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I’m Jen! I love coffee, chocolate, Italian food, a good {med-rare} steak, red wine and shopping! I’m a little bit silly, a lotta bit loud, and 100% a busy body. My mind is constantly spinning with ideas and my hands are kept busy creating these ideas.

I’m a wife to an amazingly kind and patient man who won my heart by strumming his guitar! Actually, we met by a pinball machine in a bar while in college in Charleston, SC.  Later that night he wooed me with his guitar and we’ve been together ever since. We were married in April 2004 and now live in my home town in  SC.

I am mommy to two handsome little boys, Jackson, 4 and Parker, 2. They are only 20 months and just inches apart but couldn’t be more different! Jackson is quiet and reserved. He enjoys coloring, doing puzzles, Legos and is too smart for his age. He wants to know how and why everything works and will one day be an astronaut or engineer. Parker Reese is loud and outgoing {like his mommy}. He is a daredevil, determined to conquer and the funniest kid you’ll ever meet. He loves whatever his big brother is doing, his mommy {me} and balls. He will be our superstar punter for the Clemson Tigers!

I created Scissors & Spatulas just a little over a year ago when my hubby {who is also a software developer & entrepreneur} told me I needed to start a blog. “Yeah right! I don’t have time for a blog.” Those were my exact words. The next day I wrote my first post {it only took something like 5 hours!}, and that’s where it all began! To this day I am amazed at the opportunities, friends, and pure joy that this blog has brought me, and I owe it all to my readers. I am so grateful!

You think I’ve got it all put together, all planned out, don’t you? Hahahahaha! My life is a big ball of chaos. Two crazy boys, 3 pets {2 Shi Tzus, Lily and Sophie and a kittty, Lucy.}, a hubby, a home, a blog, a shop and a mind constantly wanting to create more. As you can imagine, there is never a dull moment in my house. But I wouldn’t want it any other way! This is us! This is me!

Scissors & Spatulas is my outlet! Unlike many other blogs, I do not have a schedule. I do not have my posts planned weeks in advance. I create, I write and I post. What can you expect here at Scissors & Spatulas? Nothing, really! My content is a combo of home decor, DIY projects, crafts, thrift store finds, recipes, kids stuff and my family. I do not post every day. Only when I have something I think is worth sharing. What you can expect is that what I do is on a budget {I’m a cheapskate} and fairly simple. I almost always provide full tutorials of everything I do. I love sharing my ideas and I hope that I will inspire you! Thank you for your support!

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