Jackson’s Peeking Groundhog

Well, another day stuck in the house because of cold, rainy weather. Booooo! So I’m trying to think of things to do to keep the boys (and myself) busy. How ’bout a craft? And since tomorrow is Groundhog’s Day, let’s make something for that! Now here is where my background in Early Childhood comes in handy.
This is what I came up with.
A peeking groundhog!
Okay, so the groundhog may look a little funny, but little man Jackson absolutely loves playing with it and I love that he made it!
These are the materials we used. Pretty basic. Oops, just notice that the styrofoam cup is absent from the photo. Brown pom-poms would have been really cute for the groundhog, but I didn’t have any in the junk craft bucket.
First Jackson painted the cup.
While it dried . . . 
Jackson cut the paper to make grass, 

I cut a circle and an oval for the groundhog and he glued the pieces together,
and then gave the little guy a face. (Please note the pride on Jackson’s face for what he just did. I love it!)

When the paint was dry we glued the grass onto the top of the cup.
I had to help a little bit with this part to secure it all the way around.

Finally, I poked the bottom of the stick through the inside of the cup.
And that was it!
Happy Groundhog’s Day!

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