Great Idea for Ribbon Storage

How to make a “Ribbon Rack” from a UTO {unidentified thrift store object}.

Quite awhile ago, sometime over the summer I think, I was at Goodwill and I saw this. . .

I wasn’t really sure what it was. Maybe a plate rack? A towel rack? No idea! What I did know is that I liked it. Plus it was only $4. I also knew exactly what I was going to use it for. You see, I have a lot of ribbon. Every time I go to Hobby Lobby, I end up coming home with more ribbon. They have the cutest! Anyway, all my ribbon was in a drawer which a) made it difficult to find what I was looking for and b) a big mess when the ribbon came unrolled. This unidentified piece was about to solve that problem.

First it needed some “Heavy Cream” paint. This paint is made by Valspar and it’s one of my favorite colors. Not bright white, but not too off-white. Then, of course, I had to distress it.

The piece originally had three rods and a lot of empty space. I had hubby drill three more sets of holes.

I grabbed some dowel rods we had in the garage {I’ve told you before we have TONS of scrap wood in our garage. Every size, shape, etc. This is when it comes in handy!} and hubby measured and cut them long enough to be inserted into the drilled holes.

We ended up adding another hole and rod in between the two upper rods.

The rods fit perfectly through the holes in the center of the ribbon rolls.

Now when I need ribbon, instead of digging through my drawer, I can simply tug on the ribbon and cut it at the desired length! I love this thing!

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Embroidery Hoop Wall Art

My inspiration for this wall art was from Blissfully Smitten. I found this adorable nursery wall  on Pinterest while searching for ideas to decorate my craft room. {Have I ever told you how much I looooove Pinterest?}

Pinned Image

When I saw these I knew they would be the perfect decor for my craft room! Very shortly after pinning this idea I found an entire box of embroidery hoops at a garage sale for $2! {Even if you don’t come across a fantastic deal like this, the hoops are very inexpensive at the craft stores.}

Of course, me being me, I couldn’t leave them they way they were! I used very dark stain (espresso) on the hoops. This was a very messy process, I recommend wearing gloves!

After the stain was dry, I applied one heavy coat of paint {my favorite, Heavy Cream from Lowe’s}. Oh yeah, I have to give a shout out to Purdy for the fabulous brushes they sent me! Love these guys! Can you guess what I did next?

I distressed it with sandpaper, of course! I told you, I can’t leave anything alone! That part was a little time consuming {mainly because you have to wait for the stain and paint to dry}. The rest is easy!

If you don’t know how an embroidery hoop works, there are two rings {inner and outer}. The rings are attached with a screw. Simply remove the screw and separate the rings.

Place your fabric over the inner circle, face up, and place the outer ring over the top. Tug out any wrinkles that might be in the fabric. Replace the screw and fasten tightly.

 I used two different fabrics in the embroidery hoops. I used the toile fabric that I used throughout my craft room for a few hoops and plain fabric that I found at the thrift store for only 50 cents for the yard for the other hoops.

I decided to try something new for the plain fabric. I didn’t really know what I was doing but what I did worked! And it was pretty simple! I printed images on fabric using my computer printer. Don’t worry, I’ll share that tutorial with you soon! I promise!

 I just knew these would be the perfect accompaniment for my Mother’s Day piece. Do you remember that wood/chalkboard piece my fabulous, creative hubby made for Mother’s Day?

Together they make a perfect gallery over my sewing table! I’ll add a few more of the hoops, I think. Maybe using a different, very simple print fabric. I might even throw a monogram {M} in the mix.
So now you’ve seen another little corner of my craft room! I know I still haven’t shown you the full reveal, just bits and pieces. I’m pretty sure it’s because the room is always a disaster from all the projects I have going on! I promise, one of the se days, I’ll give you the reveal. Complete with before and after photos!
Stay tuned. . .

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Ruffled Burlap Lampshades (the project from hell)

Do you remember these lamps? 
They were thrift store purchases a few months ago. I loved the shape of the base and I loved the shape of the shade. I knew I had to hav them, although I had no idea where I would put them or how I would transform them, but I had to have them! 
So I bought them and they sat in my garage for a couple months. Then, one day, it hit me! I knew exactly what I wanted to do with them. So I started searching Pinterest looking for some examples of what I had in mind. Three hours later, I made a decision. If you’ve been on Pinterest, you know what I’m talking about. 
So here is what I decided. I would spray paint the brass bases to match the other metals in the room {aged copper meets oil-rubbed bronze}. If you are painting brass, be sure to use primer first! Then, I would cover the shade with ruffled burlap. I cut the burlap into strips and was ready to go.
Who the {bleep} knew that ruffling burlap would be so difficult?!!

