Guest Post: Fresh Trends for Fall Decor

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Let me introduce you to my guest poster.
Christina Johnson works for Elliman Prudential and has written some articles on interior design and DIY tricks to increase the value of your home. Today she is sharing some upcoming fall trends in home decor. I’m a visual person so I added some photos that demonstrate her ideas and tips.

As summer gives way to autumn and the air turns crisp, it’s the perfect time to revamp your home decor. Bring some of the rich textures and colors of fall indoors, to create your own cool weather sanctuary. Take a peak at some of the fresh trends in fall decor.

A Splash of Color

Transforming a room does not need to involve construction and money. Imbue your home with fall’s popular warm, cozy colors. Whether you want to go bold or stick with neutrals, this season’s palette offers something for everyone. Among the trendiest paint colors are soft gold, burnt orange, mocha, creamy beige, asparagus green, earthy browns and tans, and shades of gray, ranging from peppercorn to a pale gray violet. In a neutral room, an accent wall in a bold color can add depth and interest. Some popular choices are creams and beige with a brown or red accent wall.


Bold, neutral, solids, and patterns can all add texture to a space. Wallpaper has become easy to apply and remove, making it an affordable way to update a room from season to season. Metallics can add glamor to a room, while printable wallpaper allows home-owners to customize the design to their tastes.

Change it Up
These days anything goes, no need to match. Eclectic decor is one of the bigger trends of fall. Mix masculine and feminine, antique and modern, or combine artwork of different mediums and styles. Try pairing your antique coffee table with a modern sofa. Try adding a splash of pink, or vases full of flowers, to an otherwise masculine room.  Location no longer matters either, whether you live in a Manhattan Rental, or a country colonial, whatever you call home should be decorated based on your taste.

Recycled home goods

Take recycling to a whole new level by using up-cycled pieces. Whether you want to take on a craft project or browse Etsy; you’ll be amazed by the range of re-imagined materials. Recycled-content counters have seen an increase in popularity but are still unique enough to drum up some compliments. Accent items, like clocks made from old records or bowls made from magazines can be chic and functional as well.

Dress your Windows and Doors

Dark and dreary window/door treatments are out. Design aficionados are predicting that linen panels will be huge this fall. These window treatments can soften any room. The classic fabric comes in a variety of colors and patterns to complement the colors of the room. With lighter material, the fall days will not seem so dark and dreary.

Décor for the Wall

Throw pillows, candles, art, sheets, comforters, slipcovers, floral centerpieces, and knickknacks, can complement the color of the room and add a fun or sophisticated feel. While neutral furniture has been the standard, don’t be afraid to experiment and add a splash of color, as accessories can be easily swapped out with the change of seasons. Black, copper,red, chocolate brown, brass, wine, and funky patterns are popular this season. However, shades of orange have been stealing the show. Add some burnt orange pillows or a few pumpkin orange vases to give your home a fall feeling.

I hope you were able to get some inspiration to help update the look of your home this fall! 

Guest Post: Featuring You Friday by Lolly Jane

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We just love love love Jen and are thrilled to be taking over her cute site for the day 🙂

To introduce ourselves, we are twin sisters Kelli & Kristi from sunny Arizona who have a passion for all things crafty.

We run a busy little blog {Lolly Jane} that we enjoy showcasing our home improvement projects, before/after’s and simple everyday home decor crafts:

We would  for you to pop in and say hello sometime 🙂

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In traditional Scissors & Spatulas fashion, 
here are the Featuring You Friday faves
{taken from our Whatcha Got Weekend linky party we host Saturday & Sunday.}
Without further adieu…

This latitude & longitude pillow by Crafty Scrappy Happy is not only super cute but has meaning.
We are a sucker for personalized home decor…

…and personalized party decor!
This paper birthday crown by Social Salutations is simply CUTE.
What a lucky little 5 year old to sport this on her special day!

 Can this sock monkey baby shower by Giggles Galore be ANY cuter?!
Sock monkey + good eats + darling details = one lucky momma-to-be 🙂

 Speaking of good eats…!

Kelli is a freak about cheesecake and I  all things Oreo so this is a perfect Lolly Jane dessert- we immediately bookmarked the oreo cheesecakes by Joyful Baker.

 My mouth was salivating as I am looking at this Russian eggplant appetizer by Suburbs Mama!

Our older sis used to live in Russia so we’re going to make this and impress her 😉  
Muah ah ha!  We mean, thanks for the recipe Suburbs Mama!

