Parker’s Lego Birthday

Last Saturday we celebrated Parker Reese’s third birthday. It’s hard to believe my sweet little monkey is three already!

The child’s two favorite things are Legos and Star Wars so Of course he chose a Lego themed party. I was actually pretty excited about this. I knew it would be a fun (and easy) theme to work with.

I started with Lego invitations that I found on Pinterest. I created the invitation using the Silhouette software. I downloaded a Lego font that I found on the Internet and just changed the color of the letters and I used a wooden stamp for the party information. I cut red, yellow and blue card stock into rectangles (about 3×5 inches) and used a 1-inch punch for the circles. Dimensionals were used under the circles to give it the 3-D look.

Lego birthday invitations cards

The decorations were simple. I bought lots of red, yellow and blue balloons and tied them around the room. I made this banner using my silhouette, some lego scrapbook paper I found at the craft store and an image I found online.

lego birthday banner

lego birthday bannerlego birthday banner

The table spread was also simple. I used a big Lego head in the center of the table and tied lots of balloons to it (they hadn’t arrived yet when I took the photo). I added some color using vases of candy (blue Sixlets, Twizzlers and Lemonheads) and, of course, Legos!

lego birthday party decor

I really wish I had gotten a better picture of the cake. It was three sections (red, yellow and blue) stacked. My friend Cristy (who made Parker’s adorable hay bale cake last year)

lego cake birthday

 I was lucky enough to find someone local that did Lego parties. Bricks 4 Kidz was great! During the party, the kids got to build they’re own mini figuring, participate in races, games, scavenger hunts and more!

For party favors I ordered a bunch of lego candy (2 lbs!) and random Lego pieces (500!).
Each child got to take home a candy favor. I used cellophane bags and the Lego paper to make the candy favors. 

lego candy party favor birthday

I had hubby and the boys custom build each child a figure using the Lego pieces. They turned out pretty interesting! The kids also got to take home their mini figurine they created during the party.

lego party favors

Happy third birthday to the kid who loves trying on my shoes,

 loves making people laugh,

always keeps us on our toes,

but is still the sweetest little guy in the world!

We Have a Winner!

I’m excited to announce the lucky winner of the Bohoblossoms giveaway is. . . .

Comment #26, Dawn Borg who said. . .

Following boho blossoms on twitter!! :)
Congratulations Dawn! Please email me your shipping address and I’ll forward it on to Lauren! (jen at scissorandspatulas dot com)
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And here is just a preview of what I’ve been doing all week. Sadly we are heading home tomorrow. Back to reality.
Folly Beach 2012
 The beach…
Good food…
Beautiful sunsets…
And good ole family fun!
It’s going to be hard to go home tomorrowl

What I’ve Been Up To

Hey y’all!
I know I’ve been incredibly absent over the past couple weeks and I’m so sorry! I’ve had family in town, I’ve been at the beach and I’ve been cleaning house! I finally had a small break from the demand of the Ready to Pop favor boxes and took that opportunity to clean house! Cleaning, organizing and getting rid of a lot of stuff! So I’m sorry I’ve neglected the blog.
On a more positive note, were you surprised to see my previous post? In case you missed it, Natalie (Johnny in a Dress) and I  have teamed up to host a link party every Thursday!

Johnny In A Dress

Last week’s party is closed, but be sure to link up your latest creative endeavors this Thursday!
Moving on to why I’ve been absent…

We’ve been at the beach! Okay, we were at the beach a couple weeks ago. Two beach trips back-to-back. I’ve been trying to get this post up for that long!
My grandma came down from Wisconsin for three weeks and we took her to our new favorite beach spot, Fripp Island, SC. And our other favorite, Charleston.

That’s my grandma (GG to the boys)!

We all had a blast!

Amazing sunset cruise with the dolphins. . .

love this one of sweet Parker Reese. . .

3 generations

Good times! We had so much fun!
But we’re not finished yet! Headed to Folly Beach on Saturday. I love summer!

Fossilized Lemon Tracks: Cooking with the Kiddos

My boys love the How Do Dinosaurs? books by Jane Yolen and Mark Teague. In fact, Jackson was obsessed with these books starting when he was about 18 months old, so he’s been reading them over and over again for almost 3 years!
I recently found this one, How Do Dinosaurs Eat Cookies? and like the others, they love it!

Inside the book was two recipes for cookies. Last night Jackson asked me if we could make these Fossilized Lemon Tracks. It was the perfect activity for this cloudy day!

 And the recipe was easy enough that the boys were able to do most of it themselves.
The ingredients are: 1 cup softened butter, 1 1/2 cups granulated sugar plus extra for dipping, 2 eggs, 1 1/2 tsp lemon extract, 1 tsp vanilla extract, 1/2 tsp salt, 1 tsp baking soda, 2 3/4 cups flour.
Cream butter and sugar. Add eggs and extracts and mix well, scraping sides if necessary. Sift flour, baking soda and salt and add to butter mixture. Mix until dough forms.