After reading several tutorials for how to ruffle fabric, I decided to go with the easiest. I turned my machine setting to the longest and loosest stitch settings.
From what I read, these settings were supposed to ruffle the fabric for me. I went to town with my sewing machine and burlap, sewing a straight line down the center, eager to see some ruffles! 
Humph? Not exactly what I had expected. So, I tried to pull one of the threads {an idea I had read from a different ruffling tute}, but it broke. What the heck?!
Okay, I’ll try this other method I saw.

As I sewed I folded pleats in the fabric. This was a pain and I was so scared that my finger would get poked.
And it still didn’t turn out the way I wanted it. I tried to pull the thread again, but again, it broke. By now I was getting frustrated. When I get an idea and can’t  execute it I get upset. Pissed off, actually. But that anger provokes determination.
Finally, in all that frustration, I had an ah-ha moment.
I had some extra strong thread that I had bought to use for my dining room drapes. Maybe it could withstand the tugging. So I started over, sewing straight up the middle with the stronger thread, the machine set as shown above.
When I had sewn the entire length, I gave one string a tug. 

Hallelujah! It worked! 

I pulled the one string hard but carefully until the strip was ruffled just the way I wanted it. 
Lesson learned: When ruffling heavy fabric like burlap, be sure to use strong thread!

Originally I thought I would cover the entire shade with the strips of ruffled burlap like this one from Dear Lillie. . .
 but I changed my mind after I glued the top and bottom pieces on the shade. I decided I liked it just like that {and I was really tired of ruffling}.

I put one on a side table. . .
and the other on my sewing table. Let there be light! Up until now, I’ve been working only during the day because I had no lights in the room!
Speaking of lighting, check out this lamp I found on clearance for my work table/desk area!
Isn’t it so very Pottery Barnish? I’ve been searching for a desk lamp for months. I knew exactly what I wanted {it was from PB but much too expensive for me}. This one I found at Homegoods on clearance because it had a couple of bolts missing on the neck. Hubby secured the screws and it’s good as new! And it was only $25 people!
Are you noticing that my craft room is coming together? I think I’m just about ready to show you the entire room. I have everything organized and put away. The only reason I’m holding out on the reveal is because I have not finished the curtains and many of the walls are still bare. Soon, I promise!

Burlap-Covered Magazine Boxes (an IKEA find)

{A few of you may have noticed that this post accidentally went up yesterday before I had finished writing it. Oooops!}
Several weeks ago I featured some fabulous burlap-covered magazine boxes by Lucy’s Lampshade.
In fact, they were they same boxes that I had just bought from IKEA and coincidentally, I had planned on covering them in burlap to match the burlap boxes I bought. However, I was torn over how to label the boxes, the boxes at IKEA had such cute metal frame labels. When I saw Lucy’s boxes and found out I could buy these frames at Hobby Lobby, I knew exactly what I was going to do! Copy her, of course! 
So here are the materials. Cardboard magazine boxes from IKEA. They come in a pack of five for just $1.99, I think. One yard of burlap and metal frames {found in the scrapbooking section}.

Covering the boxes was easy. I really just measured and cut and hot-glued. They didn’t turn out nearly as pretty and neat as the purchase burlap boxes! {You can see these boxes in the photo of the shelves below.}
The labels were simple to attach, I just poked a hole and inserted the brads that came with the frame labels.

And that was it! 
Very inexpensive, but cute and matching, burlap magazine boxes. 
And another little peek at my new craft room!

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Caned Chair Makeover

Would you believe me if I told you my craft room is finished? You probably don’t even remember that I was in the midst of making my own craft room, do you? I mean, gosh, it was only back in July that I started transforming my formal living room into my creative space! I still have a few decorative touches to add before I reveal the entire space, but I do want to show you my sewing area.
My very own sewing space! Yippee! Now let me show you my chair transformation. 
I bought this chair from Goodwill for just $7.99. What drew me to this piece was the caning and the fact that it was in perfect condition! But, even though it was in perfect condition doesn’t mean I’m goinog to leave it alone!
I primed it and painted two coats of Olympic Heavy Cream. 

I pulled out my handy-dandy sand paper and scuffed it up.

I used the same toille fabric that I used in the rest of the room to cover the seat. First, measure and cut the fabric to fit the seat.

Then, pulling tightly, secure the fabric to the bottom of the seat using a staple gun. 

Excuse the paint dust! I still wasn’t satisfied. It needed a little something else. 

So I pulled out my Americana Blue Mist acrylic paint. . .

and painted the caning on the chair.

