Fall Porch Decor

Isn’t fall decorating fun?! 
You know I love decorating my front porch for each season/holiday. Fall is one of my favorites! I love the vibrant colors. 
I’ve already shown you my monogrammed fall wreath. Now let me give you a little peak at the rest of my front porch decor. 

Of course I had an extra chair in the garage. I’ve pretty much come to the conclusion that I have a problem with chairs. I can’t stop buying them! I went garage-saling this past weekend and what did I come home with? Two chairs. This chair was a $2 garage sale find from this past summer. I painted it off-white and added a vinyl decal, cut by my good friend Silhouette SD. I lightly sprayed laquer over the decal since it’s outdoors. 

I found this adorable owl at Hobby Lobby and thought it would be cute sitting on my chair. So I found some pretty coordinating fabric and made a couple pillows to accompany him.

I normally put HUGE mums in the urns on each side of the door, but my ferns were doing so well I just couldn’t part with them. I added a cute grapevine pumpkin and a little pot of pansies with a pumpkin. So, there is one side, now on to the other. 

What fall porch is complete without a couple of mums and pumpkins? I threw the lantern in just for fun. The monogram is also a vinyl decal that I made with my Silhouette. I attempted to stencil the monogram on but it was, as hubby called it, an “epic failure.” {He’s so sweet.} So I just stuck the letter on there and again sprayed it with a little laquer.

Here are both sides together. This picture kinda makes me dizzy. 🙂 Sorry!

Happy fall y’all!

My Fourth of July Porch

It’s a little late, but my to-do list is so long that I barely got my Fourth of July decor up this year! I don’t do much but decorate my doorstep for the Fourth, but this year I added a little bit of stars and stripes to my shelves as well. 

Here is my door. One thing I love about my navy blue door is that it matches my July 4th decor. I knew I wanted a frame for my 4th of July door this year so I went into the attic and dug for a few minutes and found it. I bought this frame from the Southern Living Catalog several years ago. I don’t think they even sell their products anymore. Anyway, the frame actually housed a mirror. I had no where to put it in this house so it’s been sitting in my attic. But it was perfect for the door!

I used Walnut Stain Distress Ink Pad to give the frame an aged look. I simply brushed the ink pad lightly across the wood making sure to apply more pressure around the edges.

I found this ribbon at Michael’s and wove it in and out of the holes and tied it into a bow at the corner. The roll was just the right length.
The star has been hanging on my door for the past couple years. I wasn’t ready to ditch it quite yet so I hung it in front of the frame.

I bought this chair from a garage sale back in early May for five bucks. {from my new buddy Mike who I keep running into around town!}. I planned on re-finishing it, but realized it would be perfect as-is for the 4th! So I put away my {pretty} yellow chair for now. I also got the basket at a garage sale {I think the same day} for $2. My plan was to put some red verbena with white Bacopa, but I didn’t get around to it. 🙁  So, I just stuck this pot in it. f
So there’s my Fourth of July porch decor.

For my shelves: I printed this adorable printout from Landee See, Landee Do and framed it in my ever-changing thrift store frame. Below the frame is a banner from Michael’s.
I found this adorable scrapbook paper at Michael’s and mounted the printable onto it. I trimmed the edges of the paper to fit the frame.

Summer Porch Decor

It started with a chair from Goodwill that cost just $12. It reminded me of some chairs my parents had when I was little. It was in almost perfect condition. Even the paint looked good. It just needed to be cleaned. I kept walking but in the end, left the store with the chair.

I went from Goodwill to Home Depot to pick out the perfect color of  paint to fix this baby up. I left with  Krylon Bright Idea.

Two coats later, my pretty chair was good as new and a bright sunny yellow!
On to Hobby Lobby to find some things to add to my new chair.
A straw wreath, some fabric, buttons and yarn came home with me.

I already showed you my summer wreath tutorial a couple weeks ago. Besides the yellow paint, it was the inspiration for my summer porch makeover.

I had lots of extra fabric and a pretty yellow {but boring} chair. Hello, PILLOWS!

I added a simple square pillow and a monogrammed bolster pillow to complete my chair.
I’ve given you a full tutorial on how to make a monogrammed bolster pillow here.
Some bright {and of course, matching} flowers.
It ended with a welcoming porch that screams “Happy summer!”

Welcome to our home!