Ugly Bunny

Sneak peek?

Late last April, I went on a weekend shopping spree hitting up all the garages sales, thrift stores and Goodwills I could find? I got some pretty good finds that weekend, including these. . .

Do you remember? One of those finds was the ugly chocolate bunny. Why the heck did I buy this item? Because I saw it and immediately thought, “WHITE! This bunny needs to be white!” Easter had already passed, but I remembered this Pottery Barn bunny knock-off from The DIY Showoff and thought, I can make this bunny look fabulous like hers!”

Then I looked at the price. 99 cents. Really? Get in my buggy little bunny!

But I almost forgot about i! A memory of it popped into my head the other day and I scrambled to the storage closet to get it because I knew if I waited I would forget about it again! As I pulled it out from all the other junk great finds stored in there, I started thinking to myself how crazy it was that when I tossed it in there last year, Easter seemed so far away! But here we are again, already. And here is the ugly bunny!

So I undressed the bunny and got rid of his accessories.

I sprayed him with a light coat of primer.

Then two good coats of white, satin-finish spray paint.

As usual, my plan was to stop here. I wanted a white bunny. However, as usual, I couldn’t leave him alone. I’ll give you one guess as to what I did next. . . grabbed my sandpaper.

I distressed the little guy, which took a little effort since I sprayed him pretty heavily with paint. If I plan on distressing I usually go a little lighter.

Now he was perfect!

I paired him with a mossy Easter basket on my foyer chest.

Happy Easter!

9 thoughts on “Ugly Bunny”

  1. The ugly bunny wasn’t really ugly to my eye. He/she was kind of cute I thought but your end result of a white bunny was kind of cool also. I guess the white with distressing gave an antigue look to Mr. Bunny. Nice job!!!!!!!!!! I found last year lots of old resin garden decor at someone’s curb ready for pick up by Sanitation and took them all home, cleaned them and started painting with my Patio Paints. They now adorn the front of my house and were “absolutely free” and it was such fun painting them and seeing them transform before my eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Isn’t it amazing what a little paint can do? I’m forever amazed. Your bunny looks great! I’m now following you on LF…hope you’ll visit me too. Little Bit

  3. Love what you did to your little bunny – the distressing really added that special touch! (Although I liked the chocolate bunny too!) I hopped over from Hookin Up with HOH link party, hope you can hop over and visit with me.
    Hugs – and Happy Easter!

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