Tour of My Home at Christmas

 Hi! Welcome to my home, decorated for Christmas, of course! I will confess that I have two large pencil trees that I didn’t put up this year. {frowny face} Because I re-decorated so many rooms this year, I had to modify my tree decor which added some time to my decorating. Oh well! You’ll notice that I ove Christmas decor! I pack up most of my everyday decorations and replace them with lights, garlands, ornaments and trees. I LOVE the modd that is set with white Christmas lights! I wish I could leave them up all year! 
Welcome! Have a look around. I hope you’ll see something you like!

 {This tree is special. It is decorated with keepsake ornaments that my grandma has given me every year since I was born.}

And there ya have it! It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas ’round here! Hope you all had a fantastic weekend!

18 thoughts on “Tour of My Home at Christmas”

  1. Jenn~Everything looks so beautiful! I love all the different trees you have in each room…very festive and pretty! You did an amazing job! Merry Christmas! Angie xo

  2. Everything is gorgeous! I need you to tell me though, where did you get the Merry Christmas Y'all plate!?!?!?!? I need that one, it matches my kitchen perfectly!

  3. Jen, your home is beautiful! I too pack up most of my year 'round things, and decorate everything. It is so worth it. I love your style.

  4. Gor-JUS! Your home is just beautiful! I love all the details and whimsical touches you've added. I still swoon whenever I see your dining room! 🙂

  5. Wow,Jen! Thank you so much for sharing your absolutely beautiful home. Your Christmas decorating is elegant and exquisite!

  6. Your Christmas decorations are the prettiest I've seen. I just love them! My favorite part of them all are the old fashioned stockings! Wish I could find some like that! Also, I love the nativity scene on your foyer table. Hope you have as beautiful a Christmas as the decorations in your home!

  7. Gorgeous decorations! I love it all! My favorite part is the "Believe" shelf with the pictures of your two adorable babies! Merry Christmas!

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