Giveaway! Five Pairs of Bohoblossom Earrings!

Happy Monday everyone! I know “happy” and “Monday” don’t always go hand-in-hand. So if you’ve got a case of what I call, “the Mondays,” I’ve got a nice treat in store for you today! It’s a giveaway! It’s been awhile, huh?
Okay, without further ado, let’s get on with the goodies! Meet Lauren, founder and designer of Bohoblossoms!

 I am Lauren Walker and I am the crafty creator of Bohoblossoms! I was the kind of kid growing up that would invite friends over… for craft time. Not much has changed!

 As a newlywed (we will be celebrating two years in September… that is still considered newlywed… right?), I was searching for a new craft to turn my passions to. Bright colors and statement jewelry all came together in my creation of bohoblossoms! With just over four months of having my shop open on Etsy, I have fallen head over heels in love with these blooms! I’ve been blessed to create earrings for a bride and her bridesmaids,special earrings for a baby shower, and create custom packaging to make gifts of the heart that much more special !

My newest creation is a fun interchangeable dangle earring: flower flips! By attaching little bails to the backs of my flowers, you are able to just slip the flowers on and off to style your dangles!
I’m so excited to give away 5 pairs of bohoblossoms! Included in this giveaway are white and purple post earrings, yellow rose dangles, as well as pink flower flips with a pair of blue flowers to slip on as well!
I really hope you enjoy these bright earrings as much as I do!
Head over to Bohoblossoms now and receive 10% off using the code scissorsnspatulas10
 Are you digging these earrings as much as I am? I love them all, but I have to say that the blue pair made for the bride are my favorite! What a special gift!
As Lauren said, one of my lucky readers is going to win five pairs of earrings from Bohoblossoms. FIVE pairs!
So how do you enter to win?
{pretty please}
    • Stop by Lauren’s shop, Bohoblossoms, and do some browsing. You’re gonna like what you see! Come back and tell me your favorite. You can also {heart} the shop while you are there.  {1 entry}
    • For additional entries, do any {or all} of the following. Come back and leave me a comment telling me you did. {leave a separate comment for each task}
      1. Follow bohoblossoms on Twitter.
      2. Follow bohoblossoms on Facebook.
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      4. Like Scissors and Spatulas on Facebook.
      5. And while you are there, why not tell your Facebook and Twitter peeps about the giveaway. You can say this “I entered to win 5 sets of earrings from @bohoblossoms @scissorsandspatulas! You can too! (leave separate comment for each post)The giveaway starts today and ends Thursday night. The winner will be announced Friday, July 27.

Oh SNAP! Queen Bee Market

the Queen Bee Market

You’ve probably heard of the Queen Bee Market, but just in case, it’s a little handmade market created by two sisters, Jess and Mique.

Forgive me if I’m wrong, but I believe the two are from California. The QBM is a collection of vendors selling some pretty amazing handmade items. We were lucky enough to have the QBM and all it’s vendors at SNAP for some seriously fun shopping! Ok, let me stop talking and let you start looking.

queen market snap

This is really just a peek at the market. Let me give a closer look inside the isles.

shop here

queen market snap pleated poppy

I’m in love with the Pleated Poppy’s stuff. Fun, bright and just stinkin’ A-DOR-A-BLE!
Love these ties for the little guys!

queen market snap pleated poppy

cut it out frames

shop here
This shop was new to me. Cut It Out sells hand-cut wooden frames in all different sizes and shapes. The wood is left unfinished so you can paint it any color you want! And their prices are GREAT!

queen market snap cut it out

This is what I came home with. I really want one of those biggins but, again, space in the suitcase was slim!

cut it out wood frames

salty bison queen bee marketshop here
This was another new name to me. Their stuff was UBER cute!

queen market snap salty bison

Their signs were my favorite. So adorable! Too bad they wouldn’t fit in my suitcase.

queen market snap salty bison

THis was my favorite.

queen market snap salty bison

There were so many other fabulous vendors. It’s a good thing I had a limit since what I bought had to fit into my suitcase. I could have done WAY more damage! Check it out.

Allora Handmade.

queen market snap allora handmade

I feel horrible for this, but I can’t remember the name of this vendor. If you know, please whisper in my ear so I can give her credit! I loved these embroidery hoops!

queen market snap

Vintage Soul Designs

queen market snap

Vintage Rose Wraps

queen market snap vintage rose wraps

Chocolate Kate
queen bee market snap

I was truly in shopping Heaven!

Here are just a couple pieces of jewelry that I bought. Hoop La earrings and this fantastic watch (that can be swapped out for a broche) by M.Bellish’d. Loving it!

I did much more damage than this. But you get the idea. Queen Bee Market rocks! I don’t suppose they’ll be headed to SC anytime soon?

Cute Nametags For Any Occasion

Need a cute name tag idea? I was asked to help design the name tags for the upcoming year of MOPS. I found my inspiration from Kendra at My Insanity
I added the feathers for a little extra pizazz for the steering team members. 
These name tags are cute, easy and inexpensive. Much better than the blue and white “Hello, my name is. . . ” stickers! 
Here is what I used: a pink feather boa, black feather clips, cupcake liners and cardstock.

Two of the three liners need to be cut in order to see all three layers. Fold the liners in half and cut around the edges. Cut the cardstock to fit in the center of the liners. I used a circular scalloped punch and folded the edges slightly.
Use scrapbook adhesive to attach the layers. Attach a pinback to the backside.

I cut the pink boa into small pieces and and hot glued the pieces behind the black feather clips. 
Then I clipped the feathers onto the pinbacks. 
Tada! That’s it! Cute, girly nametags for MOPS open house
This was my failed attempt at taking a photo of me wearing my name tag. Little Miss Momma makes it look so easy! I’ll keep practicing. 