Before we leave we have to show just one more tutorial because this one is simply creative!  We love to see people think outside of the box and this is one of those projects… the Sisal hanging lamp by Too Much Time on My Hands.

She created this out of a handful of household products lying around without measuring!  Showoff! 😉

Well we’re off to Lolly Land so be sure to snag Jen’s fab featured button or visit those cute featured blogs and let them know how much you also adore them!

Scissors & Spatulas

Happy weekend! 

Guest Post: Wine Cork Art from The V Spot

Hi all!   I’m Vivienne from The V Spot where I write about crafts, DIY projects and the wacky things my kids do.

I am really happy to be guest posting here at Scissors & Spatulas today! I adore Jen and I love, love, LOVE her projects.

While Jen is on vacation, I thought I’d share one of my favorite projects:
Distressed Artwork with a Wine Cork Frame.

wine cork, art work, distressed art

A few years ago I bought a friend a birthday card that said “Always carry a corkscrew and the wine will provide itself”. As much as it was the perfect card for her, it also resonated with me for a couple of reasons…
  1. I really like wine
  2. It reminds me to be ready for opportunity when it knocks on my door
  3. It reminds me to have faith that things will fall into place
  4. I really, really like wine
The first step in this project is to drink a lot of wine and save the corks. I have been saving wine corks for quite a while in order to get enough of to do this project. I also had my friends save them for me, but I have heard it is possible to buy corks in bulk at some craft stores. (But I’ve never needed to do buy them, so I can’t confirm that.  🙂 Don’t you judge me!)

how to, wine cork, art, distressed

1.) Starting with a $5 thrift store frame, I had it fitted with a piece of 1/4 inch plywood and then primed it using a basic brush on primer like Kilz.

2.) Using acrylic paint I had on hand, it was painted a golden-taupe color. You can use any color that you like on this step. Whatever color you choose is the color your letters will end up being.
3.) Next I used my Cricut to cut the letters out of contact paper. If you don’t have a Cricut or a Silhouette you can use pre-cut scrapbook stickers. You can buy them at Michael’s or JoAnn’s. The next step is to arrange them how you want them and adhere them to the board. I am a big fan of the “just eyeball it” Letter Placement Technique, especially if you’re using a script-style font.
4.) Once the letters were adhered to the board, I covered the entire board with sage green acrylic paint went. While the green paint was still slightly wet, I free-hand painted a wine bottle right over the top of it all (and like a dork, did not take a photo of this part.) I used black paint to do this and it blended a bit with the still slightly wet green. I also got a little bit of gold paint and put little streaks of gold over the bottle.
5.) While it was still wet, I peeled off the letters. If you wait until everything is dry to pull the letters off, there is a very good chance that the paint will peel up with it. While this can still happen while it’s wet, at least if it’s still wet you can blend the paint to “fix” the problem areas. Once it’s dry, you’re kinda screwed. (That’s a technical artist term, by the way.)
I painted a black border around the perimeter of the bard. My thinking was that there would probably be gaps between the corks and that black showing through would be better that the green.

6.) I allow these distressed art pieces to dry overnight. Once completely dry, I use a light to medium grit sandpaper and go over it with the hand sander until I achieve the distressed look I wanted.
7.) Wipe down the board. I usually put a metallic wash over these pieces. It softens the look of the piece and adds to the distressed look. In this case, I just water down a little gold paint and brush it over the top. Once this dried, I place the board into the frame. There was a gap between the board and the back of the frame that was just the right space for the corks.
8.) Figuring out the placement of the corks was quite a puzzle. They are all just a little bit different. Some are slightly shorter than others, some are a little fatter, etc. Once I got them in the pattern I wanted, they were wedged and glued into place one at a time. DO NOT USE HOT GLUE FOR THIS. Use an epoxy of some kind. Hot glue dries too quickly and you will most likely need to wiggle them around or re-position some of them. A strong, but slow drying epoxy works best.

9.) Then to make sure they were really secure, whatever was handy and heavy was used to weigh them down while they dried. (In this case, Mexican Train Dominoes and ceramic candle holders.)
I hung it against a green wall in a funny little niche that is always tricky to decorate because it is small and rather dark. This feels like it works here because this art seems to add more texture than it does color, and it has created sort of a layered look.

wine cork, art, distressed painting

I’m really happy with how it turned out. I hope you all like it too!
Come see me at The V Spot!

