Last Minute Teacher’s Gift

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw this photo I posted.

I was at Target last Wednesday, in search of a last-minute gifts for Parker Reese’s teachers, and, of course, was side-tracked by the Dollar Spot! It gets me every time! As I was ooohing and aaahing at all the fun summer stuff, I started getting an idea for the perfect gift! Thirty minutes and about $50 later (not all was for the teachers) this is what I came home with.

target dollar spot stationary

Yeah, I went a little crazy! I couldn’t help it! It was all so cute and fun!

target dollar spot stationary

By the time I returned from my impulse shopping, I only had about 20 minutes to get these gifts together before school was over! By the way, let me make it clear that teachers are worth way more than a quickly thrown together present, but my absent mind didn’t realize that it was the last day of school! DUH!

So I took the cute little buckets and personalized them by adding a vinyl monogram cut with my Silhouette CAMEO.

monogram bucket

I stuffed some tissue paper in the bottom of the buckets. I kinda wish I had some shredded paper, but tissue was all I could get so last minute.

gift wrap bucket

These polkadot clipboards are adorable, right? Well I grabbed some coordinating ribbon from my stash to jazz them up a little bit.

embellish clipboard

The clipboards had a little hole at the top to hang the clipboards on a nail or tack. I stacked the ribbon on top of each other, fed it through the hole, and tied it in a knot.

embellish clipboard ribbon

I stuck the clipboard in the bucket and used it as the backdrop for the rest of the items. Next I put this cute watermelon stationary with matching pen in one bucket. The other had some cute citrus stationary with a polkadot pen.

watermelon stationary

And that was it! Nothing super fancy. Not super expensive. But they were adorable and screamed summertime!

gift buckets

I hope the teachers liked them!
Don’t forget to thank your little one’s teachers for all their hard work!

Reinventing an Old Milk Can

I told you I had something to share today! I finally took a little break from the favor boxes lsat week to regain my sanity with some other type of creativity. Unfortunately that break {and my allergies} have now caused me to be way behind!

Anyway. . . I finally made good use of this old milk can. Actually, I’ve had it sitting in this spot since Christmas {I put long pine branches in it} but it wasn’t finished.

You might {or probably don’t since it was ages ago} remember on my trip to Cline’s Antiques Junk Yard I picked up this rusty old milk can. You might think it looks hideous, but I was in love! Not long before I had featured a blogger had painted her house number on a milk can for her front porch. So I was thrilled to have found one, no matter what condition it was in! Nonetheless, I think I only paid $8 for it.

Even though I like rust, this piece was a little too rusty for me. So I spray painted it with one of my favorite colors. Rustoleum Oil Rubbed Bronze.

I used my Silhouette CAMEO to cut stencil vinyl {I’m sure regular vinyl would work fine}. I did “No. 4 “for the number of people in our family.

After cutting the vinyl, I peeled the outer piece away from the backing carefully, leaving the cut image behind.

Then stuck it on the milk can. Because the milk can surface was textured from the rust and spray paint there were some areas of the vinyl that didn’t quite stick. Plus the font was pretty intricate and I couldn’t quite get it placed right. So I had to modify my original idea of using a stencil blotter brush because I knew the paint would bleed through.

Instead I used a fine tip and painted carefully inside the stencil. Two good coats.

When I peeled off the vinyl, there was still a little bit of bleeding, but I went back with my fine tip and traced over the letters one more time which helped cover it up.

The final result! I tied a strip of burlap around the neck and filled it with long branches of greenery, cherry blossoms and my cute little sticks with lighted tips.

Oh how I love junk! And reinventing fabulousness from junk makes me happy! Now back to the favors! Have a great weekend y’all!

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Fall Monogram Wreath

How can it possibly be that fall is here already? I feel like just yesterday I shared with you my summer  wreath! Well, the season has changed and so has my front door decor.
My summer wreath was cutesy, made from fabric and yarn. I love beauty of the leaves and pumpkins fall offers, so I took a different route with this wreath. On my weekly trip to Hobby Lobby, here is what I came home with. . .
Beautiful and bold orange sunflowers. Picks with pumpkins, gourds and purple berries. Yellow-orange feather-like picks. Several bunches of leaves and some pretty orange sparkly pumpkins.


I went back and forth about what I wanted to use as a base for the wreath. I contemplated using another yarn wreath, or possibly burlap, but in the end chose an old wreath I had stored in the attic.



I removed the existing foliage and started with a clean slate.
Starting with the leaves, I hot-glued pieces around the wreath, layering and filling in where necessary until it was full {except for one little bare spot, I had other plans for this space}.
Two shades of my favorite paint, DecoArt Americana,


I painted my wooden monogram with the Black Plum paint. Wait, I’m not finished yet.
I wanted polka dots. So I dipped a marker cap in the Persimmon paint and stamped open circles on my monogram. Perfect!


A little hot glue and the “M” filled in the little open space on my wreath. I did add a couple leaves under and around it after it was glued.


It’s full, it’s bright, it’s perfect!



Happy Fall y’all!
Oh yeah, and the NEW winner of the UPrinting giveaway is. . .