Roll the dough into small balls.

roll cookies into ballroll cookies into balls

Roll the balls of dough in reserved sugar.

roll in sugar

Place on a baking sheet and flatten slightly with the palm of your hand.

flatten dough

Use a chopstick or other kitchen utensil to create tracks in the dough.

mark tracks

I showed the boys like this, but let them do it however they liked.

mark dino tracks

Sprinkle the cookies with sugar and put in a 375 degree oven for 9-12 minutes.

Allow to cool for 2 minutes before removing them from the pan.
Did they turn out to look like dino tracks? Not quite. There were a few that looked like footprints. Most of them looked like scallop shells!

But the boys didn’t care!


They loved them!


Fossilized Lemon Tracks (modified from How Do Dinosaurs Eat Cookies?)

1 cup softened butter
1 1/2 cups granulated sugar plus extra for dipping
2 eggs
1 1/2 tsp lemon extract
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp baking soda
2 3/4 cups flour

Preheat oven to 375 degrees. 
Cream butter and sugar. Add eggs and extracts and mix well, scraping sides if necessary.
Sift dry ingredients in a separate bowl. Gradually add to sugar mixture and blend until dough forms.
Roll dough into small teaspoon-size balls. Roll in sugar and place on a baking sheet. Flatten with palm of your hand. Use a chopstick to mark tracks int he cookies and sprinkle with sugar. 
Bake in oven for 9-12 minutes or until done. Allow to cool 2 minutes before removing from tray. 

Some News: Good & Bad

I’ll start with the bad and finish with the good. Better to sign off with a good feeling, right?
Last week, we had to put my sweet baby Lily McAliley (if you don’t know how to pronounce my last name, it’s Mac-a-lily, so Lily Mac-a-lily) to rest.

She had been sick for several months and after multiple visits to the vet, we finally found out that she had mass in her stomach. I immediately knew what that meant. The dreaded “C” word. Cancer. But after several tests, we were told that it looked like just an inflammation. But they wanted to do one more, surgical biopsy to be sure.
We dropped her off early in the morning and looked forward to picking her up the following day. Except that just a couple hours later when we received the call. Turns out it was cancerous and it was much worse than anyone had anticipated.
We had three options and, unfortunately, only one would end her sickness and suffering and take her to a happier, healthier place.

It was devastating! She was my Christmas present. Our first baby after hubby and I got married. She was the runt of the litter so she was teeny tiny. And she stayed teeny tiny, except that she was a little fat.

She was the best! And she was only 8 years old. Lily, we miss you so much! (BTW, that’s Little Man #1 at just 8 months!)
Okay now on to the good news. Actually, some GREAT news!

That’s right! We are building a house! Well, we have just purchased land in which we will be building a new house! I’m so freakin’ excited! My own house, from the ground up! Even better, I can’t wait to share it, step by step, here on the blog! It’s going to be so much fun! Yay!!
So that is my news, both good and bad. I know I will receive some big hugs following this post and I want to thank you all in advance! 🙂

A Teeny Rant & Our Weekend at the Beach

Has it really been one week since my last post? What a slacker I am! I know I’ve been absent more than present on the blog lately and I’m doing my best to turn that around. I’ve been telling you abou the favors I’ve been making. The favors that have started consuming every second of my time. It’s crazy!, amazing and exhausting at the same time! But truly miss my blog! I miss painting. I miss sewing. I miss decorating. I even miss cooking! But what I miss most is writing, reading and communicating! I’ve said it many times before that my husband had to twist my arm to get me to start this blog. I didn’t even know much about what a blog was when I created Scissors & Spatulas. I just knew that I liked being creative and doing things on my own and that maybe someone would enjoy reading about those things. Well, I had no idea!

ready to pop popcorn baby shower favor box The Wesley

I know I haven’t been around much lately and I definitely haven’t been doing much besides designing, cutting and assembling favor boxes. We recently launched a newer shop, known as the Ready to Pop Shop.


No matter how hard I try to squeeze a project in, I just can’t get to it. I It’s not that I don’t have the ideas. Trust me, the ideas are still flowing! Every time I go to one of the craft stores I find something that gives me an idea for a project that I “just have to do.” But do I reason with inner creative being? Do I remind myself how busy I am and won’t be able to find the time to do such a project? Of course not! I buy all the supplies I need. So I have a craft room full of supplies to fulfill a mind full of creative ideas that just can’t be completed!

My blog is my outlet and so once again I’m venting.  SNAP opened my eyes up and really reminded me how much I missed being in the “Blogosphere.” Not only writing on my own blog, but visiting others. Chatting with friends online and just keeping up with what everyone was doing. Sigh. . . okay, that’s all. Thanks for “listening.” I’m sure tutorials are much more fun to read.

On a more positive note, we went to the beach with some friends this past weekend. The boys had a blast and it was so nice to sit with my feet in the sand and not a care in the world! Here are a few pics.

Daddy and the boys.

Little Man #1 (Jack)

Little Man #2 (Parker Reese)

Dinner and dancing. Love beach life!

PR finally got over his fear of the water on day 2.

