Update Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets Day 18

YIKES! Has it really been 18 days since I started this project?! Really? 
Well, I am a little embarrassed to report that not much has been done since my post last weekend. Major setback this weekend thanks to rainy weather. I had really wanted to take the cabinet doors outside to sand them {remember, they still have only been primed} and at least get one or two coats of paint on them. But dang if it didn’t rain all weekend. Well, it wasn’t a total waste. Actually, hubby has been working really hard on creating the new piece to go over the existing cabinet above the microwave. As with everything else, it’s taking a little longer than expected, but turning out even better than expected! In case you need a reminder, here is where we left off last Sunday.

Demolition! Cutting the molding off the existing cabinet in order to change. . .

 this. . . 

to this.
(courtesy Google Sketchup)

So here is what hubby has been up to. And really, besides the design {which was me}, I have to give all credit to hubby for this part.

One giant piece of hardwood plywood is measured,

cut into three pieces,

and fit over the existing cabinet.

Then just to be sure everything was where we I wanted it, he made a template. After everything was perfect, the boards were removed and painted.

When the boards were replaced we realized that there was a lot of open spaces and gaps that made it look unfinished and disconnected to the original cabinets. It was obvious that it was an addition.

So back to the big board {luckily we had a big board} to cut a few more pieces to help the new box “fit in.”
And as we speak, these pieces are drying in the garage. 
So it wasn’t a total loss this weekend. But I sure wish I could get my doors back on my cabinets! 
Stay tuned. . .

9 thoughts on “Update Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets Day 18”

  1. It looks great! Hang in there and it will be done before you know it. Maybe hubby will hire someone to finish while you are having fun at Creative Estates! LOL! Can't wait to meet you!

    Rebecca Cousins
    Freckles Crafts

  2. It's looking great. We'll be doing this during the summer when I am off. Thanks for returning my email. Talk soon

  3. Wow, what a undertaking! I can't wait to see the finished product!! I'm dying to redo mine, but it's so. much. work. {plus my hubs isn't quite as handy with a saw!}

  4. You take beautiful photographs! Stay calm during the remodel…it is going to be gorgeous!

  5. Hi Jen, I can only imagine the work involved with transforming a kitchen. I love the look of the piece over the microwave. It will be beautiful when finished.

  6. yeah you are doing a great job i like the way you are working .keep posting and helping us in making our home and kitchen perfect.

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