Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

Today is a very special day. That’s right, March 2nd is Dr. Seuss’s birthday! When I was teaching kindergarten, we spent a whole week celebrating this magnificent author’s birthday.

Since I’m at home with my little guys, I thought, why not celebrate with them? So I had several activities planned for the day, starting with this. . .

Green eggs and ham (ok, turkey bacon) for breakfast! 
Don’t they look delightful?!
Easy to make. Just add green food coloring to your typical scrambled egg ingredients.

Mix them up with a whisk, and yes, the color will be funky, and cook them up as usual.
But things went down hill before I could even enjoy this breakfast with my boys. I suddenly got the stomach bug that has been so horribly passed around this winter. As if my allergies and sinus infection weren’t bad enough, let’s top it off with “the bug.” So that’s as far as I got celebrating Dr. Seuss today. I’m up and feeling a little better now, so I thought I’d just share a few ideas that I had planned on doing with my boys.

Thing 6

I love this cute idea from Stuff by Ash. I really wanted to do this with my two little things, I mean boys. Isn’t it cute? Please go visit her blog for how to make this cute craft.
How to Make Oobleckthumbnail Bartholomew and the Oobleck

One thing my kindergarteners loved was Oobleck. Now the book Bartholomew and the Oobleck is way too long for five and six-year-olds, so I had to summarize it. But they loved making and playing with this stuff! Google Oobleck and you’ll find the recipe or visit Ehow.

Little Man #1 (my little Betty Crocker) really wanted to make a cake for Dr. Seuss and we found these adorable cupcakes over at Kitchen DoughDough. But we won’t be making them today. I’ll just let him eat the cotton candy, I’m pretty sure that will ease the disappointment.

Once I was feeling  a little better, I did help him make a Cat in the Hat.

I cut the pieces from a template I had from my teaching days and let him glue and color. He did such a good job! But he still asked if we were going to make a cake. Rats!

These are shelves in the playroom. Kohls often has Dr. Seuss books with the characters ($5 each). I always scoop them up! We have more in the toy box!

Well friends, that’s all I can give you for today. Happy birthday to Dr. Seuss and thanks for creating such great books and characters! 

Jackson’s Peeking Groundhog

Well, another day stuck in the house because of cold, rainy weather. Booooo! So I’m trying to think of things to do to keep the boys (and myself) busy. How ’bout a craft? And since tomorrow is Groundhog’s Day, let’s make something for that! Now here is where my background in Early Childhood comes in handy.
This is what I came up with.
A peeking groundhog!
Okay, so the groundhog may look a little funny, but little man Jackson absolutely loves playing with it and I love that he made it!
These are the materials we used. Pretty basic. Oops, just notice that the styrofoam cup is absent from the photo. Brown pom-poms would have been really cute for the groundhog, but I didn’t have any in the junk craft bucket.
First Jackson painted the cup.
While it dried . . . 
Jackson cut the paper to make grass, 

I cut a circle and an oval for the groundhog and he glued the pieces together,
and then gave the little guy a face. (Please note the pride on Jackson’s face for what he just did. I love it!)

When the paint was dry we glued the grass onto the top of the cup.
I had to help a little bit with this part to secure it all the way around.

Finally, I poked the bottom of the stick through the inside of the cup.
And that was it!
Happy Groundhog’s Day!