A Little Piece of (Junk) Heaven and Silhouette Secrets!


A couple of weeks ago, my sister-in-law, Ilke, and I discovered the most amazing place on Earth – Cline’s Antiques in Mt. Pleasant, NC. I’m not really sure “antiques” is the best word to use to describe this place. Yes, most of the stuff is old, but most of it is just a bunch of junk. Ilke and I were aware of this as we made the hour drive to Cline’s. What we didn’t know was how much junk there actually was waiting for us.
We walked through the gates and I was off. There were rows and rows of shelves filled with random rusted metal pieces. In the grass there were piles of glass bottles and jars.
Piles of old headboards and random metal pieces were lying in just about every direction I could see. I’ve never seen so much rust in my life! Nor did I realize how much I loved it!
There were rows of trailers filled with stuff and piles and piles of random junk!
old antique wooden furniture desk chair
There were a lot of buildings on the property as well. Large buildings that were full. Full of furniture, full of old signs, full of stuff.
old woven baskets
I was in junk Heaven! I hadn’t seen Ilke in a while and when she finally called to see where I was, I was WAY out back in knee-high grass, digging through boxes and piles!
polka dot rain boot
Luckily I wore my rain boots! Ilke eventually found me. Thank goodness because I had quite a pile to drag back up front.
picker sisters vintage metal carts
Have you ever seen Picker Sisters on Lifetime? It’s one of my favorite shows! Anyway, on one of the episodes the girls pick up a couple of carts like the ones above and transform them into some amazing benches. I was SO tempted to grab two of these, but had no idea where I would put them. Maybe next time.
vintage antique buggy wheelchair
These are a few of my favorite pieces that I saw, but didn’t buy. Coincidentally they are all forms of “transportation.” I’m kicking myself for not getting that sleigh. Grrrr.
vintage cash register
This vintage register was really cool too. But the piece that captured my heart, the one I was willing to empty my wallet for was this one. . .
vintage medicine cabinate
 I found this metal display case in one of the first buildings I walked into at the junk farm. I fell in love with it. I thought about it for the rest of the morning. As I stumbled upon other pieces of furniture that would serve the same purpose, I dismissed them because I knew I wanted this one. By the end of our shopping trip, I even knew exactly what I was going to do with it. I was giddy. Now I just had to figure out how much it was. I really was prepared to spend a couple hundred on this piece – seriously. But when I inquired about it, I found out that it {along with the rest of the “display cases” in that building} were not for sale. NOT FOR SALE? My love affair was over. I was devastated. He said they use them to display items. Do you see anything displayed in this case? Ugh!
Anyway, I plan on going back soon and when I do, I’m going to ask again about this case. Maybe making them an offer would be a better approach. We shall see. Are you ready to see what I bought? Luckily I removed the seats from my car because Ilke and I filled the entire back!
A few old windows {with and without glass}, a vintage wooden ironing board, a fan, a watering can, metal file drawers, and an old wooden sled.
antique thrift vintage finds
A milk can, some baskets, bottles a rusty tray and some other random pieces {door hardware and knobs, etc}. I also bought one of those rusty old headboard/footboard sets. I’ll show you those later.
I cannot wait to go back! I’ll try to keep you posted on what I do with these items, but you know me. Many will probably sit in the garage for a while {with my other “junk”} before I know what I’ll do. Stay tuned. . .
Oh, and I have a secret to share with you! This Friday, otherwise known as Black Friday, Silhouette is having a sale!
That’s right, anyone can get 30% off from the 25th throught the 28th but if you use a special code at checkout, you get 40% off your purchase!
So be sure to stop by Silhouette online on Black Friday to do some shopping and don’t forget to use the  use the promo code SPATULA at checkout to receive the additional discount. Plus, all Silhouette shapes are just 50 cents each!
But that’s not the only secret. I have access to a secret page, the only page, where you can find the new Silhouette Cameo in stock!!
Have you seen this thing? Of course you have! Do you want on as badly as I do? I love my Silhouette SD but this new Cameo can do so much more! I plan on buying one first thing Friday morning! You can’t use the code above for the discount, but I’ve been told that Silhouette is offering a very nice discount on the Cameo that day. But you have to go to the secret site to get it and it won’t be available to you until Black Friday. I just wanted to give you a heads up! Here is the the link, but the special will not be posted until Friday.
Happy shopping!

8 thoughts on “A Little Piece of (Junk) Heaven and Silhouette Secrets!”

  1. Cool stuff!!! Were the prices reasonable? I live in NC so I'm off to map out where Mt. Pleasant is in relation to where I live. Thanks!

  2. WOW! I wish I had a place like that near me, I would spend ALL day pickin through that place! Love what you ended up with, I doubt I would have been able to leave that first sled behind though…I fell in love with it just from your pic. Look forward to see what you do with all your fabulous finds!

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