Dying Easter Eggs

Is it weird that even as an adult I get excited about dying Easter eggs? I suppose I’m not the only one. Hooray! Here’s this year’s adventure in dying eggs!

Please pardon my photos. I didn’t check my camera settings and I couldn’t figure out why the pictures were coming out so bright, blurry and dull. I noticed after that the shutter speed (which I rarely change from 100) was at 50!

Ready to go!

The eggs are in!

The eggs are out!

The boys are happy!

I was also working on something else today. It is the project I planned on sharing with you in this post. However, at the moment, this is the status of that project. . .

Drying, under a heat lamp, after air-drying for a good part of the day! It reminds me of when we hatched chicks back in my teaching days. But these eggs don’t have chicks inside them. Actually, they don’t have anything inside them. It’s just a little something I decided to do for Easter. I’ll share the finished product tomorrow. Hopefully they will be dry by then!

And finally, because I couldn’t help myself, I had to share this one too!

This kid makes me laugh out loud! My little potato head.

4 thoughts on “Dying Easter Eggs”

  1. well at least you have children. I think that makes it acceptable to be excited about dyeing easter eggs…I, on the other hand, do not have children, and I am ecstatic! Can’t decide what method to use!

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