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Summer Porch Decor

It started with a chair from Goodwill that cost just $12. It reminded me of some chairs my parents had when I was little. It was in almost perfect condition. Even the paint looked good. It just needed to be cleaned. I kept walking but in the end, left the store with the chair.

I went from Goodwill to Home Depot to pick out the perfect color of  paint to fix this baby up. I left with  Krylon Bright Idea.

Two coats later, my pretty chair was good as new and a bright sunny yellow!
On to Hobby Lobby to find some things to add to my new chair.
A straw wreath, some fabric, buttons and yarn came home with me.

I already showed you my summer wreath tutorial a couple weeks ago. Besides the yellow paint, it was the inspiration for my summer porch makeover.

I had lots of extra fabric and a pretty yellow {but boring} chair. Hello, PILLOWS!

I added a simple square pillow and a monogrammed bolster pillow to complete my chair.
I’ve given you a full tutorial on how to make a monogrammed bolster pillow here.
Some bright {and of course, matching} flowers.
It ended with a welcoming porch that screams “Happy summer!”

Welcome to our home!

Monogrammed Burlap Bolster Pillow

Happy Monday!
I had a lot of comments about the pillows on my headboard bench. Particularly the monogrammed bolster pillow. If you don’t know what a bolster is, don’t worry, I didn’t know that is what they were called either until just a couple weeks ago when the first comment came in! I was like, “What?!” I had to turn to Google to find out what my reader was talking about when she said she loved the bolster! It’s basically a cylinder-shaped pillow {which is what I had been calling it – OOPS!}.

Here’s the one I made, that I used to decorate my headboard bench. M for McAliley {pronounced mac-uh-lilly} and our family was established in 2004 when the hubs and I were married. These are actually really easy to make. Here is what you’ll need.

         Fabric (I used burlap), freezer paper, acrylic paint and stencil brush and ribbon.
First I used my Cricut to make the monogram stencil. Simply place the freezer paper on the mat {shiny side down}and cut out whatever you want transfered to your fabric. If you don’t have a cutting machine, you can certainly trace or print a letter on the freezer paper and use an xacto knife to cut it out.

Once you have your letter cut, place it on the fabric and use a hot iron {steam off} to adhere the freezer paper to the fabric. *Note: the freezer paper did not completely stick to burlap. I used packaging tape around the edges to help keep it in place.
If you’ve never stenciled before, there is a technique to help ensure the paint does not bleed under the paper. Squeeze a small puddle of paint onto a plate. Dip your brush in the paint and use a rolling motion to cover bristles in paint. Dab off excess on the plate and gently apply to fabric using dotting and circular motions. 

Once the paint is dry, remove the freezer paper. {I had a little boo boo with one of my zeros. I used a wet tissue to try to remove some of the paint. Ooops, mistakes happen!}

Measure and cut your fabric to the desired size and sew a hem around all edges. If you do not have a sewing machine you could do this with hemming tape. {Because I used burlap, I added an extra layer of fabric so that it wouldn’t be see through. That is the extra “flap” you see.}
 Fold the fabric in half horizontally making sure your monogram is on the inside. Pin the edge and then sew. Invert the fabric so your monogram is now on the outside. 
Slide your pillow into the center of the sleeve leaving equal amounts of excess fabric on each side. If you do not have a pillow to use, you can use a sheet of Styrofoam or poly fil batting. Just roll it into a cylinder to fit inside your fabric.
Secure the ends of the pillow with ribbon.
Now proudly display your new bolster pillow in your home! And be sure to use that word so you sound super smart! Okay, maybe I’m just super dumb! 😉

Hope your week is off to a great start! I made it through to the final round of American Crafter at Nap Time Crafters! Thank you so much to all my readers who took the time to vote! This week’s challenge. . .

I have something that I’m so excited to share with  you! And I think you’ll be excited to see it. BUT, you will have to wait until Friday night! And please be sure to vote! This competition is so tough and these ladies are crazy creative!

St. Patty’s Day Decor

I’m really not big on decorating for St. Patty’s Day. Usually I just decorate my front door and hang my flag out front. But since I have my wonderful Ballard shelves, I thought I’d add a little green for St. Patty’s Day. 
I found the St. Patrick’s Day subway art {free download} from A Little Lovely. I put it in my thrift store frame. I wasn’t sure what to do with the other frame that I had on the shelf, so I thought I’d try making a moss monogram.

This is all you need. The wooden letter came from Hobby Lobby and the moss came from the Dollar Tree.
I worked in small sections, applying hot glue to cover all sides {except the back}. I “dipped” each section into the moss and filled in the holes with my finger. OUCH! I did burn myself several times. Be careful!

This is what it looked like when it was finished. 

I glued a black ribbon to the back and tied it around the frame. I think it would have looked a little better in a larger frame, but oh well, it works.

I filled one apothecary jar with wicker balls that I had from a bag of potpourri.  The other I filled with leftover garland greenery from yesterday’s project.
I placed my Ballard inspired topiaries on the bottom shelf and left the family photo where it was. Just the right amount of green to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day {and spring}, don’t you think?
Oh, and one more thing, and I promise, this is the last I’ll mention it. . .
Voting ends tonight at midnight for Saturday Mornings February Finalists.
My Old Junky Windows are neck and neck for first place.  Head over and cast your vote. Please, please, pretty please!