New Shelves With "Lovely" Decor

Get it? “LOVEly?” Can you believe Valentine’s Day is right around the corner? Today I thought I’d share with you my new shelves, built by hubby himself, and how I decorated them for Valentine’s Day.
Sneak peak:
First, let me tell you how these shelves came to be. At Christmastime I was browsing one of my favorite blogs, House of Smiths, when I came across these shelves.

Aren’t they gorgeous?! Not only are the shelves great, but Shelley does an amazing job decorating them for each holiday! I had the perfect spot for these guys in my breakfast room above my buffet. And Shelley was nice enough to share her tutorial hereShelley, if you are reading this, thank you!!!

About a week later, I had these. . . 

Now to decorate them. Tricky, tricky. 
I chose a color scheme of bright pinks and red and used clear glass and nickel-colored accents. 

I used pieces with varying heights on the top shelf. Two glass apothecary jars filled with Valentine’s Day candy on one side and two nickel-colored frames on the other. 

While I was working on my valentine wreath, Little Man #1 was busy working on the masterpiece in the front! He glued little pieces of the ribbon on paper. The picture doesn’t do it justice. It was so pretty I had to frame it. I left the glass out of the frame to show off the textures of the ribbon. The picture in the back is my Valentine’s Day subway art. You can find the tutorial here

A glass milk bottle filled with pink and red roses and my thrift store decanter match the glass of the apothecary jars on the upper shelf. I brought more pink and red down to the bottom shelf with the ribbon and XOXO picture holder.
I used a cute painted plate on the on the other side of the bottom shelf to balance out the height of the bottles. The plate stand was originally black, so I spray painted it in the nickel finish to match the rest of the decor. The paint is Krylon, by the way, and it just might be my new favorite color of spray paint!

The finishing touch was an 8×10 family portrait taken last summer in, you guessed it, a nickel frame.

And there you have it! My new shelves, decorated in my favorite colors (pink & red) for Valentine’s Day! What I will do with them after V-day, I have NO idea!

12 thoughts on “New Shelves With "Lovely" Decor”

  1. Awe!!! Sooo pretty! I love how you decorated your shelves!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Your family pic is soooo gorgeous!!!!

  2. Way cute! I've been looking at Shelley's shelves and thinking that I need to get some up in my house too. Love them and the fun decor you put together.

  3. I love your shelves and your lovely decor! I've had a great time perusing your blog. You have a great style, beautiful photos and some really yummy looking recipes. I especially love your little guy's nursery. I do a lot of sewing and if you can do pillows and curtains, don't sell yourself short, you can do much more!
    We have more in common than rearranging shelves. I have found much inspiration at House of Smiths. Her amazing pantry haunted me for weeks. Really. I have removed everything from my pantry, painted and started putting some vinyl in the back wall. It is slow going, but one day I hope I'll have one almost as pretty as Shelly's.
    One more thing and I'll end this novel of a comment, I love your birthday gift. My kind of happy birthday!!

  4. Great job on the shelves – I love how you pulled it all together! These shelves will serve you well from season to season – what a great idea and a lovely, fun touch for your home!


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