It added just a little something more.
I love it!
Now if I can convince my mom to let me paint the desk {my new sewing table} she gave me. I think it belonged to my great-grandmother??? 
More projects from and the big reveal of the craft room coming soon!
{P.S. Because I know I’ll be asked, the fabric is from Hobby Lobby!}
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Stylish New Pincushion With DecoArt Paint

Don’t you love coming home and finding a brown paper package on your doorstep? I do! So of course I was thrilled when we returned home from vacation {a couple weeks ago} and I found a nice size box from DecoArt waiting for me! I was like a kid at Christmas, I couldn’t get into the DecoArt box fast enough. 
But when I did, I found lots of crafty goodness! I received several fantastic colors of Americana Paint, which happens to be one of my favorite supplies. They have every shade you can imagine! I also received a few products that I have not used. Two bottle of Decoupage in matte and gloss finish, a bottle of Magikote and a bottle of Gel Stains. All I can say is THANK YOU DECOART!
Here is my first project using one of the Americana paints. It’s a new pincushion for my craft room! Which, BTW, is still in the works. Many of you have asked recently if you’d missed the reveal. NO, I’m just slow! But for now, here is the pincushion on my sewing table.

Here is what I started with – an old oval frame, Americana Blue Mist, burlap and batting. 
I painted one good coat of paint on the frame {no prep needed}.
I planned on distressing the frame after painting, so I really didn’t feel it was necessary to cover the entire frame with paint. I let some of the gold peak through. After the paint was dry, I gently sanded areas of the frame to remove paint. I also broke out the glass of the frame, carefully!

I layered two pieces of batting, two layers of burlap and then the frame. I ended up adding more batting to the center so that the cushion would protrude. . .
like this. 

Once I had the fabric and batting the way I wanted it, I used hot glue around the inner edges of the frame to secure the burlap.

It was a tight fit in the frame, but I managed to close the back and secure it.
What do you think? Definitely an improvement to my cute little tomato, huh? 
I like it! 
A huge thanks to DecoArt for the fantastic products! Stay tuned to see what I do with the rest of my goodies!
{I will say that I didn’t think of this idea on my own. I saw it months ago on another blog and praised her for her creativity. But I can’t remember which blog that was. 🙁  If it was you, let me know and I’ll give you a shout out!}

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Come See Me & Help, I Don’t Know What to Do!

Hello friends! Can you believe that summer is winding down and it’s time to go back to school? Are you prepared? Are your kids ready? It’s back to school week over at Freckles Crafts! Rebecca has a great line-up this week with many different back to school ideas. 
Today I’m guest posting about an easy way to brighten a child’s day at lunchtime. Please stop by and Freckles Crafts for the tutorial and don’t forget to check back all week for even more great back to school ideas!

Freckles Crafts
Now, I need your help. I’m just about finished with my craft room, but one of the reasons it’s taking so long is that I’m unsure what to do with the cabinets I bought.
 Actually, I’ve already painted them, I’m just not sure if I like the color. I’ve placed one on each side of my craft table.
I painted them Juniper Breeze {the same color I used for this dresser and my craft table} with some Heavy Cream accents. I love the color, I’m just afraid I’m using too much of it in the room. I’ve already changed the color of my craft table thinking maybe that would help.

I painted it Heavy Cream to match some of the other wood in the room. Let me show you the color pallet for the room.

Okay, now that you’ve seen that, let me show you the cabinets.

Please excuse the mess! But this is what the cabinets look like. They are Juniper Breeze with Heavy Cream  behind the shelves and on the cabinet doors. Now, I need your help. I want to know if you think I should leave the cabinets alone, or if you think they should be fully painted in Heavy Cream? Keep in mind the other elements in the room shown above. The dresser will remain the Juniper Breeze.
I’ve created a survey via Survey Monkey in order to easily get the results. However, I would still LOVE to hear your thoughts. So please vote and then share your thoughts by leaving a comment!

 Thanks for your help! Don’t forget to stop by and see me over at Freckles Crafts!

Chicken Wire Memo Board (Bye-Bye Buck)

Do you remember a few weeks back when I bought that hideous framed print of the deer from the thrift store? I re-assured you that I bought “Buck” only for the frame, remember? You were really doubting me on that one, weren’t you? Are you ready to see what I did with it? 
I transformed it into a new memo board for my craft room! I actually found out from a reader that the deer print “is from Home Interiors, circa 1980’s. It is a reprint of original John Wayne owned.” Huh, who knew? Another reader told me her father had it when she was little! Maybe I should have left it alone? Nah!

Bye-bye Buck! I removed the backing, print and glass.

Hubby measured, cut and stapled chicken wire to the back. You can find chicken wire at your local hardware/home improvement store. It’s near the fencing supplies {outdoors at Home Depot or Lowes}.

I painted the frame with Olympic Heavy Cream and sprayed the chicken wire with a combination of Rust-Oleum Satin Metallics Oil-Rubbed Bronze and Aged Copper spray paints.

Then {of course} I distressed the paint with sandpaper. I had planned on being finished at this point, but I didn’t like the way it looked against the wall.

So I measured and cut a piece of fabric and hot-glued it to the back of the frame.

