DIY Board and Batten “Mudroom”

board and batten hallway drop zone mudroom

board and batten hallway drop zone mudroom

This is our back hallway. It’s just off the kitchen and is the entry from the garage. It is also where I keep the boys jackets, backpacks, my purse and everything else that needs to be dumped when we come into the house.
I’ve wanted to make a “mudroom” in this space for over a year. Obviously there isn’t room for a bench (I’ve tried to convince myself that a small one might work but I know it would be completely in the way.) but I’ve wanted to add board and batten with hooks. Why I haven’t gotten around to it sooner, I don’t know. Probably because the little hook thing I had worked just fine. Until a couple weeks ago when one of them broke because it had too much hanging on it!

That was all the motivation I needed. Last Saturday I told my husband he was going to be putting up board and batten. He had no clue what I was talking about so I pulled up Pinterest and showed him some examples. I wish had done this months and months ago because it was SO easy and cost almost nothing! It was finished by the end of the weekend.

Of course we had the wood we needed in the garage. One wide board to use across the top (this is the board or board and batten) and the skinnier boards to sit perpendicular to it (known as batten). We did have to buy one extra skinny board to use as the baseboard.
Hubby measured the wall and cut the boards to fit.

He put two good coats of white trim paint on all of the boards.

paint wood

While the paint dried, he tore out the existing baseboard and patched up the wall with spackle. (The angles of the old baseboard would not fit right with the batten boards so we had to replace the baseboards with a straight edge board.)

tear out baseboard

Once the boards were dried he brought them in and measured and marked the distance between the batten pieces.

board and batten measure

board and batten

The batten pieces were secured to the wall with nails and the board was attached with screws to ensure it would hold the weight of whatever would hang on the hooks.

board and batten drill to wall

The screw and nail holes were covered with some wood putty.

board and batten patch holes wood putty

Then sanded smooth.

sand wood putty

 It took two coats of paint to cover the walls and one more coat on the wood to cover the putty.

board and batten paint

I purchased the hooks from Hobby Lobby. They were $3.99 each but I got them when they were 50% off so all together I only spent $6.

board and batten hallway hooks

And my board and batten wall was finished! Seriously, it was that easy!

board and batten hallway drop zone mudroom

And it cost us about $15! If you didn’t have the wood and paint like we did, I’d say you would spend about $50. Not too bad!

board and batten mudroom wall hooks

5 thoughts on “DIY Board and Batten “Mudroom””

  1. Great job! The best part is the Skippyjon Jones backpacks. We love Skippy in this house. I’d love to see a picture of what you have hanging above your hooks. I just recently put in hooks in our entry way and am looking for wall inspiration.

  2. Looks good, I did not realize that you did not put a board all on the bottom of the hooks. I thought it was somewhat like wainscoting. Looks really neat!

  3. My husband had the same reply when I told him I wanted board and batten in my entryway. Ha! I love how good yours turned out. I am wondering though about the texture of your walls–I have old world texture and I’m not sure how that would compare to the orange peel texture once it’s painted looking like the “board”…

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