Guest Post: DIY Play Kitchen from The Family Connection

Hello fellow crafters!  My name is Bonnie, I am a SAHM and a DIY crafter.  I blog over at The Family Connection where you’ll often find me blogging about my family, crafts and photography.  I’m very excited to be here at Scissors and Spatulas!  I’m going to share my latest creation today and I’ll start by giving you a before and after shot of this “re-purposed entertainment center.”

I brought home an entertainment center that someone “junked” and got to work!  I first sanded down the entire unit (with my daughter’s help of course) and removed the cardboard backing.

I went to the lumbar yard and bought a sheet of particle board for the shelves, backing, and doors.  I measured everything out, twice!

My pop was kind enough to help me with some of my cuts, and YES I did do some of the cuts myself!

Next, using my jig saw I cut a hole out for the sink, attached the back, and primed the entire unit.
I applied many coats to the kitchen with some left-over paint we had from repainting our house two years ago, and began the assembly!  I attched the doors and shelves first and installed the faucet and sink (which is just a stainless steel mixing bowl), handles (Lowe’s), utensil rack (Ikea), stovetop dials (which I failed to take a close up of, but also from Ikea), and an apron hanger on the left side (not visible, also from Ikea).

Then came the revealing of the kitchen to my girls, can you tell they were excited??

I had my mother teach me how to sew some curtains and hung a mirror above the sink (per my oldest’s request).
*Please excuse the clutter of toys around the kitchen, I interrupted playtime for this shot* 

This was an extremely inexpensive gift to make, but very time consuming for me (especially the painting!).  The only things I spent money on were the handles, utensil rack, apron hanger, and a sheet of particle board.  I had the paint, faucet, and “sink” already.  Total coast?  Around $30!  Hopefully this will last the girls a long time.
Thanks for reading, happy crafting! Be sure to stop by my blog, The Family Connection!

Guest Post: Custom Gift Box from Gwenny Penny

Hey, everybody! I’m so excited to be posting here on Jen’s blog today. I’m Gwen, and I blog over at Gwenny Penny. I’m a full-time mom of two little girls, and I love sewing, crafting, and just about everything creative. I blog in order to make sure that I carve out some creative time just for me each week. These are some of my favorite projects
Today I’m going to show you how to make a simple custom gift box. Shouldn’t you wrap a handmade gift in a handmade box? Yes! I was searching high and low for a little gift box in my basement a few weeks ago, but all I could find were enormous gift bags. I finally decided to take matters into my own hands and make a cute little gift box of my own…

Adorable, no? These are so easy… I used to make this style box when I was a kid. And you can customize the gift box for the recipient by choosing the right rubber stamps, colors, and embellishments. Now you really want to make one, right? Here’s the how-to…
  • 2 pieces of 8.5″ x 11″ cardstock
  • rubber stamp(s)
  • ink
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • butter knife
  • scissors
  • glue
  • embellishments


Step 1: Chose a piece of cardstock to use for the top of your gift box. We are going to stamp the paper first. You can stamp however you like, but I like to use the following method so that I don’t end up with any gaps. Lay your ruler out from one corner of your paper to the opposite corner. Start stamping along the ruler every couple of inches (depending on the size of your stamp).

When you get to the edge of your paper, place a piece of scrap paper along the edge and continue to stamp so that you get the partial pieces of your pattern on your cardstock.

Step 2: Once you complete the first row, move the ruler down a few inches, keeping the same angle along the paper. Start stamping the next row, staggering your stamps between the stamped images in the row above.

Continue until you’ve filled the paper above and below that first row that your created in Step 1. Let the ink dry before moving on to Step 3.

Step 3: Now it’s time to assemble your box top. Flip your paper over so that the stamped images are facing down. My finished box is 7″ x 4.5″ x 2″, so these measurements will result in a box of that size, but you can make any size you want. You need to start by creating four lines on your paper. Each line will be 2″ long and will be located 2″ from the adjacent edge of the paper. The lines drawn from the short edges of the paper will be horizontal. The lines drawn from the long edges of the paper will be vertical.

Please see the picture below for more detailed information…

Using scissors, cut along each of these four lines.

Step 4: You will need to score your paper to make it easier to fold. With your stamped images still facing down and using the blunt edge of a butter knife (upside down), score the entire length and width of your cardstock, 2″ from each edge. See the picture below for more detailed information…

Step 5: Time to start folding. With your stamped images still facing down, fold along the score lines on all four sides, folding the edges toward the center of your paper.

