I’m Back with a Giveaway from Minted.com

I’m ba-ack! Yes, for real (I think), I’m back. It’s been a long year and our family has been through a lot. We sold the old house, moved to a temp house while our new house was being built, had a baby and FINALLY moved into our new house (one week after baby). Wait, back up. Had a baby? Yes, I did. I know many of you probably never even knew I was pregnant. I never mentioned it here on the blog. I thought about it, I really did. But I just never did it. Let me introduce you to my sweet little girl.

blog lucy

My feelings about continuing this blog have been like a tug of war over the past year. There were days that I thought about shutting it down but those days were often followed by days of missing “Blogland” and feeling I needed to share something. I tried to update the house as much as I could but obviously that didn’t go so well. Yes, the house is finished (Well, sort of. But that’s a whole ‘nother story.), and I promise I will post pictures soon. But first, I have something better. . .

The other night I got an itch. An itch to start blogging again. Totally different than the wishy-washy feelings I’d been having for the past year. Something was telling me it was time to come back. So here I am. And what better way to make a comeback than with a giveaway to jump start it?!!!


I was looking for birth announcements for my sweet Lucy girl and stumbled upon Minted.com. Have you been there? It just might be the best stationary site online! Tons (and really I mean tons) of designs, shapes and color choices. And of course you can customize your cards with your photos and message. Here is what I am creating for Lucy’s birth announcement.

birth announcement minted.com minted

It’s a birth announcement book! Each page has a different photo or photos and your own personal story.

birth announcement minted.com minted

You know it’s about that time to start thinking about holiday cards! Who am I kidding, I don’t start thinking about them until Thanksgiving. And even worse, I don’t usually order them until December! But this year I’m getting a head start! I’m ordering through Minted.com

Here are two that I created using minted.com. I think it says it all about how blessed we have been this past year.

Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 11.20.38 PMScreen Shot 2013-09-25 at 11.13.08 PM

Check out their other holiday designs minted.com/photo-christmas-cards. They have something for everyone! Here are just a few more cuties.

christmas card minted.com minted

christmas card minted.com mintedchristmas card minted.com minted

So are you ready for the giveaway? Minted.com is offering a $75 credit to one of Scissors & Spatulas’ readers! Hooray! What do you have to do? Simply leave a comment below. I will use random.org to pick the winner this Friday.

Happy holidays a little early from Minted.com!

Disclaimer: Winner will be chosen at random. Deadline for entries is 11:59pm on October 4, 2013. Winner will be announced October 6, 2013 and will have 48 hours to claim prize before another winner is drawn. Minted.com is responsible for awarding the prize.

46 thoughts on “I’m Back with a Giveaway from Minted.com”

  1. Welcome back Jen! Even though I haven’t had quite as much of a hiatus from blogging as you have, I have also felt torn about whether to keep blogging or not. For me it’s a big time issue- I just can’t seem to find enough time to get posts together. I do the monthly updates on Allie, but that’s really all I can usually get done and it’s more for my record than anything else. Anyway, congrats on the baby and the new house. We really should get together sometime now that you live so close! Love your announcements and photos, I will have to check out Minted!

  2. Great to see you back here, Jen! Your sweet little girl is precious and I am *dying* over that little rufflebutt! 🙂 Congrats on your new addition, welcome back to blogland, and thanks for the super giveaway!


  3. A big, warm welcome to the world to brand new little Lucy Caroline! Best wishes for a future filled with baby bliss, joy and happiness!

  4. Jenn—CAN’T believe you had a baby and designed a house and moved and had two other little boys to take care of……wonder woman.

    Congrats—she is a sweet sweet doll.
    Love that your back to blogging–I really did miss you.
    Also am so anxious to see the house. We were starting a build too, but it fell through, so we are back to square one. But I love the designing process, so it’s gonna be fun.

    Family pics are coming up in November for Christmas cards….would love to use minted if I win!!

  5. so glad you are back super mama! LOVE the announcements and loved minted.com. would love to win a little something for christmas cards!

  6. Welcome back. Your baby girl is absolutely beautiful. What a lovely family.
    Love the card selection from Minted. Great choices for Christmas cards. Everyone would be so jealous of my cards this year!

  7. Ok, first of all! Congrats Jen! WOW you had a lot going on. Congrats on your new sweet girl. So awesome.

    Secondly, glad to have you back blogging.

    And third, I’m loving minted’s new foil christmas cards!

  8. Welcome Back!!! I have checked back often and was thrilled to see a current post. Hope you continue. Congrats on the new baby.

  9. Congrats!!! I haven’t written a post in almost a year….eeeek! I am wishy washy just like you said…maybe I should try it again. Glad you are back & can’t wait to see pics of your new home. Oh…and I’d love to get a jump on our Christmas cards. 🙂

  10. Welcome Back! I’ve been checking almost every day and was beginning to wonder if you would ever return. Everyone has seasons in their life where we have to make changes. To say you have a lot going on is an understatement! Congratulations to you and your family for all of the new and exciting changes in your life! I look forward to seeing more posts!

  11. Hooray! So glad you’re back! I used Minted for a baby shower and they turned out beautiful. I’d love to use them for our Christmas cards this year.

  12. Congratulations! and welcome back! We’ve missed you… Can’t wait to see your new home, complete with new sweet little baby girl.

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