Anthro Inspired Necklace Made at Creative Estates

While at Creative Estates I was fortunate enough to meet a lovely gal named Bev from Flamingo Toes. Bev led one of the craft sessions with her make and take Anthropologie inspired necklace
It was a really fun project which allowed us quality time with the girls at our table. I’m going to do my best to explain the procedure for making this necklace.  It’s really easy and the finished product is really cute. But first, let me introduce you to the original Potentilla Bib Necklace by Anthropology. . .
And now, let me introduce you to her price. $138! Nope, not a misprint, that’s one hundred thirty eight bucks! Say what????!!!!
And here is Bev’s knock-off version. . .
{photo courtesy of Flamingo Toes}

Didn’t she do a great job?! Her price tag? I don’t know, but it sure ain’t close to $138! 
Here is what you need:
{Please forgive me if I do not label these correctly. I’m not a jewelry maker – YET.}
Tools: needle and thread and a needle nose pliers. 

4 small flowers {3 petals each} and 4 large flowers {four petals each} cut from your basic cotton t-shirt. You also need a felt scrap {not shown} to sew your flowers on.

2 necklace chains {approximately 9 inches each}, a lobster clasp, 3 jump rings and a head pin.

A handful of small beads and one large bead.
Lay the four large flowers on top of one another, alternating the petal placement. Do the same with the small flowers using two for each set.

Starting with the large flowers, fold the layered petals and sew one stitch through the middle to secure the layers. String several beads onto the thread and sew in a cluster in the center of each flower.  Do the same for each of the small flower sets.

This is my new friend Holly from 504 Main. Actually, I’ve been reading her blog for awhile and was pretty excited about meeting her. We seem to have a lot in common and had a good time chatting while we made our necklaces. Look at the concentration!

After your beads are sewn onto your flowers, you’ll have to attach the chain to the felt. To do this open the jump rings using the pliers and poke them through each end of the felt. Attach the chains to the jump rings and squeeze closed using the pliers. Use the same technique to attach the lobster clasp. And I’m not really sure how to begin explaining attaching the large bead to the back with the clasp. I know we put the bead on the head pin and used the pliers to hold it tightly while we wrapped the headpin into a loop and attached it to the jump ring. Bev’s tutorial uses another piece of fabric rather than the bead. You might be better off listening to her!

Once your chains and clasps are fastened you just sew the back petals of your flowers onto the felt piece. Easy peasy!
And there you have it! My Anthro inspired necklace for way less! 

Not sure why I’m not wearing mine {instead of the hideous yellow name tag strap} but Kathy and Brittany are. Aren’t they cute? Well yes, the necklaces too, but I was talking about the girls from Red, Blonde and Burlap! These girls launched their adorable little blog right after Creative Estates. Go check it out, I think it’s gonna be a good one!

Girls’ Night Out Arizona Style

I have another post for you from Creative Estates. On Friday we headed over to the Old Spaghetti Factory for Girls Night Out in Arizona! This was a small dinner event hosted by some amazing ladies!
lil luna button

 I’m glad I snatched up my ticket for this event, because, from what I hear, it sold out FAST!
  The fabulous hostesses and special guests:
{left to right, top to bottom}
And if you know any of these ladies {personally or from Blogland} then you know how disgustingly creative they are. Take a look at some of the decor and goodies from Girls Night Out.
The centerpieces:
{Asparagus Ferns with the cutest picks}
And check out our oh so cute name tags and menus:

{courtesy of Jamie Lynn Photography}

These are handmade people!!!! And not just handmade, handmade by Supermom Kristyn who just had a baby a couple weeks ago!

And of course we got some amazing swag bags!

Yes, the outside is darling, but what was inside was even better!
I’m not kidding, top to bottom, bottom to top, every detail was perfectly and adorably creative!

So here’s some pics of us:

  {left to right, top to bottom}
My table of fabulous ladies!
Beverly, Becca, Ashlee, me, Rebecca, Holly, Tara and Holly.

The best roomies anyone could ever ask for! {Complete strangers to me upon arrival.} Tara from Denver & Holly from Montana.

I met Amy from the Idea Room, one of the first blogs I ever followed!

And of course there were cupcakes!

The best cupcake I’ve ever eaten from Modern Cupcake.
And another amazing display by Kim from Tomkat Studio.

And I got to meet her!! Isn’t she pretty? And she’s just as sweet!

My cupcake, red velvet. It was Heavenly! I think it even had a touch of spicy cinnamon in it!
{And I do heart blogging, by the way.}

Holly and me being silly. Becca told me I looked like I was making out with mine. I would have, it was that good!

Such a fun night!
They are planning another Girls Night Out in June. Don’t think I’ll be attending that one since a plane ticket to AZ is quite pricey. Boo!

