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Hi friends at scissors and spatulas! I’m Angela at 365 Days to Simplicity, a blog about aspiring and usually failing to live a more simple life! But that’s okay, the joy is in the journey dude.

Every morning I sit at the computer with a cup of coffee, like a lot of other people in Blogonia, and I’m searching, looking hard for the next kick A idea. I was doing just that the other morning when I found my next inspiration; drinking coffee and reading This Old House online. That’s when I stumbled upon a great article about re-purposing wall cabinets into window seats- GENIUS! I have a bunch of wall cabinets in the garage left over from our kitchen renovation!

Hold up! There’s something you should know about me- I have a lot of crap at my house, and I want to get rid of it AND I have a decent sized home, but with tiny rooms, so I need to make room! Most of 365 Days to Simplicity to me taking crap that I want to get rid of and re-purposing to make more room in the house. Okay back to my story.

I went to my garage, excited to pull out those wall cabinets and get started. In my mind I imagined the dinning room table pushed up to those window seats and the family sitting down for a meal…how romantic! But it always is, in our heads isn’t it? When I pulled the cabinets from the garage, reality set in as I tried to sit on the wall cabinets and instead of feeling like I was in a Louisa May Alcott novel I felt more like Norm from Cheers when I sat tall enough to reach a bar counter and have a beer!

Well, I pulled them out of the garage, I had to do something with them. Here’s just the something I did.

Look at this Beauty!!

I removed the door.
Then I flipped this bad boy upside-down.

Sanded up the surface.
Primed it.
Painted it grey.
Cut the center from the cabinet door, then primed, puttied and painted the frame.
I polyurethaned the table top that I cut and added hinges so that the top flip open for extra storage!

Screwing in the hinges.
Attached hinges on the other side of the cabinet door frame.

I used push pins to put fabric in the frame. Now I can switch it out when I want to change it up a little  bit.
Backside of the door.
Notice the gap between the fabric.
I used brown ribbon to cover the gap.

A wall cabinet happily situated on the floor!

8 thoughts on “Guest Post: 365 Days to Simplicity”

  1. Awesome! I see these cabinets all the time at the local Restore for next to nothing. I might have to try this. Love your fabric choices, too.

  2. Just so you know….all these little "around the house" projects you've been sharing have inspired me to do a few of my own that I've been putting off.

    Thanks love! Inspiration is everywhere isn't it?

  3. Just a thought stolen from a designer friend of mine…you might want to look for a smaller cabinet (one with just one door) and then put it on it's side. Depending on the quality of the cabinet, you may be able to use for seating for kiddos (perhaps beside an entryway) or even stack for shoe storage/adult seating.

  4. I wonder could you get or make a divider/tray for the top for silverware/serving utensils? That is a really great piece!
    Also you could make a new bottom for this and put it on feet/legs…. You've got me thinkin' now!

  5. oooh, I was looking at this as a storage unit for my horses' stuff- thinking if the top was deep enough you could store brushes in the top…. you could make the top storage bigger/deeper by building a frame to match that outline, and add molding on the exterior for interest/to hide the seams where the build meets the cabinet… then paint 'er out in your stable colors.
    Smell the smoke?

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