You Know You’re Old When. . .

you’re exited about crafting on St. Patty’s Day!
St. Patty’s Day is officially over and I did not drink one single green beer! I remember in our younger years {you know, the days before the kiddos} St. Patrick’s Day was one of our favorite holidays. Who doesn’t like to go out and enjoy several a few good beers? Well, instead of going out and celebrating, I stayed in and created a new spring wreath for my door. And you know what? I didn’t miss going out. I could have spent twice the money on green beers with nothing to show for but a headache and a beer gut! Instead, I got this. . .

Here is what I started with:
A large, oval-shaped grapevine wreath and ivory wire-edged ribbon.
{Hobby Lobby – $5.99 and $7.99 both at 50% off}

4 ivory and pink hydrangea stems.
{Dollar Tree – $4}

3 vine sprigs
{Hobby Lobby – $4.99 each at 50% off}
1 moss-like branch
{Hobby Lobby – $4.99 at 50% off}

A box of pink and green speckled eggs
{I bought these last year from Homegoods.}

I started by cutting the vine into smaller pieces. I divided the leafy stems into about 4 pieces and I cut the hydrangea blooms off, leaving about a two-inch stem. I also removed the leaves.

I arranged the vine evenly around the wreath. I secured it using a hot glue gun. The good thing about a grapevine wreath is that you can tuck added pieces inside the intertwined branches and they blend right in.

You can also hide the glue {which can tend to turn colors over time} under the intertwined branches.

Then I glued the hydrangeas in a cluster, leaving some space in between to add the leaves and the mossy pieces. First, I added the hydrangea leaves around the outside of the flowers as well as in between to fill in the empty spaces. Then I added small pieces of the moss branches just to add a little more green.

I created clusters of eggs in a few different spots around the wreath. I applied hot glue to the bottom and back of the eggs to attach them to the wreath.
Like so.

I wrapped the ribbon around the wreath and tied a pretty bow to hang it.
And my door is ready for spring! Now beer would have cost way more than this wreath did! It was just a hair over $20!

40 thoughts on “You Know You’re Old When. . .”

  1. Wow! You are sooo creative!!! My local thrift store has a ton of grapevine wreaths! I'm going there tomorrow!

    Thanks so much for the inspiration!


  2. The wreath looks absolutely lovely! I'm so glad I've found you blog…you've got a tonne of great stuff here. The bulletin board you made for your little boy is adorable and I love the veggie pizza recipe! I'm following!

  3. Very Pretty. Inspires me to go to my local craft store and get some items to make one. I have been looking at the cost of premade wreaths and shudder at the thought of $40 or more.

  4. Your wreath is gorgeous!! I like the soft subtle colors on the hydrangea's and they go so well with the pastel eggs!

  5. Very pretty! I love it!! My front door is bare right now & I've been trying to come up with a cute & cheap spring wreath idea to spruce it up! Might have to give this a whirl!!

  6. Oh how beautiful!

    You know, I have a bare grapevine wreath sitting on my hutch begging for some TLC… and now that I just found out my husband accidentaly threw out my spring wreath— you have inspired me to stop by my fav store HL and get some supplies. 🙂

    ( found you through The Girl Creative's Just Something I Whipped Up linky… now following you too. Pls come over and visit me )


  7. this is sooo cute! i love the colors and the flowers you used! im a wreath junkie! haha. thanks for linking it up!

  8. This is one of my favorite ways to start a new season. You can make a grapevine wreath into the perfect front door decor for any season! Thanks for sharing yours!

  9. Cute, cute, cute! I love hydrangeas, and I love how you displayed them (Dollar Tree?! I have to go find some) on this beautiful wreath. Found your post through Trendy Treehouse! Yay for finding new and creative blogs!

    The…Late, Young Family

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