Take the four small squares formed by your cuts and score lines and fold them into the middle of the box top.

Glue these squares to the inside of the box at all four corners.

When you are done, it should look like this on the inside…

Step 6: Take your second piece of cardstock and trim 1/8″ from one short side and one long side. This will make it easier to fit the top piece over the bottom piece when you are done. Repeat Steps 3, 4 and 5 to create the bottom for your box. When you are done, you will have a cute little gift box!

But what is a handmade gift box without embellishments? Time to decorate!

I took a piece of fabric bias tape and looped it around one end of my box, securing it with glue. I made a little bow with the bias tape and glued that on top, followed by a small white button.

This is a quick and cute project that really adds a nice touch to a gift. There are so many options here. You could stamp the recipient’s name somewhere on the box, stamp the cardstock used for the bottom piece of the box, wrap it up with some ric rac or baker’s twine… the possibilities are endless. Use your imagination and creativity 🙂

I hope you’ll come visit soon over at Gwenny Penny. I would love to have you stop by. Thanks so much for having me here today, Jen!

Goodies from IKEA & Craft Room Inspiration

Last week I held my first link party to get inspiration for my new work-in-progress craft room. I didn’t have tons of people link up, but it was a success because I got some great inspiration! I told you last week that we said good-bye to the “baby poop yellow” walls {if you  missed that story, click here}. The room was brightened up with  a lovely neutral color {Valspar Waverly Home Classic Series – Dunes}.
So how ’bout some new news?! Today I went to IKEA! I’m lucky enough that IKEA {Charlotte} is less than 30 minutes from my house so it’s VERY accessible. Hubby may disagree! Unlucky for him! Haha!
So what did I get? Let me show you the goods!
More hanging buckets {yes, I did a tute for how to make your own, but these were just too perfect to pass up}, some storage baskets, a pretty plant and pot, and these great burlap storage boxes in navy and ivory. LOVE them! Just about all of these are “new” at IKEA. If you haven’t been in a while, you gotta go! Some GREAT new stuff! Oh, and the shelf brackets for these
Two unfinished, pine wood shelves for just seven bucks each! Of course I’m not leaving them this way. Like I always tell you, stay tuned!
A closer look. . .

Wait ’til you see these burlap boxes assembled. LOVE!
Oh, and there is one more thing. Except, it’s the wrong thing! Ugh!

We came home with this tall, single-shelf piece. IKEA has these awesome new storage system cubes. I’m sure you’ve seen them. Anyway, what I thought I was getting was this. . .
Oops, I wasn’t paying attention when hubby grabbed the box and I was upstairs when he was putting it together {not blaming you hun}. Oops, wrong one!
Guess we {well, he – love you hun} will take it apart and exchange it. Thank goodness IKEA is so close! 
Okay, ready for the inspiration? Here are a few that inspired my shelf/storage purchases today.
If you linked up and I didn’t feature you, DON”T WORRY! I’m not finished. This is just the start, more to come!
Shelves & Storage Ideas:
My pine shelves aren’t quite as long but thank you for the idea for shelves above my craft table!

And that IKEA cube shelf {mishap}. . .

this Stampin’ Up Rep {aka Paper Cuties} has another version in her craft room.

Do you have a creative space/craft room? Do you have a room with super storage solutions? I want to see! Please link up here! I plan on featuring any ideas I use in my craft room.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Guest Post: Destiny from A Place for Us

Hi Scissors and Spatula Readers! My name is Destiny and I blog over at A Place for Us!


Over there you’ll find me blogging about home décor,easy entertaining and whatever else I might be up to!  I’m so excited to be here today and busting out my spatula! I love to bake! I’ve spent weeks pinning up some gorgeous photos of desserts! So today I’m gonna share an easy Fourth of July dessert to share with your friends and family!
Frosting, Ice Cream and Cake!
Use these simple ingredients…

Follow the directions according to the box and then add red food coloring! I let my mix sit in the fridge for a bit to let the color get darker. Bake the cake as directed in a rectangle 13×9! I used a square shaped pan.

After the cake cools, remove it from the pan and wrapped the cooled cake in saran wrap. Let the cake freeze for a 2-3 hours or overnight. Use the same cake pan and wrapped in parchment paper. leaving about a 1 inch overhang.
Remove the cake from the saran wrap and level it out by cutting the top off …you should have scraps and little children may follow:0) Set the leveled cake in the pan of parchment paper.