These are some amazingly talented ladies with some amazing blogs and shops. I’ve linked to everyone I’ve mentioned. Please visit them! You won’t be disappointed!

A Little More of Creative Estates

Yesterday I gave y’all a little taste of my first day in Arizona for Creative Estates. 
I promised you more, so here it is. . .

Creative Estates
{photo courtesy of A Place for Us}

Day 2: Friday

Classes, Crafts and Connections

First up was a little game. All the ladies from Arizona and Utah {and there was A LOT of them} had to get up and move to another table. We got Becca from Blue Cricket Designs {she is the first on the left}. LOVE her and her blog! 
Then it was off to hear a few of my favorite bloggers speak about how to plan, perfect and post on a creative blog. Right up my alley! 
After, I got a photo with Jen from Tatertots and Jello. She was so sweet and even took my picture too! WOW!
Craft time!
I chose Letterpress demo and make & take craft session. 
We used the Letterpress tool to make an embossed thank you card.  
I want this machine! They gave several away, but not to me. 🙁  Boohoo!  ):
Shopping. . .
One of the highlights of the day was the opening of the Handmade Market!

These were some seriously talented ladies selling their handmade items. Above is my new buddy {the only other Carolina girl at Creative Estates}, Ilene from Much Love, Illy. Please go visit her shop, she has some darling jewelry and hair accessories! 
Becki’s shop {Whippy Cake} also had some stunning rosette accessories. 
Friday night was spent with some amazing ladies at Girls Night Out. But that’s a whole ‘nother story. I’ll share it with you later. For now. . .
Day 3: Saturday
More classes, crafts and connections 
Becki, from Whippy Cake woke everyone up with “the wave” before she, Becky {Becky Higgins, LLC}, Rachel {Brassy Apple} and  Melanie {Above All Fabrics} shared with us how they have learned to balance motherhood with a business. 
“Happy Chaos” they call it! 
“Family council” and PAPER calendars and lists are two tips I’m taking away from this session!
Then it was time to laugh my a$& off as I listened to Char {Crap I’ve Made}, Shelley {House of Smiths}and Stephanie {The Daily Blarg} share how to let your personality shine through while blogging. And trust me, these ladies GOT PERSONALITY! They were a riot!
 I laughed from start to finish and this is where Shelley broke out into song with her version of “Forget You.”
Shelley also taught Destiny {A Place for Us} and me her signature “photo yourself” technique. 
{Shelley has the photo of us. Maybe she will share it on her blog? Or just send it to me?}
Okay, I am starting to realize that this post is going on and on and on. I told you, I have SO much to share. We did a craft this day, which I planned on including in this post, but maybe I’ll just save that for another post. I hope you don’t mind. But, I’ll give you a hint. It’s knock-off jewelry! You don’t want to miss it! Until then. . .

A Taste of Creative Estates

Where do I begin to tell you about my first trip ever to Arizona for Creative Estates?

Creative Estates

I’ll start by saying it was an amazing experience.
I learned many valuable tips, met so many wonderful ladies and formed some amazing friendships. I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to break this down into several posts.

I’ll start by saying that if it wasn’t for Shelley over at House of Smiths, I probably wouldn’t have made it to Creative Estates. I won my conference ticket from a giveaway on her site which made it much easier to convince hubby to let me go. I mean, I had to, right?!

Yes, that’s Shelley and me! I was so thrilled to meet her and it was probably one of the highlights of my trip. I just love her and if you have ever read her blog, she is exactly who you imagine. Stinkin’ cute and hilarious! One of the most memorable moments of the conference was Shelley breaking out into song with her own version of Cee Lo’s “Forget You.” Hysterical! So a  huge thank you to Shelley for this opportunity!

Welcome to Arizona!
I met some amazing gals almost immediately after I stepped off the plane.

The first is Cindy {aka Vitagirl} and she is my saving grace. I may have never made it out of the airport if this complete stranger wasn’t gracious enough to pick me {and several others} up when we arrived. She literally sacrificed her entire afternoon to make continuous circles around the Phoenix Airport to pick us all up!

Once I arrived at the hotel and got checked in, we headed over the Inspirador to register and to pick up our amazing swag bags which included a gorgeous necklace from The Vintage Pearl, a cute bookmark from Hoot Designs and these super cute business card holders from {my roommate} Taradara.

          {photos courtesy of Taradara and Hoot Designs}
That evening was the Creative Estates kick-off party, Cocktails and Cupcakes. It was held at a fantastic local Mexican grille, El Zocalo. Ahi tuna tacos, margaritas, and cupcakes. Delish!
My roomie, Tara {who made the busi card holders}, and Lori from Chic Geek Designs enjoying dinner and drinks.
Inspire, Connect, Create.
A huge shout out to Kim at Tomkat Studios for creating an amazing display and Decadent Delights for making the yummy cupcakes that evening!
Check it out. . .