Having fun playing in the waves!

A night a Pavilion. The kids had a blast!

What a great weekend! So much fun!
I’ll be back, eventually. I wish I could say it would be soon, but that’s a promise I’m not positive I can keep. Hang tight! I miss y’all!

Strawberries are Here!

The boys and I look forward to strawberry season ever year. We are so lucky to have a strawberry farm right down the road. And even luckier that they offer the opportunity to pick your own! This year, the picking season started early. Since we had such a mild winter and temperatures warmed up early here in the South, the strawberries are already growing and the fields are open! So I took the boys for our first trip to pick. We will be back at least one more time! We can’t get enough strawberries!

and they’re off. . .

The kids were so excited! We are so lucky to be able to do this every year! This really is one of our favorite family traditions!

Parker Reese had fun picking. “Mommy, is this one okay?” he would say.

Jackson just liked eating. He even argued and begged when I told him, “Enough!” I’m pretty sure he ate a gallon himself! I swear, one minute his box was half full and the next time I looked it was practically empty! This boy LOVES strawberries!

Jackson nagged at me about the photos. “Do we have to take pictures?” he asked. Of course! “But that takes too long,” he whines. My response, “Oh well. You’ll appreciate them later!”

All I had to do was promise he could eat more strawberries and I got a smile!

Onward, to pick {and eat} more strawberries!

Parker finally joined in and discovered how fun and delicious it was to pick and eat!

And I’m telling you, Jackson didn’t stop!

In the end, I had to pick them myself because the boys just kept eating them! While the boys napped, I cleaned up the berries. Here is the inventory. . .

Whole berries for snacking, cut berries to freeze for smoothies, cut berries for a dessert. Large, pretty berries to make chocolate-covered strawberries.  And I even had some to give to my SIL.

Here are a few of the recipes I shared from last year’s strawberry season.

{chocolate-covered strawberries}

{strawberry walnut bread}

{baby blue salad}

And here is a new dessert I’m gonna make. I found one version in my Southern Living Cookbook but also found another, similar version on Pinterest. Ready to drool?

I’ll let you know how it turns out! Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

Easter 2012

Easter 2012. It started with little sounds coming from downstairs. We had asked the kids not to go down without getting us up first. Do you think they listened?

Jackson was the first one awake. We are not quite sure just how early he woke up, but by the time we came down, he had his new Lego set built!

Parker was still in bed when we got up. Apparently he had gotten a visit from the hair fairy while he slept. P.S. He  likes to pick his own jammies each night. Can you tell?

After a fun morning of excitement from the little ones we celebrated Him. The One who died for us. The real reason we celebrate Easter. And after indulged in a yummy brunch before heading to Yaya and Papa’s {my parents} house for an egg hunt.

The boys searched the yard for eggs and the adults relaxed on the patio. It was a beautiful, warm and sunshiny day!

We took a quick nap at home before we headed over to spend time with hubby’s family. The boys had a blast with their cousins! They blew bubbles. . .

Climbed trees. . .

and even celebrated a few birthdays! April is a busy birthday month for our family!

To sum it all up, Easter 2012 was a fabulous day spent with family. . .

Yaya & Papa & the boys {my parents}.

My family.

Poppy & the boys {father-in-law}.

Nana, Poppy & the grandkids {hubby’s parents}.

I hope your Easter was as blessed as ours!

Dying Easter Eggs

Is it weird that even as an adult I get excited about dying Easter eggs? I suppose I’m not the only one. Hooray! Here’s this year’s adventure in dying eggs!

Please pardon my photos. I didn’t check my camera settings and I couldn’t figure out why the pictures were coming out so bright, blurry and dull. I noticed after that the shutter speed (which I rarely change from 100) was at 50!

Ready to go!

The eggs are in!

The eggs are out!

The boys are happy!

I was also working on something else today. It is the project I planned on sharing with you in this post. However, at the moment, this is the status of that project. . .

Drying, under a heat lamp, after air-drying for a good part of the day! It reminds me of when we hatched chicks back in my teaching days. But these eggs don’t have chicks inside them. Actually, they don’t have anything inside them. It’s just a little something I decided to do for Easter. I’ll share the finished product tomorrow. Hopefully they will be dry by then!

And finally, because I couldn’t help myself, I had to share this one too!

This kid makes me laugh out loud! My little potato head.

What We’ve Been Up To

I realized tonight after going through some recent photos that I haven’t posted any pictures of the boys in a while! So I thought I’d just share a few from the past couple months.

My little heartbreakers. . .

Valentine’s Day – Feb 2012

Big boy bike – Dec 2012

Parker Reese strumming daddy’s guitar – March 2012

Darth Vader baby – Feb 2012

Jackson (hard at work) developing the next mission to Mars – Jan 2012

Nothing more threatening than a cute kid, with a gun, IN HEELS – Feb 2012

Little Man #1 turned four years old – Jan 2012

Need I say more? – Feb 2012

I’ve told you, there is never a dull moment! To my sweet boys who keep me thoroughly entertained and on my toes – I love you!

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend!