Bye-Bye Red: Project Dining Room

Yesterday my dining room looked like this. . . .

and today it looks like this. . . .
Did you notice the difference? Besides all the junk piled in the middle of the room, the walls have gone from red to gray. Yes, project dining room is in full swing! Hopefully it won’t take me quite as long as the kitchen cabinet makeover! Let me show you what this room looked like when we bought the house.

Green walls {which were fine, just not for me}, carpet and a shiny gold chandelier. At least the chair rail and molding were done!
Of course when we moved in {four years ago} we we started the changes. . .
red paint and hardwood floors,

a new light fixture

and of course, furniture and decor.
But today I said good-bye to that red. But it wasn’t easy. I don’t mean that I had a hard time parting with it, I had a hard time covering it up! 
Along with the paint {not telling you what color yet} I got primer which they tinted gray. 

This stuff was thick! But, in the end, it really covered the red well. 

Bye-bye red and gold dining room! I can’t wait to show you the new color. I LOVE it!be back soon! 

13 thoughts on “Bye-Bye Red: Project Dining Room”

  1. oooh cannot wait to see the change! Funny, we have a very similar chandelier (the brass) that is coming down. I ordered a new bronze one that is going up shortly. I also have a red rug in my dining room. Anxious to see what you do in here. Good luck with the covering of the red!

  2. Jen pretty please give us a hint about the new color? I'm dying to know and I agree the red is out – something soft and soothing? Can't wait for the reveal. The first of many summer projects.

  3. I'm really looking forward to your dining room redecoration project! I have the same color of walls in my own dining room and a very similar area carpet. I'm beginning to think about repainting, but I'm not sure how to incorporate the rug into the room. I can't wait to see what you do- your house is beautiful!

  4. You are amazing! I loved the red room and know the new color is going to be even more awesome. You have great taste!

  5. I am sure the new colors will be divine but I am wondering about the primer you used. I just spent way toooo long priming out two blue walls that were obviously the worlds bluest walls since at 4 coates of primer they are just now covered.. so please share.. what brand!


  6. Hi Jen! I am a new follower, found you via Censational Girl's Best of the Blogs last week. Just wanted to say that I enjoy reading and am looking forward to learning more about you and seeing all your fun projects!


  7. ah…i just redid my family room wall from red to bm bermudian blue. i love the change, but after 4 years of a red wall, it's hard to sometimes remember this is my home!!

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