Cake Balls, Valentine Style

I found the original recipe for cake balls on my favorite recipe site,
And even though I love chocolate, I thought I’d put my own spin on these babies to make them Valentiney (yes, I like to make up my own words). They were soooooo good!

My ingredients:
1 box strawberry cake mix 
(I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I do not bake my cakes from scratch when 
Betty Crocker has put it all together for me).
1 container vanilla frosting
2 packages Baker’s white chocolate or white chocolate chips

Bake the cake according to Betty Crocker, Duncan Hines, the Pillsbury Dough Boy, whoever. Let the cake cool slightly (or you will burn your fingers off, trust me) then invert cake into a large bowl and crumble.

 Add the entire container of frosting and mix well.

This is what the mixture will look like. Cover with plastic wrap or transfer to air-tight container and place in the refrigerator for a few hours or longer, until chilled and firm. Mine was refrigerated over night.

Use a melon baller or cookie scoop to scoop out the cake mixture.

Roll the mixture into balls using your hands. 
If you use Baker’s squares, chop them up into small chunks.

Melt the chocolate using either a double boiler on the stove or a glass dish in the microwave.

Once the chocolate has melted, remove your bowl from the pan. Working quickly, dip the balls into chocolate using a fork to allow excess to drip. Normally I would use skewers, but these balls are heavier than truffles so the fork worked better. You may need to reheat your chocolate about half way through if it starts to thicken.

Place the chocolate-coated balls on wax paper to cool. Use sprinkles or candy of your choice to decorate while they are still “wet.” If you are in a hurry for them to harden, slide the wax paper onto a cookie sheet and place in the refrigerator.
There you go! Cake balls to give to your special someone!

28 thoughts on “Cake Balls, Valentine Style”

  1. Yum! I have seen these everywhere, I just have to try them this weekend:) Thanks so much for sharing. Your pictures were almost good enough to eat!

  2. Hey! Thanks for picking up my button. I actually just made it into an actual button so if you want to grab the new one, that would be superb! Thanks!


  3. I've heard of these, but never tried them. My grand daughters will be staying with me for a few days later in the month. I think we'll try them then. Thanks for the idea!!

  4. I literally just told my roomie I was making these for our Valentine's Day party and then you go step by step through the process! Amazing minds thing alike 🙂

  5. Wow!!! This is soooo awesome!!! Thank you for sharing!! I am a new follower and LOVE what i see!!!


  6. These look delicious. PS- I love your present on the other post 🙂 Its funny how times change! I got a slow cooker at christmas and loved that.

  7. I'm back for the second time to drool over your cake balls. They look so wonderful. I found you through Under The Table and Dreaming.

  8. Made these yesterday for the children to take to school to give to their teachers. They were SO tasty and fun to make. Thanks for sharing! I'm guessing that we're going to have to make some for St. Patricks Day and Easter as well!

  9. I was at Cupcake this weekend and saw their beautiful cake pops and was going to look up the recipe. I'll use yours! They will be perfect for the kids b-day parties. I also thought it would make a good post (if I could keep up with my blog;) PS Happy late b-day.

  10. Those look delicious! I'll be sharing on my Facebook page! Thanks for joining me at Anything Related!

  11. I have seen these at several parties and they keep getting my attention. I am going to make these for sure. They would be so cute for so many occasions. Don't think I have a melon scoop…hmmm I will very soon 🙂 I am also going to follow, can't wait to see more.

  12. How did the strawberry taste? I have been planning on using it for my sisters baby shower favors since she's having a girl. I have never tried it though so wasn't sure how they would taste.

  13. You had me at "cake ball". I have been a huge fan of cupcakes for years but sometimes a girl just needs a small bite of something and the cake ball is just the right size. My only problem is stopping at just one. Thanks for sharing your recipe and instructions. I think I will make these today!

  14. They look so sweet! I keep saying that I want to try to make them but shy away. Your tutorial was great! Stopping over from Local Fun. Kerri

  15. I was busy with my first attempt at Julia Childs Beef Bourguignon, so the cake ball/icing mixture is chilling in the fridge until tomorrow. Too tired to continue. But it gives me something to blog about tomorrow. Thanks for sharing and your pics are great!

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