Aren’t they cute?! The girls loved them!

Every Gal Needs a Cute Summer Clutch!

You must have a handbag for all seasons and occasions!
{I learned that from my mom}
It’s hard to believe that summer is right around the corner! When the theme, Summer Fun was announced for this week’s American Crafter competition, I had so many ideas running through my head. But in the end, I knew this one was “it!” I have a couple weddings coming up this summer and I could really use a new clutch. Well, it just so happened that last weekend I picked up this brown, patent leather vintage clutch for a buck {yes, $1} at a garage sale.
I had a vision, an idea, a plan, but had no idea HOW or even IF it would work. So during my weekly trip to Hobby Lobby, I  picked out some super cute summery fabric and crossed my fingers, hoping for the best.
It was actually easier than I thought it would be! I just kind of figured it out as I went. And I think it turned out FABULOUS! Here is a peak. . . 
Now, here is how I did it. . .
First, I measured the fabric and cut it to size. I applied Mod Podge to the patent leather and placed the fabric on top to cover the purse {leaving a 1/2-inch bare at the top}, pulling tightly and smoothing out any bubbles. 

Now this was the tricky part. . . the sides and the top. I had no idea how to make the folds and edges look clean. But I did it! I applied the Mod Podge to the purse and really just wrapped it like a present, tucking and folding until it looked clean. 
After the fabric was secure and the undercoat of MP was dry, I applied a generous coat of MP on top of the fabric. It worked! Now to figure out how to decorate it. I had a couple of ideas in mind so while it was drying, I made the flowers.
Rosettes: {on the left} Cut a strip of fabric 3-inches wide. The length will depend on how large you want the flowers {the longer the strip, the larger the flower}. I used lengths between 1 and 2 feet. Twist the fabric somewhat tightly and wrap it around and around in a spiral fashion, securing with hot glue on the under side every other circle.
Layered Petal Flowers: {middle} Cut several flowers with 4 petals using different fabrics and sizes. Layer fabric flowers, beginning with the largest, a few at a time, securing with hot glue in the center and pinching to create shape. Basically you will “build” this flower, layer upon layer.
Arrangement: {far right} I then arranged the rosettes underneath and put the petal flower on top in the center.
A little measuring, cutting, Mod Podging {if that’s even a word}, folding, twisting and rolling and I had a FABULOUS summer clutch to take with me to those weddings! 
My new summer clutch! 
It turned out even better than I thought it would! And Mod Podging the fabric to the patent leather worked like a charm! The best part? It cost less than $5! You can’t find a price like that at any department store!
Now if you like my new purse, please, please, pretty please head over to Nap Time Crafters to cast your vote for round 3. Voting starts Friday night and ends Sunday night, so hurry! Next week is the FINAL ROUND!  I hope to make it!!
I was featured at

Anthro Inspired Necklace Made at Creative Estates

While at Creative Estates I was fortunate enough to meet a lovely gal named Bev from Flamingo Toes. Bev led one of the craft sessions with her make and take Anthropologie inspired necklace
It was a really fun project which allowed us quality time with the girls at our table. I’m going to do my best to explain the procedure for making this necklace.  It’s really easy and the finished product is really cute. But first, let me introduce you to the original Potentilla Bib Necklace by Anthropology. . .
And now, let me introduce you to her price. $138! Nope, not a misprint, that’s one hundred thirty eight bucks! Say what????!!!!
And here is Bev’s knock-off version. . .
{photo courtesy of Flamingo Toes}

Didn’t she do a great job?! Her price tag? I don’t know, but it sure ain’t close to $138! 
Here is what you need:
{Please forgive me if I do not label these correctly. I’m not a jewelry maker – YET.}
Tools: needle and thread and a needle nose pliers. 

4 small flowers {3 petals each} and 4 large flowers {four petals each} cut from your basic cotton t-shirt. You also need a felt scrap {not shown} to sew your flowers on.

2 necklace chains {approximately 9 inches each}, a lobster clasp, 3 jump rings and a head pin.

A handful of small beads and one large bead.
Lay the four large flowers on top of one another, alternating the petal placement. Do the same with the small flowers using two for each set.

Starting with the large flowers, fold the layered petals and sew one stitch through the middle to secure the layers. String several beads onto the thread and sew in a cluster in the center of each flower.  Do the same for each of the small flower sets.

This is my new friend Holly from 504 Main. Actually, I’ve been reading her blog for awhile and was pretty excited about meeting her. We seem to have a lot in common and had a good time chatting while we made our necklaces. Look at the concentration!

After your beads are sewn onto your flowers, you’ll have to attach the chain to the felt. To do this open the jump rings using the pliers and poke them through each end of the felt. Attach the chains to the jump rings and squeeze closed using the pliers. Use the same technique to attach the lobster clasp. And I’m not really sure how to begin explaining attaching the large bead to the back with the clasp. I know we put the bead on the head pin and used the pliers to hold it tightly while we wrapped the headpin into a loop and attached it to the jump ring. Bev’s tutorial uses another piece of fabric rather than the bead. You might be better off listening to her!

Once your chains and clasps are fastened you just sew the back petals of your flowers onto the felt piece. Easy peasy!
And there you have it! My Anthro inspired necklace for way less! 

Not sure why I’m not wearing mine {instead of the hideous yellow name tag strap} but Kathy and Brittany are. Aren’t they cute? Well yes, the necklaces too, but I was talking about the girls from Red, Blonde and Burlap! These girls launched their adorable little blog right after Creative Estates. Go check it out, I think it’s gonna be a good one!