A Different Kind of Margarita

Happy Cinco de Mayo! 
I hope you and your family are having fun celebrating this special day. I have a really yummy recipe to share with you in honor of Cinco de Mayo.
May I introduce you to Margarita?!
Now I know what you’re thinking. Yeah, yeah it’s a margarita. Nothing special. But there is something special about this margarita! It’s not your typical margarita mix, tequila and ice folks! No, this baby has a secret ingredient.
I love margaritas, but not frozen. I usually get mine on the rocks with LOTS of salt. However, this is one frozen margarita that I heart. I learned how to make these from an old family friend a long time ago. Here are your ingredients:
Tequila, ice, frozen limeade concentrate and lime sherbet. 
Have I gotten your attention now? Not what you are used to seeing in a margarita, is it? 
For one batch {about 4 margaritas}, you’ll need 1 cup crushed ice, 1/2 container frozen limeade concentrate, 4 large scoops lime sherbet and 2-4 shots tequila {based on your preference, I use 3}.

Add all ingredients to the blender.
And blend until smooth and funneling in the center.
Pour into a salted {or un if you prefer} glass and sit back and relax!
Happy Cinco de Mayo friends!

24 thoughts on “A Different Kind of Margarita”

  1. Can't wait to try these!!

    I just awarded you with the Versatile Blogger Award! I hope you can stop by to accept it!

  2. My friend is coming to visit next weekend this will be a definite drink to make. I LOVE margaritas her not so much, perhaps this is one that she will enjoy! Super excited to try it.

  3. i'm the SAME way when ordering margs out…on the rocks and LOTS of salt – I have to tell the waiter ('no you don't understand LOTS & LOTS of salt')! this version sounds delightful – thanks for sharing!

  4. I'm like you that I prefer my margaritas not frozen but this would make me a convert. My margarita recipe uses frozen limeade, too. Sometime when you don't have sherbet on hand, try this recipe: can of frozen limeade (large or small one doesn't matter because the proportions are the same), 3 cans water, 1 can tequila, 1/3 can triple sec (or Grand Marnier is you're feeling rich). Basically, you're just adding the same amount of liquid that the can calls for (4 1/3 cans). No one will buy packed mix again (that stuff is nasty)!

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