Dollar Store Bin Makeover

My creative space/office is beginning to look like an episode of Horders! You wonder why I haven’t shown you the full reveal yet? Because it’s never clean enough to take a photo! And the recent boom of my “Ready to Pop” favor boxes has turned my life and my organization upside down! NOT COMPLAINING! However, it’s one big fat piece of chaos in that room!

While trying to find items to help organize my “business,” I came across these bins at the Dollar Store. I looked at them briefly and kept walking. “I’ll get something cute at IKEA or HomeGoods, ” I thought.

But I immediately did a double-take when I realized that I could make these boxes cute! And so I did. . .

The total cost of this project was probably under $10 (for all three). Three bucks for the bins, $1.50 for the paper, and just a few dollars for the chalkboard vinyl (from Pick Your Plum).

I found some cute scrapbook paper at the craft store that matched perfectly with my craft room decor. I grabbed my bottle of Decoupage (same as Mod Podge but by Decoart. Both are great but I think it dries faster than MP which is perfect for an impatient person like me!) and a sponge brush.

First I cut the paper to fit the face of the box. Then I applied a good coat of Decoupage directly on the box and laid the paper on top. When it was dry I applied a heavy coat on top of the paper, smoothing out the bubbles with a flat edge {bone folders and old grocery cards are great for doing this}.

My original plan was to leave it like this and add the label. But after that second coat I had a different idea.

Screeeech!   {That’s the sound of me slamming on the brakes.} If you read my blog regularly, you know that I can’t leave anything along and that I often modify my idea mid-creation. It happens almost every time. This is probably because I really don’t know what I’m doing to begin with. I just have an idea and go with it, which often leads to new ideas. Anyway. . .

I decided to trim the edges a little so they didn’t completely cover the face.

Then I took one of my favorite things, sandpaper, and rubbed the edges of the paper to create a worn effect.

Next I used one of my other favorite things, Distress Ink. I brushed heavily around the edges and lightly across the face.

I brushed one last coat of Decoupage over the top, particularly around the edges.

I used chalkboard vinyl {if you can’t find sheets of chalkboard vinyl, you can use chalkboard spray paint on any regular vinyl} and cut out a pretty little label using my Silhouette CAMEO. I stuck it on the bin and labelled it!

And there you have it! For under $10 I created some pretty storage bins to help organize my mess!

These bins took care of the favor box chaos. Now what to do with the rest of it?

Whoop whoop! Partying here this week!

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37 thoughts on “Dollar Store Bin Makeover”

  1. This is awesome! I am a dollar store stocker and am always on the lookout for things I can make cute for around the house… These would be great in my sons room! Thanks for sharing! New follower from lil luna link party!

  2. I’ve been looking at these to use on the shelves in my kids’ closets, but thought they were too blah – even for a closet. I love them now that I know they can look pretty and not just utilitarian.

  3. Thank you! I have been pondering what to do for my baby’s room who is coming in April, and also my pantry. I knew I couldn’t afford the cute baskets right now, but I can manage dollar store. And with my new cameo, I definitely can make up some cute labels. Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. Thanks so much for sharing this. They turned out really cute. I have the perfect place in my craft room for these, now I just need to see if I can track the bins down. Which dollar store did you get them at?

    1. hi tracy! thought i’d give you an idea on where to find those bins…i got mine at the 99 cent only store. they come in all kinds of different colors and they seem to have them all of the time.

  5. Those turned out so cute! I’ve seen those same bins at the dollar store before and I am tempted to buy them every time I go in:) I guess now I will have to get some!

  6. How funny! I did the same thing! Well, not exactly, but I saw those bins and thought that there must be some way to make them look better. I desperately needed more storage in my bathroom so I grabbed 6 of them. I painted them with Krylon Oil Rubbed Bronze (my absolute fav) in hopes that they would look like metal and they actually do. I put them up in my bathroom on the cabinet above the vanity that has a space between the top of the cabinet and the ceiling and they were just the perfect fit. I love what you did with the paper and mod podge…I just may tweek mine a bit. Thanks for all of the great ideas!

  7. WOW! This is soo genious!! I love that its a dollor store bin and where can you find the distressing ink? Going to make a bunck of these ASAP:)) Thanks soo much. Deidre~

  8. Do you have pictures of your playroom on your blog? We are trying to convert our formal dining into a playroom and I like the one picture I found of your playroom. Would love some inspiration. Thanks.

  9. Super-duper cute and useful idea, Jen!

    They turned out great!

    I’m going to have to steal this for my laundry room makeover.

    I would be absolutely THRILLED if you would stop over at my place and link this up to Feature Friday FREE-FOR-ALL…going on right now!:

    So looking forward to seeing you there!

    P.S. Don’t know how I didn’t follow before, but I do now! : )


  10. Q – What type of material are the bins made of? Adorable & w/using paper, can create to sooo many different tastes & styles : )

  11. Love this! What a great tutorial. I host a Home and Family Friday linky party each week. I’d love it if you’d stop by and link up!


  12. So clever, I’m usually just happy if I actually “buy” the boxes and then “use” them. Decorating them, wow an amazing concept……….gorgeous!

  13. Really cute. I have some bins just like this that could use some sprucing up — great idea and I love that it was so inexpensive to do. Thank you for sharing!
    I found you through the Someday Crafts Link up.

  14. I love this idea. I have these bins in green and I use them in my bathroom linen closet to store all my bathroom stuff. I now have something fun and creative I can do with them….xo..mONICa

  15. I actually have 12 of these from the dollar store. They are practical, but I don’t like the way they look now. I am getting on this tomorrow!! so cute 🙂

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