Much better! But it still needed a little something. I added some rosettes {two burlap and one of the same fabric} to the top left corner. You can find my rosette tutorial here.

I added some clothespins {which I think I will darken a bit with distress ink or stain} and my new memo board is complete! If only I could say the same about my craft room!
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I Have a Craft Table!

Slowly, but surely, my new craft room is coming along. One item I didn’t have to purchase was a table/desk. We got a new kitchen table a few years ago but I held onto the old one because it was the perfect size for a desk. I noticed in my link up that a couple others used tables for their work space. 
Dorie, of Tuesdays with Dorie, did it.
So did Hannah from Young and Crafty.
So this table has been sitting at hubby’s office, until now. I forgot a before photo, but it looked similar to the one above except it had been painted black.

I’ve used traditional paint stripper many times and I know it works. When I saw this, Citristrip Stripping Gel, I was a little skeptical. I liked that it was odorless and could be used indoors, but would it really work? It did have a little bit of a strange citrus smell, but it was much better than the stinky stuff.
I brushed on a thick coat and after about thirty minutes, it bubbled up pretty nicely in some areas. I added an extra coat on the areas that had not bubbled.
I came back after thirty more minutes and was shocked at how easily it came off with a putty knife! Right down to the wood. The light wood which wasn’t gonna cut it for my room.

So, I got out my favorite power tool, my Skil Octo Sander to remove the finish. 

I didn’t have the right color stain, so I created my own by mixing a few that I had. I used Minwax Red Mahogany, Ebony and Dark Walnut wood stain.
I love how it turned out! It’s much darker in some areas than others which really gives it a rustic look. Kind of like an old farm table. 

Then I finished it off with a light coat of Minwax Polyurethane.
Finally, I primed and painted the legs in the Valspar Juniper Breeze paint. I had planned on stripping them first, but got impatient and decided just to go ahead and paint them. 
Please excuse the mess. I now have a craft table, but still in need of craft room storage! I’m still thinking about distressing the legs. I’m going to wait until I get the other furniture in the room. Until then. . . .

A New(ish) Piece For My Craft Room

First, let me tell you the story behind this little bugger! He wasn’t easy to get! Seriously, I had to fight for this piece, literally! 

Here it is in its original state, as I found him at the garage sale. I spotted this piece as soon as I stepped out of the car and {briskly} walked straight towards it to check out the sticker. Problem was, that there was no sticker. Gah! So, temporarily claiming it as my own, I stood by it with my elbow on the top, waiting patiently for the seller to finish talking to another customer. Just as I was about to ask, enter the thief. “How much is that dresser?” she asks. I hear the seller say $25 and I speak up, “Oh, I’m getting this. I’ve been standing here waiting.” Long story short {and this is a shortened version}, the lady said a few words and finally {as much as I didn’t want to} I walked away and said, “Take it.” At the time I really didn’t have any specific use for it, I just knew I loved it and could find something to do with it. But it wasn’t worth a fight. As I was walking back to my car, I looked back and told my mom that I bet she wouldn’t even buy it. Well, I was right! I hear the seller yell, “Are you kidding me?!” and her husband came running after me. Turns out she began inspecting the piece {because she hadn’t even looked at it yet like I had} and the seller asked her if she was even planning on buying it. She flat out said no and walked away! Crazy! 
Anyway, I got him for $25 and some drama. Not to mention that the poor seller was freaked out because I think she thought a fight was going to occur in her driveway. I was still very happy to take him home. I sanded off the finish,


and painted with two coats of Valspar Juniper Breeze.

If you are a regular here, you know what I did next. I pulled out my sandpaper and went to town.
The body of the dresser was finished, not it was time to work on the drawers.

I wasn’t quite sure what to do with them. I didn’t want the entire piece to be painted the same color, but I wasn’t sure which part to leave the original wood. I decided on the inner parts of the design on the drawers {each drawer has a different shape}. I used my Frog Tape to create a border since I tend to get sloppy. 😉

I did the same thing, one coat primer and two coats of paint. 

Even though I used the Frog Tape I still got a little sloppy. Very simple fix. I folded my sandpaper and gently ran it along the grooves.

The natural wood was in rough shape so I lightly sanded it and added a coat of Minwax stain.
Here is the before, during, after. 

The drawers were put back in the dresser, then YANKED out again. They were sticking. Nothing a little WD40 couldn’t fix! 

He was finished! He looks more like a she, huh? Either way. . . .

It’s fabulous! I love it! 
And the best part – all three drawers are filled with my craft stuff! That means a little more space in one of my closets! 
I’m still looking for inspiration for other parts of the room! I have also had a lot of readers telling me that they are also looking for craft room inspiration! If you have a craft room/creative space/office/organization idea that you want to share, please link up!