DIY Chalkboard Wine Glasses

What do you get when you mix chalkboard paint with wine glasses? I’ll give you a hint. . . you’ll never question whether or not a glass is yours again! Because it will have your name written all over it! Literally!

Chalkboard painted wine glasses! I know this is nothing new. I’ve seen them all over Pinterest. Actually, about a year ago a friend of mine made some and posted it on Facebook. I rushed out to buy the supplies to make them and they sat in the garage until recently when my buddy Becky shared a pin and asked if I wanted to have a wine “craft” night. Of course! So I loaded up the supplies and headed over to her house where we painted, chatted and of course, enjoyed some wine!

This is fairly easy to do! We found several different tutorials out there and tested two of them: applying paint with a sponge brush and simply dipping the stem in paint. But first, you have to tape the area(s) you don’t want painted. We used regular painters’ tape.

I also decided to paint around a carafe that I have. I just taped off the area I wanted to paint.

The glases were taped and prepped for painting! We very quickly discovered the best way to do this project. We started by painting with the brush {which I thought would be our best bet}, but the paint went on so thin we realized we would need several coats to completely cover the stems.

So we moved on to the other option, dipping the stems in paint. We poured the paint into a disposable container and literally dunked the stem in the paint, making sure it was covered. Then we removed the glass and late the paint drip off.

We had to let A LOT of paint drip off! This method definitely put a thick coat on the glass, but it also required a watchful eye to make sure the paint didn’t run down the glass.

First we spun it around, letting the excess drip off the glass into the bowl.

Once the drips slowed down we turned them upside down. By now the paint was dripping “up” the glass very slowly but it helped to smooth out the paint. Just know that you really have to keep your eye on them! We had a few instances where the paint almost dripped past the tape! It took overnight for them to dry completely.

And when they were finished, I tied a pretty ribbon on them!

Aren’t they cute?! This was a fun and easy project to do. Especially for some girl time! It doesn’t require a lot of concentration and the majority of the time is spent waiting for them to dry which is a great time for gossip!

Here is my set. YES, I know I spelled Pinot wrong. No idea how it happened, but I did. I am embarrassed but we all make mistakes. 🙂

17 thoughts on “DIY Chalkboard Wine Glasses”

  1. these are awesome–I’d love to make some, but I’m wondering how do you wash them? can you submerge the paint in hot water? I’m assuming the dishwasher is definitely out, not that I’d use that for wine glasses, though.

  2. These are so cute! I love the ribbon you tied around them! It gives it a colorful touch! I’ll have to remember these – they would make such a cute Christmas present! How have they held up to washing so far?

  3. These are so cute. I can think of several people to make them for. Curious thou, how do you wash the glasses/carafe? (I saw the question posted but, no answer.)

  4. I wanted to distinguish what can help a bee in at one’s brio so that’s about it not who could not accord an literal answer.

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