Next empty a tub of vanilla ice cream into your Kitchen Aid mixer. With the paddle attachment starting on low, whip the ice cream to a creamy consistency.

Spread the whipped ice cream over the frozen cake. Freeze again for another 15 minutes or until firm. Add blue food coloring to your choice of frosting. Again to intensify the color, let the color sit. Spread the icing on the layer of ice cream. Refreeze  another 2 hours or until it’s ready to serve!

After the cake is frozen and firm…SERVE to your guest! I cut mine up in little squares and served them on a stick! One bite is definitely enough if you’re a frosting lover:0) If your not then a small layer of frosting will make you just as happy!
Happy Fourth of July!!!

Guest Post: 365 Days to Simplicity

Hi friends at scissors and spatulas! I’m Angela at 365 Days to Simplicity, a blog about aspiring and usually failing to live a more simple life! But that’s okay, the joy is in the journey dude.

Every morning I sit at the computer with a cup of coffee, like a lot of other people in Blogonia, and I’m searching, looking hard for the next kick A idea. I was doing just that the other morning when I found my next inspiration; drinking coffee and reading This Old House online. That’s when I stumbled upon a great article about re-purposing wall cabinets into window seats- GENIUS! I have a bunch of wall cabinets in the garage left over from our kitchen renovation!

Hold up! There’s something you should know about me- I have a lot of crap at my house, and I want to get rid of it AND I have a decent sized home, but with tiny rooms, so I need to make room! Most of 365 Days to Simplicity to me taking crap that I want to get rid of and re-purposing to make more room in the house. Okay back to my story.

I went to my garage, excited to pull out those wall cabinets and get started. In my mind I imagined the dinning room table pushed up to those window seats and the family sitting down for a meal…how romantic! But it always is, in our heads isn’t it? When I pulled the cabinets from the garage, reality set in as I tried to sit on the wall cabinets and instead of feeling like I was in a Louisa May Alcott novel I felt more like Norm from Cheers when I sat tall enough to reach a bar counter and have a beer!

Well, I pulled them out of the garage, I had to do something with them. Here’s just the something I did.

Look at this Beauty!!

I removed the door.
Then I flipped this bad boy upside-down.

Sanded up the surface.
Primed it.
Painted it grey.
Cut the center from the cabinet door, then primed, puttied and painted the frame.
I polyurethaned the table top that I cut and added hinges so that the top flip open for extra storage!

Screwing in the hinges.
Attached hinges on the other side of the cabinet door frame.

I used push pins to put fabric in the frame. Now I can switch it out when I want to change it up a little  bit.
Backside of the door.
Notice the gap between the fabric.
I used brown ribbon to cover the gap.

A wall cabinet happily situated on the floor!

What’s Cookin’ {Recipes for Cinco de Mayo Supper}

Thursday is Cinco de Mayo! Before kids we would go out to a local Mexican restaurant to celebrate. But things are a little different now with two little ones, so we stay home and I make one of my many Mexican recipes and a batch of margaritas.
If you are staying in, here are a few ideas for a Cinco de Mayo supper.

La Cina {Dinner}: I have two recipes for you.
1. Easy Chicken Enchiladas with Tomato-Avocado Toss

The name says it all. These cheesy chicken enchiladas are so easy and really yummy. But I have to admit that my favorite part is the salad. The tomatoes and avocado are tossed with fresh lime juice and cilantro, one of my favorite flavor combos. So fresh, tangy and delish! If you want to view these recipes click here.

2. Grilled Fish Tacos with Corn & Black Bean Salad

Made of marinated mahi-mahi, fresh lime, cilantro and a chipotle sauce, these tacos are THE BOMB! It’s partner is a chilled black bean and corn salad. Click here for both recipes.

Bebida {Beverage}: Sangria

Chrissy at Hoot Designs posted this the other day and I have been craving it since I saw it! Her recipe for Red Sangria sounds so refreshing! And there is fruit in it so it’s good for you, right? But watch out, this one will sneak up on you!

El Postre {Dessert}: Tres Leches Cake

Courtesy of Ree Drummond {aka The Pioneer Woman}, this recipe for Tres Leches Cake is to die for! I haven’t actually tried it, but if it is as good as her other recipes it is sure to be a hit!

Did I make you hungry? I’m staring at that picture of the cake as I type this and drooling. Guess I better go find dessert to satisfy my craving!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!