Land of Nod Book Bin Knock Off

Back in December we moved the boys into the same room and they got bunk beds for Christmas. I’m sure you’ve all seen these wall hanging book bins on Pinterest and maybe even in the Land of Nod catalog, which is where I got the idea. They call them “Bin There Done Book Bin” and they cost $69 each!

Now if you know me, you know that I’m cheap and would NEVER pay that much for a few pieces of wood. Especially when I know we can do it ourselves! Well, I guess I should say hubby could do it!
I handed him the page I tore out from the catalog and batted my eyes as I asked him to please make me one of these shelves.  So he grabbed a piece of scrap wood from the garage and got to work. Now we have tons of scrap wood, trim pieces, dowels, you name it, in the garage. If you don’t, just go buy a piece of plywood.

He measured it to size (12 inches for the front edge and 16 inches for the back edge that hangs against the wall) and then drew in the decorative edges.

Then used his jigsaw and cut along the lines he had drawn.

Two pieces like this were cut, one for each side. And then one rectangular piece for the base.

The sides were secured to the base with screws. Did you notice Little Man #2 (Parker Reese) doing the work?

 These trim pieces were leftover from  some project. Like I said, we have tons of leftover molding in our garage. They were attached with nails.

Wood filler (or putty) was used to fill the nail holes in the front and small gap between the bottom and the trim piece. Then I took over. After it was dry I sanded the puttied spots and the rough cut edges smooth.

I spray painted it navy blue. It needed about three good coats. D-ring hooks were attached to the back of each side to hang the shelf.

wall hanging book bin land of nod

And now parker Reese has a little book bin to hold his stories!

Land of Nod book bin: $69
Mine: Free. Okay, we had to buy the D-rings which cost a couple bucks. So I’ll say $4.
Love a good (and cheap) knock-off!


5 thoughts on “Land of Nod Book Bin Knock Off”

  1. Hi. I love the book bins you created. They look great. I am also thinking about bunks for my son’s room. I am about to go look through hour archives to see if you wrote about your bunks so I can get more information. I am nervous about how sturdy they are, if the bed always looks unmade and if there would be room for adults to sit on thee bottom bunk.

  2. Genius!! I love your bookshelves! My boys have bunk beds too, but I just bought those $4 Ikea spice racks and painted them as bookshelves- yours are way better because you spent $4 TOTAL and I spent $16 since I bought 4 of them, and yours hold more books. So, so cute!! I’m your newest follower- I’d love to see you follow me back if you’d like.
    Laurie @ Gallamore West 🙂

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  4. I love the bins you created! Isn’t it amazing what some places charge for items like the wood shelves? They aren’t difficult to make if you take some time and the homemade ones are generally better quality! Great jobs on these.

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