board

 Yesterday I shared with you the new work table I put in Parker’s nursery in attempt to make it more of a “big boy” room without changing the decor. 
Yes, I love the table, and so does he, but I felt like it was missing something. Hmmmm, what does this little table need? Well, there definitely needs to be something to cover that big blank space between the table and the hanging plaques. But what?
I’ve got it!

The little work table needs a bulletin board! 

I’m not going to the store, what do I have laying around the house to create something resembling a bulletin board? 
I went up to my attic and found this empty frame. The glass had broken a while back and I just knew I could use this frame for something! {I really do have some hoarding tendencies, I think. In this case, those tendencies worked in my favor.} Good thing I saved it! And for the bulletin board, well, I just bought a box of diapers this week and the box was still in the garage!
And I still had lots of fabric leftover from the window treatments and pillows I made for his room. 
Let’s get started, shall we?!
First I measured the frame and cut two pieces from the box to fit snuggly inside the frame. I wanted to use both fabrics, so I cut one large piece for the bottom portion and a smaller one for the section at the top. 
Then I used my stapler {yep, a regular old stapler} to attach the fabric, wrapping it tightly around the edges.
I crisscrossed white grosgrain ribbon across the bottom board and secured it using a small dab of hot glue where the ribbon met the edge of the board. This secured the ribbons in place so I could flip the board over and wrap the ribbon around the edge, again using hot glue to secure it.

Here is what it looked like after I glued the ribbon in place. Something was missing. I needed buttons. I didn’t have enough matching buttons, so off to Hobby Lobby I went. Sigh. . . 
The trip to the store was worth it. The buttons are a really nice accent. I secured them using the hot glue gun. Now into the frame the fabric-covered cardboard went.
But wait, since this is going on the distressed table, I decided to use a little distress ink so they match.
And, I really wanted to add his name, so I used my best bud Cricut to cut some letters out of white card stock and just Mod Podged them to the fabric. Easy as that. 
And now Parker has a lovely bulletin board to go along with his big boy work table. 
{I took this photo when the Mod Podge was still drying. The white film has dried clear}

Now he needs to make some big boy artwork to hang on it!
And since I love telling y’all how much little I spend on my projects, this one is easy. I spent about $2 on buttons. So there you have it folks, a bulletin board for 2 bucks! 

Valentine’s Ribbon Wreath

While walking the isles at the Dollar Tree I saw a variety of pretty V-day ribbon. I started thinking about what I could do with it, and for some reason a wreath popped into my head. I had no idea how exactly I would make this wreath, but I started buying materials to make it anyway. And the best part? All the materials came from the Dollar Tree. I take it back, the LOVE came from the Dollar Spot at Target. Point: nothing was more than $1.
4 spools of ribbon = $4
1 pkg. hearts on a stick = $1
LOVE = $1
wreath base – $1
A grand total of $7!!
Once I got home and looked at all my stuff, I figured out what I was going to do. 

I grabbed a can of red spray paint from the garage and went out in the frigid cold to spray my wreath base. It didn’t have to be perfect because it would be covered with ribbon, but it needed to be red.
While the paint dried I cut the ribbon into pieces about four to five inches long. I didn’t measure any cuts. I just eyeballed it.
After cutting the ribbon, I folded each piece in half and twisted the fold so it resembled a knot.

I used a hot glue gun to attach the ribbon to the wreath base. I put the glue in the crevices of the wreath then stuck the twisted end of the ribbon down in the crevice. 
There was no rhyme or reason for the placement of the ribbons other than alternating the two different ribbons. After I had gone all the way around, I filled in some bare spots around the inside and outside of the wreath.
Remember these pieces?

I pulled the sticks out of the hearts and used the hot glue right on the ribbon to attach them and LOVE to the wreath. 
When I was finished. . .
It turned out like this!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Frames Go From Drab to Fab!

A simple DIY project to freshen up any frame!

Two 8×8 square frames purchased from Garden Ridge for $6.99 each. There is nothing wrong with these frames. They have a nice white matte and a decorative trim. But there is a very simple and very inexpensive way to make these simple frames look fabulous!

I got two yards of basic black silk ribbon from Hobby Lobby. Cost was just over $2.00. A whole roll of this ribbon wouldn’t have cost much more, but I could only find it by the yard at this store.

Tie a bow at one end of the ribbon and trim ends to suit. Cut the remaining ribbon into equal strips. You will need one more strip than you have frames. In other words, I had two frames, three strips. Fold one strip in half and snip one end at an angle to create “V” shaped edge. .
Flip your frames glass-side down. Using a hot glue gun, glue one cut ribbon to the top of the first frame with the excess ribbon hanging above the top of the frame. Glue a second ribbon strip to the bottom of the frame with the excess hanging below the frame. Do the same for the bottom of the second frame. Attach the excess ribbon from frame one to the top of frame two. *These frames are fairly light-weight. If you have a heavier frame you will need to secure the ribbon a little better.

Use your hot glue gun to attach the bow to the excess ribbon hanging from the top of frame one.  
Results. . . 

Do NOT hang your frames by the bow at the top! Use the hooks provided to hang the frames. This will take some measuring and leveling. Then after the frames are hung use a straight pin to secure the bow to the wall. Just hide it under the loop. 
I’ve done this with several frames in my house. You can often find small square frames at the dollar spot at Target that come in packs of three. Adding ribbon in between each one makes such a difference in the appearance when they are hung on the wall. Check it out. . .

Little Man #2’s room. I bought the Peter Rabbit plaques
off Ebay and attached a silk ribbon. Over his crib are three frames which all are “hung” by the same silk ribbon.
These are the frames I got at the dollar spot. They were white and I painted them red and attached a basic red ribbon.

Put a Ribbon on It!

Christmas is the only time of year you can put a bow on anything and it’s considered acceptable. So if you’re looking for an easy way to add a little holiday spirit to your everyday decor, just put a ribbon on it! Seriously!
Check it out. . .

I bought this photo ornaments for $1 at Target (Old Navy had them last year, I bought several after Christmas for el cheapo). Tied a pretty glittering bow, hot glued it, used glitter stickers to add the year and WOW! A nice gift!

This is the one I made for my own tree last year. I think I’ll add the stickers for the year.

Tie ribbons that coordinate with your decor around each limb of your chandelier. Add some greenery and a few ornaments for added flair.

Thread a ribbon through a glass ball ornament and place them on a plate or charger to decorate your dining room table. You could also tie a place card to the ornament to use for a holiday dinner party.
A Mason Jar + a ribbon = a cute candy dish!

Another plain glass container. Add a ribbon and some M&Ms. Cute!
And by the way, candy dishes are a great way to add a little holiday flair to any table in your house. I have them all over mine. Not so good thing is that my hand reaches in each one every time I walk by!

A cute, but plain initial ornament purchased for 50 cents at a craft store. Tie a cute green glittering ribbon on it, add small Christmas ball, and it’s a great little gift!

Run some pretty ribbon through your garlands.

Tie a ribbon around an accent pillow.

So there  you have it! A few simple ideas to spruce up your home for the holidays.
Happy decorating!