My butterscotch cupcake. Yummy!
And that was just the kick-off! I told you I had lots to share! I’ll be back tomorrow to share with you what I learned from Creative Estates. Until then. . .

I’m Ba-ack!

Hello friends! Were you starting to wonder if I stayed in Arizona? It’s been awhile! 
First I want to send out a huge thank you to my sister-in-law, Ilke, for hooking me up with a guest post! If you missed it, please be sure to check out her Raspberry Coffee Cake here and be sure to take a little detour to her site, Ilke’s Kitchen, as well. 
Now, I know you are all dying to hear about my trip. And believe me, I have SO much to share with you. But, I got in really, really late last night. 
So, if you don’t mind, just for today, I am enjoying this. . . 

It was a nice break, but I missed my boys like crazy!

I’m also enjoying this. . .

{No, I don’t have a pet pig.}
I’m talking about sleep. The three-hour time difference wiped me out!

And I can’t believe I’m about to say it, but I even missed this. . .
I’ve never been a fan of humidity until visiting Arizona! Today I’m embracing it!
{How ironic/hysterical is it that I found this pic from Arizone Foothills Mag?}

But I’ll be back tomorrow with a full report of my amazing experience at Creative Estates
Until then. . .

Photos that aren’t mine:

Creative Estates, Here I Come!

You may remember back in February I entered a contest over at House of Smiths for a free pass to an event that was designed to bring creative people together for a weekend of fun, inspiration and friendship. Well by golly, I won that free pass to Creative Estates! I couldn’t believe it! Click here to read the post on that marvelous day when I found out I won.

So that was February and here we are already in the second week of April and CE is this weekend! In just one more day I’ll be on a plane headed to Chandler, AZ to meet and mingle with some pretty cool, creative gals!

This is my first trip to AZ! I wonder if anyone else is travelling from the East Coast?

Gosh, I’ve been so busy getting ready to meet these fabulous ladies! Shopping, packing, hair, nails, more shopping, more packing, yada, yada. I’ve been so busy, I haven’t had time to do much else. So I don’t have any new recipes or crafts to share with you before I leave on Thursday. Instead, I thought I’d share with you a few things that are in my suitcase. Just a few things, not all. But I did have to pack light because I really don’t want to check a bag.

So here ya go . . .

3/4 length sleeve red/ivory striped shirt with jeggings {Yes, jeggings! Never worn them before.} and brown sandals. 
Accessories: BIG red/gold ring, gold earrings and bangle bracelets.

Black floral baby doll silk dress.

Accessories: gold earrings and gold/turquoise bracelet
AND. . .

these cool black cowboy boots! {They look brown but they are black.}
Ivory/green silk tank, ivory short sleeve sweater,  “holey” jeans and gold sandals.
Accessories: gold/shell earrings, gold bangle bracelets and gold/shell ring.

Black/ivory silk top with lace belt, skinny jeans and black suede boots.

Accessories: black floral bead necklace, black bead earing and bracelets, my favorite black onyx/diamond ring.

Shoot, I forgot to take a picture of my favorite dress I’m bringing. It’s the one in my profile picture. Oh well, I’ll just have to have a picture made in the dress and post it after CE. 😉

Until then, I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! I’ve got a great guest blogger lined up for Friday! You don’t want to miss it!

My Lucky Day!

This morning my gal pals and I went to another fabulous cooking demo at Upstream Restaurant in Charlotte. They always have giveaways at these demos. Today they gave away several bottles of wine. Bummer, I didn’t win. My friend Brittney did, but not me. I never win anything. (Pout, pout, sniffle, sniffle.) Then later this afternoon I was reading some of my favorite blogs and found out that I won a pass to this. . .

“What is Creative Estates?” you ask.

I found out about it a couple of weeks ago. It’s only every crafty, decorating blogger’s dream! Not to mention that the “big dogs” are going to be there to share their knowledge with little ole bloggers like me. As soon as I started dreaming of shaking hands with Jen from Tatertots & Jello and Shelley from House of Smiths, I came back to reality and remembered that this was in AZ and there was no way hubby would go for it. But, a few days later, two blogs were offering free passes. Of course I entered both, hoping, but having no expectations of winning. Well, today was my lucky day because I won! Shelley at House of Smiths picked me! Well, actually the random generator did, but Shelley is giving the pass to me! I was (and still am) thrilled! Thank you Shelley!

Now to get my self to AZ. Anyone know of contest for free plane tickets? But fat chance because you know, I never win anything. 😉

Hope your weekend was as good as mine!